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  1. First point, when you say that a CV can "basically" one shot any ship in the game, this is not even close to true. Teams flopping and having blowout or quick games most of the time has nothing to do with CV players. Say that CVs are OP because of it is ridiculous. Second, Why would you put a tag next a CV players name to tell them its a threat. If players can't realize what is a threat, then that is something that the players need to learn about. If someone can't properly identify what is a threat and how to deal with it, then they will need to learn that, or that threat will kill them most of the time. If you look at your minimap, you can usually tell where a strike is going and should be able to try to deter it. Last, why would you remove AS CVs. There is nothing wrong with being able to counter enemy strikes. By suggesting that you remove them, I feel as though you had a CV player that was AS and destroyed your strike setup. Granted an AS carrier in terms of damage to enemy ships will contribute less, people tend to underestimate the importance sometimes of having air superiority. I don't agree with anything that you said, but this is my opinion after playing CVs and the experience that I've had.
  2. The Coo of Boom Flag

    No, don't get me wrong it is a nice flag and i do fully understand how significant it is for Pigeon to give you it, I just think that some of the ways people are talking about getting it from pigeon are kinda funny.

    Now if you were holding something more valuable such as Super Containers then we could talk.

    I rate this a 6/8. Nice try, but we don't negotiate with terrorists..... :)
  5. @db4100, my first question is, were you firing your guns? If that answer is yes, you understand its not that difficult to fire and hit a destroyer in smoke? Your jumping to conclusion that the people that are hitting and killing you in your smoke are using this, which is probably not the case. when your in your smoke, you should constantly be moving back and forth to avoid this. if you sit still broadside on, its quite easy to kill you by watching your gun flashes.
  6. DD Incentives

    As the others have said, you have to have some sort of actual measure of contribution to the game. Things such as caps, shell/torpedo hits, resets, defends, and the like. I t can be frustrating when its a game like this. But when it comes to DDs sometimes its better to try to use your guns even if not favorable to do so.
  7. A Heartfelt offer to newbies

    I'm gonna add my name in here as well. If you need a mentor or just looking for a division mate, shoot me a message!!! I love helping new players, cause seeing them get better makes me happy.

    Couldn't agree more.
  9. It depends, but most of the time I listen to Christian Rock on Pandora.
  10. PADD stats...are you kidding me?

    The thing with these DDs compared to others is that in terms of their torpedo armament, are focus on the bigger ships, because of those deepwater torps. But they struggle against DDs with fast guns and normal depth torps. Not to say some aren't decent ships, but overall they lose to other dds because of that inability to torpedo other dds.
  11. I can't tell if your kidding or actually serious. But not for next time, please don't use all caps.
  12. Smoke Screen OP?!

    Btw you can see through smoke if it is spread out over a large enough distance...... plus your at what tier 3? Game gets better after the low tiers. If you can't handle a simple game mechanic that has been around for what seems like forever, then don't play its as simple as that. Plus you understand that smoke is not a wall right? you can shoot through smoke quite easily.

    But whether or not its a drag comes down to player. I play my tier 5 and 6 ships and the tier 5 and 6 premiums I have and I have a lot of fun doing so. But at the same time, this game has never been on a single tier match spread and it probably won't be. This game is over two years old and if it had been such a big issue, it would've been fixed by now. You say that ability to perform is not the issue, personally I don't feel that is true. I've had many of games where teammates and sometimes even me, don't perform and it hurts, so I do feel that ability to perform is part of the issue. I've sat and seen many players whether new or old, for example, go out in a battleship with the mentality, of, I'm a battleship and Im hard to kill and they rush forward and die then blame their team or the matchmaker. There is a difference between performing to help the team win and performing to play for yourself. This game is very much a team game. I've seen quite a lot of players that don't seem to understand that. But back to your think about tier 5 and 6 premiums being no fun when uptiered. Here's an example, what about all the tier 5 Minekaze premiums, such as the Fujin or Kamikaze R? Everytime I see one uptiered into tier 7 they do just fine? I do agree that the number of ships that have for say radar should be balanced one each team, but I just don't see how being uptiered in a 5 to a tier 7 match is an issue. I personally enjoy dealing damage to tier 7 ships in my Texas. Addressing your last point. Moving from a two tier spread to a one tier at peak hours and then back down to a two tier would not only involve an entire overhaul of the matchmaker, which would take a considerable amount of time because you would then have to figure out the lower tiers because they have protected matchmaking. It doesn't make sense, because in terms of the network side of all this it would cause havoc if its not coded perfectly.