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  1. I did forget to think about that.
  2. So now based on this they want the aki to handle even more sluggishly? The pen buff would be appreciated and would allow for some different builds, but the change in handling would outweigh that increase in my opinion.
  3. There is a lot of small things about playing dds that I can add, but this was more intended for players who are either new to destroyers, or are looking to become better.
  4. request Doubloons back

    So the mods shut down your other thread about this because it wasn't productive, so you start a new one on the same thing?
  5. I do agree honestly but for most of the time, its not a good tactic. I do agree it is situational.
  6. Good Morning Y'all, The purpose of this post is to give a little tips and tricks per say to playing dds effectively over the course of a battle. Much like Real Estate and how most properties are about Location, Location, Location. This can be used for Warships with some thought. The first L is Location of the Caps. The second L is Location from the enemy and the third L is Location from your team. The first L of Location of the Caps is very critical to understand as a destroyer player. When you load into a match you need to look at your map and determine what caps are important and what caps would be a waste of time and your ship if you go there in the battle. Maps like North, it is always a waste of time and your ship to go to the D cap on the far side of the map. It also helps to understand what Caps will be the most active and most contested by the enemy team, this way you can determine to fight for it or to go for a separate cap. The Second L is Location from the Enemy. When it comes to playing Destroyers (most dds in the game) rely on their torpedoes and concealment to avoid detection and do damage to enemy ships. As a dd you should be the "front line" between your team and the enemy team. You shouldn't try to get so close that you get detected, but you shouldn't be so far away that you are behind your team. This allows you to spot for your team while also contesting and reseting caps. The third and final L is Location from your team. This goes along very heavily with the second L in that you shouldn't go somewhere on the map were you don't have support, unless you are very confident in your skills as a dd player. You tend to want to have your team behind you to support you. This involves things such as calling targets for them to focus, whether they choose to shoot at them or not is there decision, but you are doing your "job" and playing to your role. If you are too far from your team you won't get support, if you are too close to a large part of your team, you won't get a lot of damage, so its a fine line that you will figure out the more you play destroyers. This is kinda a discussion so if you want to add tips to it, please feel free.
  7. The reason why that is the number one complaint is because dd players are out playing the CA and BBs. Bit of fun fact, the dds in this game are actually bigger in size so that they are easier to hit. I can guarantee you radar was not put into the game to be an "insta-kill" of a dd. The reason why BBs can't hunt down and "murder" dds is because that is not what they are designed to do. Simple as that. Second although the main counter to DDs is Cruisers, if a dd player can outsmart the CA player, it means that the dd player stays alive and can continue to contribute to their team.
  8. This is a terrible idea. Is it true that an experienced DD player will have their way with an in experienced BB or CA? The answer to that is yes. I have done it many times ( and been accused of cheating for it). This kind of change would not make the game more interesting, it would make the game more annoying to play a destroyer because you would not only have to worry about concealment, but also what level your engine is going. Plus, if DD's aren't meant to be faster and stealthier than BBs (Huge detect) or CAs (lower but still considerable concealment range) why would they be in the game since its early development? The fact that you are actually arguing that if a DD wants to outrun a CA that they should give up some of their concealment is absolutely absurd. I feel as though you don't have a lot of destroyer play under your belt, because you mention that if a DD had to move at 75% and using positions to do well is again absurd. A good 90% of destroyer game play is choosing the correct position to have the most effect on the match, its not just sail around and launch torpedoes ( not that some players don't do that). There is a lot of tactics involved with playing a destroyer. There is a fine line between a dd player that just sails around and launches torpedoes at ships and a dd player that understands what is going on and what to do to swing that situation in their teams favor to win the game.
  9. Alabama What's wrong

    That can't be true, I've seen plenty of Bamas in tier 9 and 8 matches. It might get more tier 10 matches than tier 8 or 9, but I've never seen that as a problem. In all honesty, if you can't learn your ship and do at least well in her in a tier 10 match, than there is some wasted potential of that ship.
  10. Alabama What's wrong

    If your in tier 10 matches and getting "melted" within 3 minutes your doing something wrong. As a tier 8 ship in a tier 10 match, you don't want to be on the front line with the tier 9 and 10s, because you will get focused first. The MM for the ship is not broken, a lot of tier 8 premiums get into tier 10 matches, its a normal part of the game. You should welcome it, the higher tier means more hit points = more credits and experience. After doing some digging, considering you only have an average damage in your bama of 27k damage, I don't think you have grasped exactly how to play her and what her strengths and weaknesses are.
  11. Alabama What's wrong

    Some more information would be nice before you start accusing WG of a scam. If you are playing Bama by getting close in higher tier matches, you will be eatin alive. The bama doesn't have a turtleback so you can't brawl really well with her and not get hit in the citadel. As for playing against Yamato, my advice would be don't get close, stay at a longer range where you have a chance to either angle or dodge the shells. The bama is a great ship, just learn her play style and she is well worth it.
  12. I'm a little in the same boat as Soshi in terms of win rate. One piece of advice though that I agree with is learning the maps, but another is, (if it was running) Ranked is a great way to learn quickly from your mistakes. Once you get into higher ranks, you get punish for bad mistakes and you learn very quickly to not make them again. Another trait of a good player is knowing when to curb aggressiveness as a player. Sometimes, usually in the early match it is better to play passive, where as sometimes it is better to be more aggressive mid to end match.
  13. Although I can understand when teams fall apart, I do agree with Belthorian. Other than that Roon games, the fact that there was that much damage but only one kill shows that your selection of targets is a little off. Although it is nice to do more damage, sometimes finishing off low health enemies is more important to the overall game.
  14. A few things. If he mainly seal clubs, that 60% winrate in randoms is not impressive. Second he can be part of a big clan, but that doesn't make him a good player, it just means he is in the clan. Lastly I would just ignore him and add him to your blacklist so that you don't get matched with him again.
  15. Why does it seem as though more and more of these threads are about radar and how it has "ruined" the game at high tiers? Honestly if you don't want to die in cap playing a dd to a radar cruiser, play smarter. Use any available cover and if you know that a radar cruiser is pushing you give him room, stay outside the radar range of that ship. Your torpedoes will still out range his radar. The only people that I keep seeing complaining about "too much" radar are the dd players that only want to rush in super close to their detection so that when radar is triggered they have essentially caused their own death by being so close. There is a reason as to why torpedoes have the range they do.