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  1. ThePotatoMaestro

    [AO] Seeking New Recruits

    do you have any oceanic based members?
  2. ThePotatoMaestro

    BlackSun is recruiting!

    Do you guys have anyone from the oceanic region ie Australia NZ etc?
  3. hi we are 2 slightly deranged Aussies and a very eccentric American looking to find a group who would be somewhat active ( 11pm- 3am pacific time) we are looking for ppl who like to have a laugh, the odd drink and to make ppl explore the bottom of the ocean we also want to get involved in clan wars!! one of us i would consider to be in the upper tier of players the other 2 around average would we be a fit on this small amount of info??!! the three of us would be Thegodparticle, Crazylixx and asadog