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  1. No, it's not that. There's no benefit other than the looks, except they are one use only. And to replace it, you wait until you get another? Or, you buy one with credits. ?! Please... or at least as I understand it. Makes no sense, unless you make them really special to add to the added items that replaced them. Don't remember what they are called. I get them as well in the "dice roll" for creates. Those are useful. They do what the canos used to do. Heck, keep the camos/credits. Just give us more of the stuff that is useful. Edit: By the way, I have no idea if the camos that you buy are the same price as they pay for.
  2. kornfed

    Am I a Potato?

    Po: WG believer. Ta: You love this game. Toe: The pain of ripping the tow ring from your nose is worse, or equal, to the pain of never playing again. Buy more ships F ing game. ;)
  3. I get them while trying for Super crates, or whatever they are called. Perma camo's are the one's folks should use. Still worth nothing, but at least they don't cost you anything to replace. I could give a poop about the single camos I get. Just sell them for the credits anyway. Knowing WG, the camos will be worth less for sale in the future anyway. Just get it over with already.
  4. I remember everything up to Steel Ocean. I do remember them saying before I moved on that they were testing them again. I have been playing again for a few months now, and I have to say the subs are not a welcome site for me, but I was managing them pretty well up until the "no ping indication" torpedos. That just blew me away, literally, and figuratively. By the way. How the heck do I get rid of that broken link below my replies. My "closed Beta Tester" banner is no longer available.
  5. "surface ship rushing a known sub location can just be pinged with HOMING TORPEDOES for almost a guaranteed dev strike" So that's what happened to me. I got hit with 4 torps without being pinged. The repair didn't stop it. WOW!
  6. kornfed

    Poll on Negative Aspects of Submarines

    I just ran into my first one last night. So the homing part was the most annoying. I am guessing when they were first introduced that that particular mechanic was worse. Been away for quite awhile, so it was quite the surprise.
  7. kornfed

    [12.1] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    What!? He's here???