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  1. oldjacktar

    Developer Q&A Session: Maps and Game Modes

    Another bad idea from the people who can't keep their promises about stuff they sell. I remember when my Yubari had THREE tubes in it's torpedo launchers. Now it has two torpedo tubes in it's launchers. I paid good money to get that boat, and now it is not as good as it was when I bought it. WG is more interested in finding new vectors to exploit than they are in developing a nice enjoyable game because they are solely motivated by [edited]over their paying members. Why do you bozos think I quit buying premium time and boats? Because I got sick of being [edited] over after I bought something.
  2. oldjacktar

    YouTube Membership! Get In-Game Items!

    It seems like WG is more interested in making us watch lousy videos about their game than they are in getting us to play their crappy game.
  3. A Simple Proposal. A call for a MOD that counts the DAILY oil earned. If you belong to a Clan there is a listing on your Clan tab that tells you how much oil you have earned in total for the Clan. So why not have a simple "Daily Oil Counter" mod that tells an individual player how much oil they have earned on a daily basis? It could be as simple as a small graphic that appears only in Port, and would look like an Oil Drop with a number next to it. I am not good at Modding, but if there is anybody out there who is, I want to talk to them about this idea. Thank You
  4. I am not about to pay Amazon money for some WG promotional gimmick. That Amazon membership is a continuing charge on your credit card that you probably don't want or need.
  5. I know all about the Pizza ovens of the Leone's Galley. They ran off the waste heat of the boilers by means of a special pipe from the engineering section...
  6. WHY DOES THE ITALIAN DD "Leone", (A Premium DD) LACK any Depth Charges? Apparently WG dropped the ball yet again and failed to provide it's Premium DD's with means of defeating submarines. I am getting seriously dissatisfied with the lack of clear oversight routinely exhibited by WG in terms of how they do and develop stuff. The biases are clearly obvious, as is WG's contempt for it's customer base. Apparently they have a routine habit of breaking their promises, (Such as the famous "No Submarines" Pledge.) and also of continuously nerfng their premium ships. This is getting ridiculous. No wonder people are leaving the game.
  7. oldjacktar

    PTS 0.10.6

    I notice that you are STILL trying really hard to get people to play SUBMARINES. Well, I still remember Dasha Perlova telling me that there will NEVER be submarines in WoWs. How about offering some additional compensations to the people who play ASW? And the other playtesters are right. You do not offer enough in compensation and reward.