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  1. Mahingan_

    Deep Water Torpedoes

    I hate all of you, especially you @Dr_Drunk_AKA :)
  2. Mahingan_

    Deep Water Torpedoes

    I used the YY as an example because it has deep water torpedoes, you are misunderstanding the purpose of the post. The post is about deep water torpedoes, not about the YY. As for stats, you have fewer than 1k battles total ( I do not consider Co-op experience useful in the least ) and the statistics regarding those matches are around average. Since you mentioned my stats, I will ask who would potentially know more about issues, the newer player or the player who has been around a while and can obviously perform? As for stats compared ship to ship, your method assumes that I, as a player, had the same level of ability on each ship, this is not the case. Everybody begins this game at an average/below average ability, with some exceptions. While learning, the ships we go up first will inevitably have worse stats than the ships we play as we get better. Moving on to the purpose of a buff to deep water torpedoes. The purpose of the Pan-Asian DD line was their deep water torpedoes, this may not be what the player base originally used them for but it is what Wargaming intended. Ever since Wargaming nerfed the YY's guns, because it was just a better version of Gearing at the time, it became a mostly obsolete ship that still sees very little use. I can not recall if Wargaming nerfed the guns on the rest of the line, I kind of doubt it, but they have, on numerous occasions, both nerfed and buffed the entire lines torpedo abilities. Since the torpedoes are clearly what the line is meant for, it makes sense to buff them in some way. Granted, my idea may not be the greatest, that's fine, that's what this forum is all about, pitching ideas to the community and discussing them. If you do not intend to discuss the idea at hand, please get off the post, I do not wish to play chess with a pigeon.
  3. Mahingan_

    Deep Water Torpedoes

    I'm at a loss for words over what's happening in here. I did not say I can not make a YY work, I'm very curious why you bothered to look up my stats, considering they have absolutely nothing to do with anything being discussed. I'm not trying to compare myself to any of you, either stick to the criteria or don't post..? This is about hydro not detecting deep waters and deep waters going dark again, once far enough away from a ship that could see them. Read the original post.
  4. Mahingan_

    Deep Water Torpedoes

    I'm not aiming for realistic properties, the game is already beyond such things. Ignore realism and consider it just as a game
  5. Just had a passing thought to help give the Pan Asian DD a little bit of love. As of this moment, there is no argument to take, say the YY, over a Gearing. What if we made deep water torps immune to hydro and once they passed a ship, they go dark again, based on their detection range. A YY torpedo has a detection of .8km, if an enemy DD spots them, once they pass that DD, have them go dark as soon as they get .8km away from that ship. This would require teams to pay attention as the torps are spotted to remember the path they are taking and I don't believe it would make the Pan Asian line overpowered. Any thoughts or suggestions from others?
  6. Mahingan_

    Gameplay Freezes or Locks Up

    my game crashed while adding a player to the blacklist and would not let me reload the game until my ship died, in my ranked match. Once I was dead, no problem loading back in... Thanks WarGaming... more A+ programming
  7. All you're doing is arguing numbers and inadvertently admitting that the skill is worthless, which is why this post is here. I am not a programmer, just a player, and this is just an idea on the fly. There is for sure things that could be done better, try to come up with one rather than saying why this or that is pointless. Why are you here otherwise?
  8. This is where you're wrong.. % Current is VERY different to % Max.. % Current will always deal an amount that changes as aircraft HP changes, % Max will be a set amount based on that specific set of planes. If a squadron has 30k HP when fully healed, 10% Max HP will ALWAYS deal 3k and you're adding things to the equation that aren't necessary for the topic at hand, like the 3rd slot mod. Yes, in the initial engagement, an Asashio would shoot down an aircraft on first activation but again, as planes linger, this will deal less and less damage each time, on this specific squadron if they stick around. Admittedly, I forgot the activation time is removed but that is a simple fix, key it into the commander skill as well. The % numbers can easily be tweaked with testing, as everything else is. If you think Massive AA Fire is fine as is, I encourage you to put it on a ship, use Asashio if you have it, go into a training room and have somebody fly planes over you, or a bot if you want. Let me know how effective it feels, especially as a 4 point skill.
  9. As it sits now, this skill is basically useless but there is a way to leave it as it's designed with a minor tweak to make it useful again. When a sector is activated, the instantaneous damage deals % Current HP to nearby enemy planes, which will naturally decrease with each activation against the same squadron. Simply changing this from % Current to % Max, will make this skill viable again for the ships it was designed to help. Example, an Enterprise chases an Asashio into its own smoke that's out in the middle of nowhere ( probably shouldn't be there but that's not the topic ). Now, there is nothing to dissuade the Enterprise from sitting there, hovering, waiting for the smoke to dissipate. Losing % Max HP with each activation, which would be around every 25 seconds with the Massive AA FIre skill, would encourage the CV to find other targets while waiting for the smoke to fade so it doesn't lose planes for absolutely nothing and it gives the DD a bit of protection should they opt into this captain skill. With the longer cooldown on sectors, this should not be a game breaking change at all. This could bring back "AA builds" to a slight extent, changing up the full damage or full survivability builds that are basically all that exist right now. Recap: Activating a sector increases AA damage on that side by a set amount and also deals % Current HP damage as instantaneous damage. By tweaking the Massive AA Fire commander skill to change the instantaneous damage to % Max HP, the skill would become viable once again and specific ships would then have a reason to spend those 4 coveted commander skill points on it. This change would also, typically, not affect the initial engagement between the ship and aircraft but would become more useful over time, the longer aircraft loiter. Thereby encouraging CV players to find other targets, potentially being more useful to their teams, and giving ships some breathing room. Would love to hear people's thoughts on this.
  10. Mahingan_

    Bad winrate 40%

    The better players of the group you mentioned are typically rerolls who purchase a BB that requires little in captain skills, and that they excel in, to start grinding commander xp. Another way to look at the debate about not throwing people into higher tiers, your version of sink or swim, is information overload. Amgen says start with a handful of things at lower tiers so they can master those and move on from there. Once you master something, it becomes second nature, like breathing. It no longer requires thought, you just do it. Once people get to this point, you introduce more material, this is no different than what an educational system does. You start with basic math and eventually end up in trigonometry. You don't start in trig, it doesn't work out very well.
  11. Mahingan_


  12. Mahingan_


    Some of you are missing the point to this, this was not about radar, it was about the ship, specifically. Indianapolis is not a Pensacola class ship but it seems to be modeled after it in the game. Pensacola has since been buffed numerous times and even dropped down a tier. Indi has received nothing, it was forgotten to time, ironic. I'm not asking about what the ship CAN do, I know what it can do but this is about balancing.
  13. Mahingan_


    That applies to, literally, every single ship in game
  14. I believe the Indianapolis either needs significant balancing or needs to be moved to tier 6 with the Pensacola. What does everybody else think about this? @Kalvothe
  15. The game center has been live for a while now, you should be able to download it from the main website