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  1. x_Quinn_x

    How It Works: Economics – Expenses

    AA is fixed... You don't use any skill to make it work, so it doesn't give you any results or rewards except a token achievement.... It should stay that way until AA requires skill.... The only thing that requires skill is to "just dodge", so go do that and get rewarded.
  2. x_Quinn_x

    Suggestions for Submarines

    The submarines, as they are currently on the TST server, are still a very below average experience on all sides of the interaction. The battery length is good, the no limit to the ping is good, the ability for ships to target and fire at submarines with main guns is reasonable. But there are several things that could be done to help the situation. The battery length is good, but it should recharge while on the surface very slowly. So, say if you were surfaced for the entire game, the amount it recharged would be enough to fill the battery anywhere from a 1/2 to 2/3 of the full amount. This gives it a bit of flexibility to be managed without making it so hard line that it can ruin the experience. The Alpha damage of depth charges is far too high, resulting in easy skill less free kills for ships that have them and with areal strikes also being able to be used at long range both need their alpha damaged reduced significantly. Lastly Ping. This system of ping does not reflect what ping was actually for, and the homing torpedoes are far too much for this type of game. The ping mechanic needs to be changed from using it for homing torpedoes to using it for target acquisition. The submarine at periscope depth should be unable to see ships further away than 8 to 10 km (or maybe 5 to 6 km at lower tiers). To spot and render those targets in, the submarine should have to use its ping in the direction of a possible targets location which shows up as a directional marker similar to Radio Position Finding except this would be a hydrophone located contact which gives only a general direction. The submarine has 2 options, wide and narrow directed pings, the wide one will be wide enough to cover the area the marker shows and will show the target, but this is a short range ping that will only show the target if it is in the range, and it will only do so for a very short time. The narrow ping shows the target for much longer and also has a longer range due to its focus, but it does not cover the entire width of the location marker. If a surface friendly ship is also spotting the same target then either the direction marker narrows to the same width as the narrow ping, so you still need to use the ping, or if you are at periscope depth the target renders without the ping, but at greater depths you would still need to ping. This spotting system would also change depending on depth with maximum depth reducing the ability to see to only 500 m away, so you are not left completely blind to make decisions and making things still look awesome. Homing torpedoes should be reduced to only a small change in direction to the target since torpedoes are the only weapon a submarine has (they should still be able to be dodged by nimble targets), but they should not manoeuvre as far as they do atm and taking away battleship torpedo defences is just silly as tanking damage and hitting back hard is what battleships were built for. Changing ping might be more involved, but it needs to be done. ATM the system is far too broken.
  3. x_Quinn_x

    So wargaming Russian CVs when o.O

    Oh, you poor sweet summer child..........
  4. x_Quinn_x

    Oh no....

    Did you enjoy it? If yes then good. If not, well you taught those pesky other ship types a lesson they needed to learn more of until AA requires skill everyone can suck it up and enjoy
  5. Not at all. The system I am talking about works exactly the same way as the attack run does now, but instead of the surface ship waiting for AA to do something they are in control of it and can either succeed or fail based on how well they do and how well the enemy does in dodging it. They are not firing at the rest of the squad just the Aircraft in the attack run same as it does now. It only replaces the priority sector system. This changes a perception and makes the system player Vs player not Player Vs RNG. Whether or not WG choose to change this or not, this is the only reasonable system that can bring the interaction back to a more acceptable level for all involved. I just want to make sure it is put out as a suggestion to see how players would feel about it is all..... And maybe someone at WG might listen if we are lucky or If not at least I put it out there....
  6. So, after thinking about this issue for what has been quite a while I think I have come up with a suggestion that could satisfy both sides of the interaction between surface ship AA and aircraft squadrons. This may have been suggested before but not in this limited interaction system I am suggesting. Having a manually controlled AA system that can be used all the time is not something that would be very good for the game in reality because it could serve to distract a player and require them to have to do too much in terms of multitasking (and well DD players already think they have too much to do), but what if we could make it so the manual interaction was only available when needed and the player would be able to choose if they want to use it and if they do enter the mode it would automatically return the player to normal view when it is no longer needed or the player can exit the mode themselves before it ends. ATM when you initiate an attack run with a squadron you are not able to exit the run until the timer runs out and the surface ship can do nothing but wait to see what happens basically being put at the mercy of the squad other than being able to change the ships speed or change its heading. While that seems like the surface ship can do a lot the aircraft themselves are able to counter this to a fairly high degree even when in the attack run. This makes the surface ship feel basically helpless. My suggestion: To change this feeling of helplessness when the aircraft are in their attack run the surface ship player would be given a warning on their screen and then a tool tip would come up asking if you wish to enter manual AA aiming mode. You would then have the choice to ignore it or choose to interact with it by pressing a button which takes you to a manual AA screen similar to the view finder. In this mode the finder itself is fixed loosely on the heading of the aircraft squad but still requires an interaction on the players part to aim it properly to direct and fire the AA with a higher precision (not perfect though). On the aircraft squadrons side of things the player would be given an indicator of the direction the AA player is aiming at so they can attempt to avoid the fire by manoeuvring to avoid the heavier damage spots. This would mean the aircraft would be much more manoeuvrable on an attack run than they are currently (maybe even with the ability to move up and down not just side to side), but it would also mean needing to bring your squad back on target to aim and risk loosing aircraft to get that launch off. So the system is not OP the aiming would be subject to a slower movement of the AA guns like how the ships main guns move so it becomes more about anticipating the squadrons movements. It would all need to be balanced so it isn't too easy to shoot the aircraft down while still feeling like you are fighting back. This system would not be limited to just the targeted surface ship either this would include any ship that is close enough for their manual AA aiming system to engage as well. In fact if you are in a group the combined AA fire in this mode would be pretty deadly for squadrons. Dedicated AA cruisers in this mode could get back that scary amount of AA strength as well if the player using it is good enough in the mode. This system would add very little in terms of the multitasking level that the player would need as the interaction would first warn the player and then last 10 to 15 seconds at best and can also be ignored if they feel it is not needed at that point in time. Current AA would not need to be changed other than removing the priority sector system which this would replace, and it would satisfy the need for the AA system to have a level of skill from the player to earn the aircraft damage and kills. This is the only way to fix the interaction between CVs and surface ships which gives both sides the feeling that they are actually fighting each other and not simply at the mercy of the other side and making it an enjoyable experience for both. Thank you for reading.
  7. x_Quinn_x

    End of the USS Ticonderoga CG-47

    Such an odd looking ship class. It feels like an old metal lunch box or maybe a giant dumbbell with square weights bolted onto a ship hull. I do prefer the look of the Arleigh Burke. Still a pretty good workhorse class of ship.
  8. No... But it sells doubloons and that is all that matters.
  9. x_Quinn_x

    Look at that WeeGee and LEARN!!!

    Come on peeps be serious. Doesn't matter what you put forward as ideas they aren't going to waste time and money creating actually enjoyable game modes and scenarios while they can put in more popular things that people have always asked for like U boats, new ship lines, line splits and anything else that doesn't require any actual thinking about just research and modelling. Then they add the ability to purchase the new things while making it impossible to earn them instead, so you have to buy doubloons to buy gambling packages with those doubloons, so you can get them faster, so you are ready to buy more of the same for the next "early access" ships. Until that stops being profitable no real effort will be put into building anything meaningful.... Even the new captain skills are nothing that has taken any true effort on the part of programmers or designers.... even the artists have brought the same old stuff. I am not saying it is bad, most of it is ok enough... Just don't expect revolutionary.
  10. More than it needs.... less than are capable.
  11. Eh it is mostly a very vocal yet very small minority of players led by certain CCs who actually come close to, well it isn't hate because that is to strong a word for this, mostly it is frustration with how they work atm..... Most players see it for what it really is which is not that big of a deal..... If it was then no one would play the classes it apparently heavily impacts.
  12. x_Quinn_x

    Research Bureau: Rewards for Leveling Up

    Only thing good about this is how many dislikes the video has gotten Vs likes.
  13. x_Quinn_x

    <Rant> CV Karma Insanity

    What does karma even do anyway?.... I must have missed the info on it. If it is something like "it improves your chances to get more super containers or something then that is a pretty messed up system since it can easily be rigged".
  14. lol you made the statement that they never had them...... you were wrong plain and simple. Regardless of their targets they had them during WW2 and were used against shipping just not extensively..... Oh but, they were used heavily on shipping in the Korean war.... so there goes the rest of your silliness. As for the last part of your reply.... It really feels like it comes from someone who has played maybe 1 or 2 games if any in the new CV style and quit because they sucked at it or didn't like it enough and preferred to cry about it instead.