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  1. Cmon guys, late night ranked is easy mode! :P Plus people might be drunk, i don't know who, just saying.....they might be.....
  2. You seem a little slow, so I'll try to spell it out nice and easy. First off, by your own "math"**, that would put 133 players at his tier in his game mode (not so few I guess). That's also with even distribution, which is not remotely the case. That also includes a 3rd game mode of what Training Battles? Or are you counting Co-Op and Operations seperately? Clan? Clan lasts 3 hours during primetime so I think the basis of this whole argument can rule that one out immediately, and we're likely looking at 2 game modes with a heavy distribution in favor of Randoms.... But I digress, the point OP is making, is that he queued up a carrier to test the waters, to see what's out there. Believe it or not people do play t9 carriers even late at night, just ask anyone who regularly plays t9 Battleships. He's allowed to take a look right? Worst case scenario not many opponents out there, he waits a minute or so and switches boats, no harm no foul. This is not what happened, he took a look into the pool, and instantly got yanked down by the MMonster, into a 2v2.... Most if not all of us understand HOW it happened, what we are arguing is the intelligence of allowing a mechanic like this to exist, as is.
  3. American BB Sub-Branch

    Lert hates Alaskans..
  4. While I agree that some people don't focus well on teamwork during ranked, it's still usually more than normal pub matches. Honestly though, since the ranked season return I've been seeing more teamplay happening in pubs too, it's almost like, people are learning..........almost.
  5. Really Weird Teamkill

    Pink has become so common that most players don't pay them any negative attention anymore. I know I keep and eye on them particularly if they are destroyers, but still just play my game the same way. I've only turned pink once in the last few months when i shot an Iowa in my Kutuzov with 2 shells, as he dove into my smoke to escape gunfire. The 2 shells set him on fire, and he let it burn the whole way since it was only 1 fire, Insta-Pink. In short, don't worry bouts it.
  6. So the short answer is the game has to be balanced so that all classes have a role, and aren't completely undermined by another class. To argue your point though, imagine a railgun. A railgun shoots a cruiser in the radar dish, then shoots it down the center of the ship. Do you think the radar dish shot should do as much damage as the center-line shot? If your answer was no, then you can see how certain shots should overpen for much less damage. In other words, different areas of the ship have different damage values for penetrating hits.
  7. Do you believe in miracles? YES!!!!
  8. Also, this guy is such a stud. Getting the last 2 packs out same day as WG release, thanks for the dedication brotha!
  9. ...... Why do they have to make a new *%^*%^ing version for each hotfix. Like mods are literally the only thing I can think of that will be affected by a version number change...
  10. They don't reboot every night. And it's still not back.
  11. (PSA) Smoke Expert on Perth = useless (PSA)

    Basically saying you don't like the smoke on the Perth, I prefer the standard RN smoke as well but it's still kinda a cool feature on the Perth.
  12. Except, that's almost a perfect comparison? WoT meds were squishy when exposed, and some higher tiers could be almost invincible if perfectly angled/hull down (t62 obj140 Stb etc). However some were always vulnerable regardless of hull down (Leo batchat) and used other things to survive. Meds had higher Dpm but lower alpha. Is this sounding familiar? The problem is people don't know how to play cruisers, not the cruisers themselves. Angled Des Moines, balti, Moskva Donskoi hindenberg Roon (t62s) are all extremely hard to pen at proper angles and distances. British cruisers much less so (Leo batchat) so they're given smoke to allow them to get closer. Much higher dpm than BBs but much lower alpha. Plus many more support abilities than mediums in tanks. It blows my mind when people say cruisers are underpowered.
  13. Official Alabama Thread

    The problem isn't giving Supertesters an "exclusive" ship as a reward, it's the specific ship they chose, seems like half the community fails to realize this. Japanese- T8 Premium Atago German- T8 Premium Tirpitz, Prinz Eugen Russian- T8 Premium Kutuzov Pan Asia- T8 Premium Lo Yang American- .......T8 Premium Supertester exclusive??..... British- Incomplete Line. Coming soon French- No Line. Coming soon? The oldest lines in the game are the US and Japanese, players since alpha have waited on ANY US premium T8, and more specifically a BB. Almost every other line in the game has a T8 premium except the US. Then one is finally advertised, it's just the kind of ship we all hoped it would be, and they retract saying it's a supertester exclusive. My opinion is they deserve a reward ship, even though they get credits and gold as rewards already I do think a reward ship for them that's Exclusive would be appropriate. But make it a T5 or T4 or even 6, not the long awaited T8 US Premium.