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  1. SailorDeadpool1XPOIXKita

    "Ban by complaints" how does it work?

    they could set a new job to review these types of things that could help improve the community.
  2. SailorDeadpool1XPOIXKita

    Pirates to replace Corgi Fleet events?

    aleast they came out that we cant sync drop no more with our clans. But what if your playing tier 10 and wasnt really a sync drop when other clan mates were in the matchmaker while your waiting for it to fire up like say playing a big carrier.
  3. SailorDeadpool1XPOIXKita

    Pirates to replace Corgi Fleet events?

    now cant wait and hope i can be a pirate corgi .
  4. SailorDeadpool1XPOIXKita

    Pirates to replace Corgi Fleet events?

    about time they do a new event im happy with pirate corgi event.
  5. SailorDeadpool1XPOIXKita

    Who have you seen in game

    it been while since facing Wargaming players. Now I see Tedster couple times a month. Sadly to say dont see my old buddys from alpha no more.
  6. SailorDeadpool1XPOIXKita

    Ready Room Wednesdays - Clan Battles

    wish we could see an expansion to size for clan battles is run.
  7. SailorDeadpool1XPOIXKita

    Sooooooo, Tier VIII then X for the next Ranked Season...

    hoping we see expand to size for clan battles. Love to have another BB or two or perhaps a CV.
  8. SailorDeadpool1XPOIXKita

    Is it even possible to get 50 loyalty?

    when does this event end hope they keep it going. This been fun and been getting tons of coal too...
  9. SailorDeadpool1XPOIXKita

    The Ocean Poll!

    hey fem add this map to clan battles plz plz plz.
  10. SailorDeadpool1XPOIXKita

    Zao, power creep?

    god be cool if they put a graf spee with tier 10 type of ship in the game.
  11. SailorDeadpool1XPOIXKita

    Remove Zao Torpedo Option NOW!!!!!!

    this option really great in clan battles when there a dm camping a spot and u can put some torp onto him from 12km out is nice option.
  12. SailorDeadpool1XPOIXKita


    yes pretty much yes. Now be cool we could see that one come back for us to play again and not be a april fool event.
  13. SailorDeadpool1XPOIXKita

    Remove Zao Torpedo Option NOW!!!!!!

    total we support wargaming bring back the Kitakami and has one who got to play her in alpha and beta that ship was fun. Division of Kitakami bought fear onto enemies and amount of torpedos could drop could be compare to trump wall. But pretty sure div of shima could do the same thing with sync drop torps too. Moving on How nice it be If we could torp we had in alpha and beta from ijn cruisers and bought those back into the game. But total support bring back Mighty Senjo cruiser and give her 20km torpedos and make her like the Salem.
  14. SailorDeadpool1XPOIXKita


    wow so give they throw in old easter egg event ship from previous years?
  15. SailorDeadpool1XPOIXKita

    what if cruiser or bb planes could carry torp or bombs?

    now we do know about the submarine carrier type ship that could carry about 4 seaplanes.