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  1. Why not keep all three? Cause after all they are all premiums. Its up to you, thats just my two sense.
  2. What exactly do you mean by getting invisible?
  3. Agree completely.....
  4. @OP There is no need for the aggression. The system in this game is what it is. Do we get hit with team damage from Teammates sometimes? yea. Is there any real reason to shoot them back, no not really. One of those things were you just move past it cause it won't help to just stay stuck on it. It happens, move on.
  5. That and this topic has been brought up so many times for any other battleship at mid tier. Sometimes when you play battleships you just have to deal with the dispersion that you get, thats why playing battleships can be frustrating to some people. Plus, and you won't only hear this from me, how guns fire in WoWS versus how they should behave in real life are sometimes never close because there is balancing that must go on in game. Granted it would be nice if all shells converged on a single point and were accurate, but if that happened, how much fun would playing anything other than a battleship, something that has low amounts of armor, such as a Atago, or even a Minotaur be?
  6. @Kerabatsos Think about it a little. The Mikasa is a Tier 2 battleship, there are no normal tech tree battleships at tier 2. To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if WG didn't even buff the secondaries. The point of the ship is for it to be fun to play, not to be competitive. In order for it to ever be somewhat decent, it would need other battleships at Tier 2 to be compared to, which would help to base and buffs that she may or may not need. To put it in perspective, its for collectors, simply because the actual ship herself is a museum ship. Its much like the Albany its a gimmick ship to play around with.
  7. I love my Scharn, love to launch torps off both sides and watch the salt pour in!
  8. As Big_Lou stated don't buy or sell anything until you get halfway up a line or two, or however many of the lines you wanna do. But one thing that I can say and I'm sure a lot of people will agree with, regardless, if you bought a premium ship with real money, don't sell them. I understand that you didn't like it, but you might find out after you get more battles that you like playing destroyers and now the only way to get it back is either submitting a support ticket to WG, or buying it again.
  9. Hi

    First of all, Welcome! Second thing for ya, don't be afraid to ask questions on anything in these forums, this community is very friendly and willing to help people learn WoWS and all that entails!
  10. I still disagree with you. Most battleships in this game are not OP, (cough Nikolai), but just because most people are playing them doesn't mean anything. The main reason most people play them is because that big damage number that there is a possibility of achieving if you catch someone off guard. Battleships themselves are not selfish, for that you have to look at the player and if that player plays selfishly in general. Once you play some Ranked Battles you will understand how powerful and influential a battleships can be played by the right players. there is nothing wrong with sitting at range with a battleship, the problem becomes when that is all they do during a game.
  11. Ah ok, misread the OP then, thanks for correcting me on that Hystarr.
  12. Also OldFrog, once you get up the tiers, another good channel to learn is Flamu. He does ship reviews, recommended builds on ships. If your looking at really understanding basic game mechanics and knowing them well, iChase has a series called the CaptainsAcademy on YouTube aswell.
  13. And there is nothing wrong with that. Personally if you wanna know if your in range for friendly hydro and radar, if you learn the statistics behind the ships that have it and what the range is, you will be able to tell how close you need to be in order to be covered in the "umbrella" of their hydro or radar. You can also ask them during game what the range is and in the case of radar have them say when they are about to use it.
  14. From the many articles that have been written about this subject, I wanna say that it will be an option, because with these there is no way to kill other Destroyers because with the Deep Water Torps, DDs are safe. So I would assume (which I try not to do) that there will be a standard option and a deep water option.
  15. Welcome to the RNG that is BB artillery