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  1. If we are going to get to keep the Moskva as a special ship it will come with a premium camo most likely when it switches. I think though if you have the perma camo now that should stay for the ship replacing the Moskva. I also think that players should not have to regrind a tier 9 ship to get back the tier 10 spot on the tech tree when they are not making any other significant changes to the tree just swapping the tier 10 and tier 5. Since the tier 10 is the only ship needing to be ground out in the original line when this change is made giving owners of the Moskva the new ship that is directly replacing it shouldn't be a problem even though it has the smaller guns. That would still leave enough work to do getting to the tier 10 with larger guns. Sure I would prefer to get the equivalent ship with equivalent guns but I don't care as long as I am not losing tech tree progress without resetting it myself.
  2. X__QC__X

    The real problem is radar

    Shame there is no Missouri lol.....
  3. X__QC__X

    Patch 9.2 ST,European Event Arc,Changes to Gryf

    Some one doesn't understand what a tech tree ship is........ or the words mostly and basically.......
  4. X__QC__X

    Patch 9.2 ST,European Event Arc,Changes to Gryf

    Sure but it is not a European line if it is basiclly only full of 1 European country. That's like saying hey lets pick the best deserts from all around the USA and then only picking deserts from Texas lol. I am not saying the line shouldn't be in the European tech tree I am saying they should just call it what it is "The Swedish Destroyer tech tree line in the European tech tree" and they should probably have given the Europeans who wanted to see their countries ships some kind of warning before releasing it.
  5. X__QC__X

    Patch 9.2 ST,European Event Arc,Changes to Gryf

    lol.... "European" destroyers.....
  6. X__QC__X

    British heavy cruisers

    Just another event designed to sell doubloons so WG can't be included in the "loot box is real money gambling" issue.
  7. No the fighter system is really poor atm. The fighter consumable needs to be changed to an actual escort fighter squad that you use to buff a friendly ship by having the fighter squad fly from the Carrier (which takes a little time) to the friendly ships position and escorts it for a few minutes. Then the fighter has to return to the ship to refuel and rearm at which point it is ready to go again. Make it so the ship has 2 to 3 squadrons depending on the CV tier and have them only spot enemy aircraft and torpedoes that are close to the target they are protecting. If they are shot down the reload for them is the same length of time it would have been for them to be ready to fly again (if they returned to the carrier instead) multiplied by 2 or 3. Also the the ability for aircraft to spot should be based on type and the concealment of the enemy ships with destroyers have 75% to 90% reduced spotting distance with AA turned off, cruisers having a 50% to 60% reduction with AA turned off and BBs 30% reduction. This way the ships that need concealment in the class are still able to use that. However, to prevent AA ambush the AA should take time to turn back on with it starting at 1% and taking a few seconds to reach 100% with reinforcement not being possible until it reaches 100%. this makes concealment a choice and helps the destroyer players play more freely while still risking being spotted it the aircraft are right on top of them and for a couple makes them effectively invisible to aircraft unless close to the CV hull. These reductions are removed if the ship is within the CVs spotted range and in LOS of the CV or is within spotting range and LOS of another of the CVs team member. This shows that the aircraft has possibly spotted a ship and it is confirmed by the surface ship team member so the ship becomes visible by removing the buff. These solutions need to be tried before the attempts to balance CVs end as currently they cause to much frustration and the game will not survive if something is not done to help the situation.
  8. X__QC__X

    'Rewards'? What 'Rewards'?

    Sure, and then they introduced the porto directives that rewarded 1 flag for getting 95 kills or 1 million base exp....... lol.
  9. X__QC__X

    Not to late WG for PR with the PR

    These excuses would have been acceptable a few years ago but at this point the game is to old to be making them now... Especially since WG have already made enough similar mistakes and excuses to have learned enough at this point and yet it seems that WG continue to play dumb and the "oh we don't understand why your complaining" game... Neither you nor any of the other members of the community team can possibly be of the view at this point that WG as a company are so incompetent that they make these "mistakes" by mistake... This event was completely calculated and the miscommunication was intentional and anyone who says it was not is kidding themselves. It is now clear for everyone to see that the years between the release of the game and the end of 2018 were the nice years before the money was the focus (or more likely it was always the focus but they were playing a longer game) and now that time period is over and we will see more events like this and more miscommunication like this because either the company is that incompetent or they have started the "make as much as we can" period of the game. Sure we will still get some content like with WOT but it will be all pay to be the first to play or pay to have now kind of content. Hopefully this is not the case and WG shift back to the community instead of the money.... But, like I said at this point the company is either incompetent or calculating and planning for money not the community.... They are throwing you under the bus and your not even seeing it if you believe this was an actual mistake like you say in your excuses.... But I know for a fact your not that blind.
  10. X__QC__X

    And people say the PR is weak...

    No one ever said the ship was weak.... They said it isn't Stalingrad and that Alaska is possibly a better ship.... However, the advantages of Alaska over Puerto Rico are not as much as everyone thinks..... Sure it has worse concealment worse rudder shift, worse turning circle, worse range and it fires 2 seconds slower but these differences are quiet small.... The PR has BB dispersion but it has 2.20 sigma bringing it back to almost cruiser levels and it is throwing out 50K more possible damage than the Alaska does each full salvo... PR also gets an armor threshold buff on the mid decks which is actual quiet a huge buff especially with the crazy IFHE spam. The only thing all that says is Alaska doesn't have to worry much about facing tier 10s. The ship is not weak and the differences between Alaska and PR are only truly noticeable by the highest level of players and are the equivalent of the differences between Iowa and Montana.
  11. X__QC__X

    Free2Rico done in 104h 42s total.

    That is just so unhealthy..... That's the true problem of this event.... WG has willfully and completely encouraged a seriously unhealthy life style to be able to complete this and they really should be investigated for it.... Grats to those who do complete it but I am not sure this should be held up to be proud of or ever encouraged...
  12. X__QC__X

    Darn it to Heck! A triple CV match!

    Turns out your the fun police.... DDs have been the fun police since the start..... nothing has changed....
  13. hmm.... was wondering if you needed directive 7..... apparently not.... Grats on getting through it.... I didn't have that kind of time so I got the boosters and did the 3 directives to get the Goritzia... That was painful enough with everything else lol. Sadly like the rest of us you will be focused for having the PR despite your efforts but Grats anyway and enjoy the ship if you get the chance to
  14. X__QC__X

    Loyang can torp DDs?!

    Loyang has standard torps not deep water.
  15. Sadly this event is proof that WG has moved from giving a crap about the game to being only interested in getting as much money as they can (especially with the games poorly thought out balance that uses frustration with no counter play instead of limitation with counter play)..... if the doubloon boosters were not in total the same price as a tier 9 premium (which were never supposed to exist in WG titles) and instead only had the total cost of being a tier 7 premium than this event would have been worth it.... Instead you have to purchase a tier 9 premium worth of doubloons and then still have to grind 80% of the rest..... GG WG so fun and engaging.... what a joke lol.