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  1. DelroyMonjo

    Operation in Progress

    First time I've seen this. Been going on for 20 minutes now. Update? Server check? Called away for brain surgery?
  2. DelroyMonjo

    Premium Ship Review - IRN Aurora

    Theory crafting on that Demo Expert is just pencil whipping. I've run about 20 rounds of AP from an Aurora and about a gazillion rounds of HE. Starting fires is NO PROBLEM! The extra range would be much more welcome. Mattter of fact, I rarely use AP in any of my cruisers (LVL 5 and lower) as HE just gives every ship fits when stonked with 8 rounds of HE per volley. LittleWhiteMouse sez: But without the skill set -- namely the ability to aim and spray shells across the decks of a ship to maximize fires to back it up, Pyromaniac becomes 4 wasted skill points. --------- Did you not just contradict yourself?
  3. DelroyMonjo

    Premium Ship Review - IRN Aurora

    LittleWhiteMouse sez: For tier 4, Demolition Expert is slightly preferable to Advanced Firing Training, giving roughly 1-2% increased chance overall to start a fire. <---- WHAT? The only good use to put this ship is to load it with HE and fire away at whatever is close enough to hit. It's only role is as a firestarter or to kill DD's who wander in too close. Be sure to lead the target at about twice the normal tics on the rangefinder as the shells have to go to the moon and back before landing.