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  1. Critical error Occurred???

    Yes, i removed mods, it always some hoe related to graphics drivers, i rolled back, what finally fix it was i deletad the whole game and reinstaled it, sucked to hours to dl 40+gigs.. but fixed it ty
  2. Main battery mod 3?

    Just got Montana was wondering is main bat mod 3 that decreases reload adds little turret rotation time is any good, also if it is will it still beworth getting the capt skill to reduse turret or is it wasting skills. Thanks
  3. Critical error Occurred???

    Download aslain, then booted up game, logged into one game and was botted, now every time I try I get Critical error occurred message sayng Message The Bigworld client encountered an unhandled exception and must close(Exception ACCESS_VIOLATION current thread #7172 native trace and a bunch of other stuff, I have had this happen in the past, but I did a check and repair game integrity and or rebooted my computer and it fixed it. Not this time any ideas??
  4. Montana builds

    Getting the montana today, any ideas on good builds aside from an AA, any ideas would be great ty
  5. York or Pensacola??

    Everyone thanks a lot for the info.
  6. York or Pensacola??

    I have enough exp to get either one but not the credits to get both, My capt have the same pts so that does not matter Can someone give me some ideas on which one is more fun to play, No need to take into account what tree I am trying to go higher in just interested in one of these , Any help would be great
  7. Secondaries macro?

    Yea i know , my main qiestion was once selected i clicking left mouse every sec thinking it would not fire unless i did, so what everyone is saying is with man secoundary fire control i just have to have to target seleted and rhen they will fire and i do not have to keep firing?
  8. Secondaries macro?

    Thanks, i know that but with man fire xonteoll with swcondaries dont i have to keep clicking left mouse button?
  9. Secondaries macro?

    Once locked on do i have to continuesly click left mouse button for them to fire or will the do it on there own once lcoled on if not i have man fire controll , so do i stilll have to keep clicking I have my Sharnhorst built for secondaries 8k range and do reallt well, put having to click the target at the same time as holding control or whatever button i have it asigned to makes it hard to fire main guns and then go back to firing secondaries. Any ideas.
  10. Radio Location?

    Is radio location usefull at all on The Scharnhorst?
  11. Can someone tell me the the major differences and advantages of either sights thanks
  12. Yes that is exactly what is happening to me, what is safe mode, I have I beleive removed all mods
  13. No not a joke, as i said i had no problem before yesterday, mabe i am linning the sight at the weong part of ship, but didntvhave the problem before, so should the line on the sight be aimed a little higher becuose the shells drop
  14. Hi, i have had my Sharnhorst for over a week now. Up untill last patch i was doing fine. Now i dout the patch has anyrhingvto do with it but after updating yesterday i played for hours and had many games with very little dmg, i mean like 2 k. For some reason i could not hit anytging. I changed sights abd what not with no change. I know there is is spacial way to aim with Sharnhorste and the shells plung down a bit so i assume you are to not aim right forcthe water line like other ships. Regardless there are not any guides or vidoes for aimimg just for this ship i could fine, if anyone could help me with some ideas and posibly a sight the makes aimimg with sharn easyier would be great. Anyhelp would be wounderfull. thanks
  15. Is Demolition expert worth anything on the Scharnhorst. Trying to Fig best build, Just hard when half games don't have CV in them Any idea? ALso I Only have a 15 pt capt right now