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  1. You do know that youtube saves your place when logged in, and you can return any time right? Doesn't anyone know this?
  2. noupperlobeman

    Best Russian Premiums?

    The only one I have is the murmansk, so I'll suggest that.
  3. noupperlobeman

    Learn the role of the vessel you are piloting

    Is spotting rewarded at all? It never seems like it. Credits and xp like tanks?
  4. noupperlobeman

    <Rant> CV Karma Insanity

    What is karma and why do people care about it?
  5. You'll make your team happier too because you're not pounding your keyboard like a chimp whining about the match
  6. noupperlobeman

    Any CCs you can actually trust these days?

    This sounds more like a you thing than a CC thing. Your feelings are easily hurt and you don't like coarse people. I find all of the CCs you mentioned to be informative and occasionally entertaining. I don't need them to give me warm fuzzies and a pat on the tush for encouragement. I watch, learn as best I can, and move on. What do you need them for other than that?
  7. noupperlobeman

    Playing for fun

    When you say that the general assumption is that you're not trying to win. I blame you for not expanding enough on that idea to push people away from that assumption.
  8. I play a healthy mix of both. 75% randoms, 25% co-op (rough estimate). I play randoms when I want to maximize my per battle earnings. I play co-op for easy mission completions, when I'm tired and I want to pew pew easy bots for modest rewards, or when I want a few dry runs in a new ship to test it out. First things first: it's undeniable that co-op is the least challenging mode, and that's okay. It serves its purpose for the reasons I outlined above (and maybe a few more I haven't thought of). Most of the time you can sail right up the middle and the bot destroyers will have derped each other to death before you can hit the mid point of the map. Randoms are the most challenging with the best earnings per battle, but are also the most mentally taxing. Stupid bot level team mates, blow outs, annoying metas, etc. Co-op is there for those of us who just can't be assed to deal with this all of the time. It's respite from the terrible see saw balancing act that WG plays with all its games. This is of course written from my perspective as a new player who hasn't played above tier 6 yet. Perhaps my opinions will change as I climb the tiers.
  9. noupperlobeman

    battleship play is broken

    That's the problem. I've always believed that inaction in WG games is caused by a lack of knowledge. Players got aggressive once, got punished, and now they're paralyzed by fear. They don't know what to do so they do the only thing that keeps them safe: base camping. You can't make people read the wiki and watch hours of youtube videos. The only thing you can do is put unavoidable tactics training and information in the game, and gameplay elements that force cooperation. It's the only way to make the community better.
  10. noupperlobeman

    fun and engaging

    I'm still pretty new but here's my breakdown: Charlieston: pew pew. I loved the st. Louis so it made perfect sense to buy the premium version. Deceptively tanky due to citadel location (I think?) And lots of health. Shoots fast with lots of guns which is fun. Firemansk: agile with fast firing guns, spotter plane, torps, and good AP (according to the wiki). What's not to love? Pepsicola: despite the fragility I hardly ever have a bad time in it. Powerful guns (I think?), Good AA. I wish it was agile like the murmansk. Julio chesapeake: I don't know how I got it, don't care. Always have a good time in it for some reason. That's it for now. I look forward to playing down the American CA, Russian CA, German BB, and German cruisers to find more ships that don't feel like grinding.
  11. noupperlobeman

    Problems with being chat banned...

    I received my first ban last night. I get really raw in chat when someone is being super unkind to people.
  12. noupperlobeman

    Post battle discussion

    It'd be helpful to have a reply review thread / sub forum here. I know youtubers do it in tanks. There must be some that do it for ships
  13. noupperlobeman

    An Appaling Lack of Professional Courtesy

    Um.... No?
  14. The enemy will be expecting you to switch shell types to suit the situation. Don't fall into their trap! Shoot the same shell to confuse them and throw them off script