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  1. X__QC__X

    Submarines are Coming

    lol the crying is real.... Honestly can't see what anyone is complaining about. Submarines fit the game perfectly and will have the weaknesses they need to be counter played. At periscope depth if you are moving to fast the wake from the ship becomes to visible so you have to move slower. Perhaps this should be something the player controls and not the system but I don't care either way. Being able to go as fast at deep water depth as on the surface is simply so you have a chance to escape because these vessels will be even more fragile than destroyers most likely. But with the Oxy depletion you can't stay safe for to long and will probably have to make risky choices. Submarines will be fine..... no need for the overreaction some are having....... This is an arcade war game and subs won't perform exactly as the real ones did because that would be boring and so not fun it isn't funny.......... but with the speeds WG have announced they should still feel right...... If WG made every ship feel like they did IRL then this game would be extremely frustrating to play in most of the ship and maybe all of them.............. It actually looks extremely promising and I for one am exited about what they could come up with..........
  2. sure ok...... good luck with that.......
  3. You are deleting your progress. The only thing this game is built around is progressing through the tech trees. Everything else is nothing. Deleting that progress is idiocy and smacks of WG laziness in solving the problem. You will have to explain this.
  4. Sure but it could have been done without the need to delete your progress by simply allowing you to use that free exp while grinding more Exp on each ship up the line. That or you get to keep the ships you have in your port even though the tree is reset. Deleting progress does not equal progression................... Mostly it equals lazy WG.........
  5. If I got to keep the ships I have in port I would consider it, but since it doesn't they can go jump. Can someone explain to me how deleting your progress is progressing further?............ Can someone explain how they think that deleting everything is the best solution for this system and why, simply because I like also playing my FAVORITE lower tier ships, it means I am willing to delete everything and play the ships I HATE just to get back what I already have so I can get another currency to buy ships that should not be behind this wall in the first place?............... Just give me my Submarines so I can get on with real progress not this crap.
  6. X__QC__X

    ST, Submarines

    I think subs will be fine and probably fun to play and ok to play against with them having them being forced to the surface like in the Halloween event. Should be very interesting.
  7. Your account is free......... premium or not. Grown up rules......... learn them.
  8. No wonder you three hide your stats.
  9. Yeah. For the sector system on the current Public Test Server when you don't use it your AA is always at 100% constant damage and then when you point the camera in the direction of the squad and hit the button the sector your camera is looking in boosts to 150% constant AA plus it does like 15% instant damage to the squad in your AA zone. Which is fine and the way it should work but the thing that should be changed though is the constant 100% AA damage when you don't use it. It should be reduced to more like only 20% to 25% constant AA damage so that if you don't use the system then your AA is not effectively stopping an attack at all. It's like when your sailing a Battleship and you don't angle your ship so the enemy have the chance to punish you with heavy damage. This AA system should be attuned to work like that so that if you don't use it you can be hit heavily but if you use it well enough (which is basically just activating the right sector at the right time) it can then mitigate a fair amount of damage like angling your ship does for Battleships. This would make the system skill based as players who use it at the right time will effectively mitigate most incoming damage while those that don't could be hit hard. It would also mean that a CV can out play a surface ship by faking an attack run to get them to use it to early and also allow the surface ship player the opportunity to trap the squad in heavier AA by using it once the CV squad has gotten closer if they don't fall for the fake but then the CV might be close enough to use the engine boost to get through the AA at that point. Play and counter play and counter counter play just as it should be. Timers, cooldowns and DPS boosting strengths would need balancing but the system should work very well. Plus it is very simple to use and is even easier to do than angling your ship which takes time so it isn't as frustrating.
  10. what complexity?................ this adds no more complexity than when you use torpedoes and is in fact simpler............. the problem is it does not punish the player for not using it.
  11. If you have that much trouble playing the game even though it is the most basic game with very little to watch on your UI and mini map then you're playing the wrong game.
  12. the hell are you on about? Only problem with the new system in the PT is AA is to high when the sector reinforcement is not active which means it doesn't give the opportunity for the user to be punish for not using it just the same as players who don't angle can be punished if the enemy is paying attention. That's where skill then becomes part of the AA system and not the current brain dead no skill garbage. If you can't handle pointing the camera in the direction and pushing a button then this game is to complicated for you and you should be playing something simpler like solitaire.
  13. X__QC__X

    Submarines & Random thoughts

    No, if they are implemented they will only be done so for all modes.
  14. X__QC__X

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.7

    @Kami So your Devs have simply shoved in more damage to aircraft on top of the current over the top brain dead no skill AA damage without giving anything to aircraft at all?............................ are they actually serious?..... where is the skill?.............. where is the punishment for not using it?............... Until this happens the system is garbage......... If they had reduced standard AA to be 30% AA (because the AA is uncoordinated and not accurate) and then had it boost up to 150% when using the reinforcement (Because the direction fire center has now given them coordination until they run out of ammo or lose sight of the aircraft) then it would have made sense and would have required the skill that is needed in the current mechanic. But no instead your "team" simply added the ability to kill 2 or 3 aircraft straight away on top of the no skill system. GG WG you have killed a class you only just reworked.
  15. X__QC__X

    Armada: Bayard

    Bayard has a very British look to it lol.