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  1. Wow, WoWS is already released. We've come a long way, I hope I can find the time to play more.

  2. When you see you have a negative rating you know to run.

  3. -4 post rating. WoWS used to be a good forum and I'm already seeing the -1 trolls pouring in.

  4. -1 rating 1 star. Get this guy off me! You have no reason to -1 everything I post!

  5. Ok I am currently at 0 rating and 1 star. I still do not know who -1ed some of my posts and 1 starred me.

  6. I have thought and considering the evidence, someone must be downrating me with malicious intent. I am now at a -1 rating with 2 star. This causes me to announce my profile base is at Defcon 5.

  7. I wish I could get into Closed Alpha but I didn't have enough posts to apply in the apply thread. Hopefully next wave. I'm sad that a lot of people but me got into Closed Alpha :(

    1. iron_horse_thunderbolt


      Just be happy for those that did make it. By the way, I'm hoping to get into closed beta, so maybe I'll see you on the high seas then!

  8. I have a signature but I'm not sure if it's allowed. Admins please just pm me and not give me a warning post if you find something wrong with it.

  9. WoWP is now in OPEN Beta, but the fact that I was a CLOSED Beta tester is still important.

  10. I am a W.O.W.P. test pilot. I'm not one to do something illegal and tell you about it. Don't even try. Or I'll tell a moderater you're trying to get W.O.W.P. closed beta information from me.

    1. Panzer_In_Checkmate


      Chances are after that you'll get tempabanned or permabanned. Extremely narrow chance even you'll go to court and get arrested. I've seen what happens on wikipedia.