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  1. x_Quinn_x

    <Rant> CV Karma Insanity

    What does karma even do anyway?.... I must have missed the info on it. If it is something like "it improves your chances to get more super containers or something then that is a pretty messed up system since it can easily be rigged".
  2. lol you made the statement that they never had them...... you were wrong plain and simple. Regardless of their targets they had them during WW2 and were used against shipping just not extensively..... Oh but, they were used heavily on shipping in the Korean war.... so there goes the rest of your silliness. As for the last part of your reply.... It really feels like it comes from someone who has played maybe 1 or 2 games if any in the new CV style and quit because they sucked at it or didn't like it enough and preferred to cry about it instead.
  3. x_Quinn_x

    Dry Dock: Which Ship Is the Most Powerful?

    I think your missing the point.......
  4. x_Quinn_x

    Dry Dock: Which Ship Is the Most Powerful?

    WG: "There is no Russian Bias" WG releases video conveniently leaving out paper US Navy ship so that Paper Russian ship has the highest weight broad side... Not doing well in Russia or something WG ?........
  5. x_Quinn_x

    $104 for a ship. Cmon WG, this is stupid.

    That's funny I can't see the part that says "if you don't buy this you can't play the game"....
  6. x_Quinn_x

    Test CV, FDR Really

    Well most are lovers of the IRL ships in the game and think that historical accuracy is what the game should strive for but fail to understand it isn't good for the game if it was 100% accurate.
  7. x_Quinn_x

    Test CV, FDR Really

    IRL AA only ever shot down 30% of attacking aircraft... Only thing it actually did well is distract the pilots and make them have to work harder to get through... this is pretty much modeled in WOWS..... so.... yeah.... Sorry to rain on the "we hate CV" parade but CVs are pretty accurate apart from the damage they do and how many aircraft they send after targets.... Not including the auto consumables, those I would rather have as manual along side the ability to switch between the hull and the squad without landing the current air group... and if Destroyers can have magically refilling torpedo tubes then CVs can have magic aircraft regeneration...
  8. ?????? HVARs where used extensively in the pacific during WW2 after the victory in Europe........ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Velocity_Aircraft_Rocket Plus the Destroyers that didn't get attacked also only had 1 set of torpedoes to launch.... So explain why it is OK for a destroyer to have magically renewing torp racks and the CVs can't have renewing aircraft that take 5 times as long as a destroyer to regenerate the number they need to be usable?..... lol as shown you have no idea and your comment about pre-rework being counterable just makes you look even more silly......
  9. x_Quinn_x

    Submarine Battles results and work on submarines

    One of the biggest issue that still needs a fix is the ability to know where to aim your HE shells and bombs. Maybe an aiming ellipse or outline of the sub on the surface when the sub can be hit while spotted could help this. The other major issue is subs really do not need the ability to bypass surface ships torpedo protection especially with the system your trying to implement... It will create to large a skill gap between good Sub players and bad Sub players... The system should only be about trying to keep your target marked for the homing torpedoes and if the target turns the pinged location away from the torpedoes then they should have weaker homing or even stop homing (if the pinged spot is completely obstructed by the rest of the ship because maybe it has turned so the spot is facing away from the torpedoes) depending on how much of the spot the torpedoes can see so this could mean you may have to re-ping the ship to help the torpedoes continue homing. The system would work fine for smaller agile ships..... But, it will also result in to many devastating strikes on Battleships if you continue with this idea of removing torpedo protection.... BBs take way to much punishment from to many unavoidable sources as it is.... Especially HE spamming brain dead game play..... This new idea for torpedoes to completely ignore the only defense they have is straight up even more brain dead stupid than HE spam for BBs to play against.... It is idiotic to even consider putting that kind of mechanic in for ships that cannot avoid the damage and do not have the agility needed to counter such a dumb system.... (god help the new USN BBs if this is put in).... By the time the Battleship has turned enough it is already to late to avoid a second ping and avoid the homing torpedoes..... This system needs to not remove the torpedo protection or it will just turn Battleships in to useless free kills without the Battleship doing anything wrong. Don't screw this up WG.......
  10. x_Quinn_x

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    32mm armor all round... ALL ROUND!!! Add 23 knot speed and 17+ rudder shifts.... Plus the tier 9 is almost as wide as it is long and the tier 10 is just as wide as the tier 9 but as long as the Montana with a 940m turning circle.... So no torp dodging..... Then we add 40s reload, 40s gun traverse, and gun dispersions of 260m to 309m.... With the USN modules these ships had better be accurate at longer ranges because they will be nothing but free experience and credits at medium to brawling ranges.... Not to mention they are paper for HE spammers and secondaries on most tier 10 ships. These ships have to be some kind of internal WG joke if these stats go live..... If not then that is pretty sad for the future of this game and the USN lines.... especially after the introduction of the mythical RU BBs....
  11. x_Quinn_x

    Pommern good but FDG bad?

    12 guns Vs 8 guns basicly Even with 1.5 sigma Pommern hits the target more often.
  12. Yeah that's right guys........ RNGesus forbid we play a game where skill actually counts for anything..... thankfully the game isn't built by listening to NA players.
  13. what nerfs? I am talking about giving ALL ships the ability to actually counter play an attacking squadron with the use of actual skill.... and if they stuff it up they get hit and hit hard.... as it should be.... AA doesn't do this and leaves the 1v1 at the end of the game to heavily in the CVs favor.... You are crazy if you think it doesn't... This can also lead to the CVs being given back their Alpha strike potential..... These are not nerfs they are suggestions to bring the game back to skill Vs skill where the squadron can choose its attack angle (as it already can) and the target can mitigate damage from it if it is paying attention (which is not easy when your attacker is above you and you are focused on other enemy ships)..... Surface ships need to feel like they have some kind of defense against CV squadrons which is not a total defense but still works well enough and faster than angling your ship because a CV can choose to attack from any angle quickly.... Something which is not present in this current version of the interaction..... Other changes will only lead to nerfing the ability of CVs which makes them frustrating instead of fun to play.... Instead the system I am suggesting would mean making CVs much easier and more flexible as only the attack distance from the ship needs to be standardized for each ship type while everything else like agility and control of the squadron in the attack run to adjust where your ordinance lands can be increased or decreased as needed to feel comfortable to the CV player. The AA suggestion is to bring the risk Vs reward for playing the CV the right way and to open the game up some... Currently CV spotting for the team is so easy you can do it while your asleep and so is rewarded as such.... it also means the enemy has to bunch up into most often static bubbles of scarred little children that refuses to push....which also means you don't often get that lone enemy ship that is brave enough to try to sneak through the lines because if it gets spotted it is open field day on it for the enemy instead of just being the CVs plaything....... Reducing the distance the CV spots for their team means the enemy doesn't have to be as worried about being spotted by the CV squadron and allows the game to spread out more and also allows some strategy for both teams without having the enemy constantly know about it.......... It also produces more lone ship situations which, because the CV can spot for itself at current ranges, means the CV has the choice of spotting the target for the team at the cost of aircraft (a balanced rate that hurts enough to not spot them any longer than a radar could before needing to launch more aircraft) or striking the target at the cost of no aircraft because the attack run makes them immune to AA but which the target can recover from with the suggested consumable... All this means is AA strength and ranges can be more standardized VS type of ship instead of the odd blanket AA ranges and strange AA strength levels resulting in ships with 12 AA guns being capable of killing more aircraft than one with 160 AA guns. It also means that getting to close to a ship without entering an attack run (which should make the squadron immune for all attack types for the duration of the run including the exit maneuver) will cost the CV what it should cost them to be able to spot for the team. You will still have to enter the AA zone to start an attack but if you wait to long to start it costs more. Like I said the numbers for the consumable would need to be balanced out and AA strength and ranges better balanced Vs ship type so that the CV either spots the target at the cost of aircraft or can attack the target without the cost of aircraft but with the ability for the surface ship to potential recover if they play well enough.... CV gets HP and percentage damage rewards because it can do way more damage but it doesn't hurt the target to the point that makes the game not fun for them..... is that not a good thing?.... The numbers need balancing for sure but, In the end, the CV has more power, more opportunity, and more potential to not lose aircraft than it has currently and most of all can be made the most comfortable class to play and can rack up the damage without being the over effective decider for a match.... how are these nerfs? All I am trying to do is make the game fun for both sides of the coin and the values are only suggestions they could be much lower depending on what they need to be to balance it out. Currently neither side of the coin is fun to play because both are instead being balanced by frustration to the player instead of potential counter play that means if you screw up you pay for it. The consumable can be countered by the CV player buy not launching in the run they are on so the target would have to make sure of a launch to activate the consumable or be hit with full alpha if they run out of charges. But hey if you like being outplayed by intentional frustration instead of simply a cunning player be my guest.... its not like this community is receptive to suggestions anyway... Great intelligence in this response right here........ Oh and as far as AA goes you will find I am the one asking why DDs with only 12 AA guns can kill more aircraft than a battleship with 160 AA guns... so don't give me this DD AA crap..... The only complete and utter Poodoo is that you fail to understand the basics of what I am suggesting and instead think CVs and AA should not be a game of risk Vs reward..... GG on reading the TLDR part... thanks for playing the game :D
  14. The Consumable Idea: I would like to suggest something that could help bring a bit more skill to the CV Vs Surface ship interaction system. Just to clarify this is not about the spotting capability of the CV. That requires a rethink and evaluation from WG which I have heard they might be doing. This is mostly about the damage mitigation for the surface ship when under direct attack from the CV squadrons. So, we all know that CVs have some major advantages in the Squadron vs Surface ship interaction and more changes to AA would result in CVs becoming increasingly more frustrating to play and reducing the damage of their ordinance is not something that CV players would like to see happen (if anything I hope this idea could see the damage increased some) as it would simply make them even less appealing to play. To that end, I would like to propose the creation and addition of a consumable that would effectively reduce the damage taken and fire/flood duration if it is used just before the ordinance hits the ship. The effect would last 2 to 4 seconds (length depending on balancing and possible captain skills) and it would have 2 to 3 charges that reset after a short cool down to deal with more than one attack run of the current squadron. If triggered after the ordinance hits the ship the consumable would have no effect and you would take full damage and suffer the full duration of fires and floods. If you use it to soon and it runs out before the ordinance hits then it is again ineffective. If triggered just right when hit you will receive the full alpha damage calculated but the consumable would trigger a heal that would then restore 70% to 90% of that direct damage taken and also reduce any fire/flood duration's by 60% to 80% (These numbers are a suggestion they could be lower depending on balancing needs). The point behind restoring your HP instead of simply mitigating it is so that the CV player still gets credit for the damage they inflict and are not simply crippled by an easy to use consumable which is only there to increase quality of life for surface ship players which is what this consumable would do in terms of constant airstrike focus while feeling like you can do nothing. The whole idea behind the consumable is you would be telling your crew to brace for and prepare to recover from incoming airstrike damage. This puts your crew at the ready and the result is you taking the damage but your crew responds with a restoration of your HP overtime and also controls fires set quicker than normal. True the biggest issue with CVs is not its own strikes but the proliferation of constant HE spam at targets not able to handle it when the CV spots it but, a lot of complaints are about a CV taking 50% of a destroyers HP with a wave of attacks or even 1 strike no matter how hard they try to avoid it and this consumable would reduce that. The Squadron Spotting issue: When it comes to the spotting that a CV squadron can do the largest issue is that for most ships it can spot a target at ranges that makes that targets AA basically pointless allowing for permanent spotting of the target without the risk of losing aircraft. This most often hurts destroyers that are on their own, trying to cap, or trying to sneak around on a boarder, or are simply trying to get close to spot. This has been done so that the squadron is not being fired on by an invisible ships AA which is how it should be. However, the target should not become visible to other members of the CVs team unless the squadron has gotten within highly dangerous AA range so that staying in that range is a high risk for the squad. This way the CV is risking the lose of its aircraft which do not reload quick enough to simply be wasted by sticking around in this more dangerous AA zone to keep the target spotted. This would reduce the constant spotting of ships that require stealth to mitigate damage and provide some level of comfort. TLDR: Consumable: HP recovery and flood/fire duration reduction from Airstrikes Works for 2 to 5 seconds has 2 to 3 charges (for multiple strikes from a single squadron) that reset after a 15 to 30 second cool down (So it has to be triggered just before being hit by rockets, bombs or torps) Triggers a heal that restores 70% to 90% direct damage taken from a strike (numbers could be lower depending on balancing) Reduces flood/fire duration by 60% to 80% (numbers could be lower depending on balancing) Squadron spotting: Make it so a CV squadron can spot the ship as normal for the CV but the enemy ship is not visible to your team unless the squadron is close enough to be at risk from AA of the enemy ship. We are talking about being in strike distance where the AA should be the most dangerous to the Aircraft unless they are in an attack run. Both changes together should make playing most ships a much better experience and even allow CVs to be given back a stronger strike potential while being more at risk of losing striking capability just to spot a target. They could also bring changes to make playing a CV more forgiving without making a team suffer because their CV player is not as good at the spotting game. Thank you for reading
  15. x_Quinn_x

    Update 0.9.5: Dockyard

    GG on the screw you to those that already ground out your OP imaginary RU cruiser line patch........ I hope subs and CVs are successful also.