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  1. The reason why there are so many battleships is quite simple. They are easy to play for new players, they hit hard when aimed correctly and don't punish mistakes by the driver as much as destroyers or cruisers do. Plus you just had the French Battleships released, give it time, they will balance back out in a week or two.
  2. nothing for co-op players

    I agree, having to try to carry a team constantly is not fun, but to me its a challenge that makes me better as a player. That and the fact that it takes so much less time to grind ships is better for me. I was able to grind in one week to a tier 8 a day. I do play Co-Op now and then if I'm not feeling Randoms that day.
  3. Was this post necessary to complain about? It put you into one battle that you didn't pick. I could understand if this had happened more than once, not the first time it happens though.
  4. nothing for co-op players

    The missions for the Patches are not terribly difficult to do in Random battles for a few games. The Emblem on the other hand are a little more challenging. You say that Co-Op players get nothing, but what about the HMAS Vampire that you could earn and the New Year's Raid missions that you could do in Co-op? Plus the Scenario mode is essentially a larger Co-Op type.
  5. Your missing something that would push you over that 1 mil mark. Run the Wyvern flag, then you will get 1mil
  6. ^ same, I like the customization that the badges bring, but I don't really care for them taking up the screen when you sink someone.
  7. Nerfing Low Citadels

    I don't think the amount of damage done to cruisers is too much. At higher tiers they are harder to play for that reason. If you get citadeled in a cruiser, you did something wrong by showing enough broadside to get hit in your citadel. I don't agree with you on how easy cruisers are to hit. If you get a cruiser player that doesn't know what they are doing then yea, they are easy to hit. If you get a cruiser payer that has some sort of situational awareness and nows how to use the WASD keys then they will avoid citadels pretty regularly unless they push into a cross fire.
  8. USS Cleveland teir 6

    ^ as above mentioned, she is going to Tier 8. When exactly though we don't know yet. You do understand if this game was to be realistic that the gunnery that the players would have to do would be somewhat complicated? There would be no magic camera up in the air above the ship with an aiming reticle. That and I think the Cleveland is doing fine, get used to her arcs, they have been like that since she was changed following CBT. I can quite easily do well in a Cleveland in any match, play her like a Des Moines. Find an island that has good range on enemies and fire over it until spotted or no more targets to shoot at.
  9. You must not have read two posts above this.
  10. I need to apologize, I was under the assumption that there had been a lawsuit against WG at some point and time in the past.
  11. Your still missing the point.
  12. This is where your wrong. The reason why WG doesn't directly nerf premiums anymore is because they had a lawsuit come up from WoT when they did edit a premium tank. The lawsuit was because the players that purchased the tank with real money bought it for how it performed when they purchased it, when it got nerfed, the players argued that it wasn't what they had bought and the problem arose. You right WG can nerf Saipan anytime they want, but if they do so directly, they will more than likely be faced with possible lawsuits. I don't think you understand how all of this works. you probably died to a Saipan in a match and in an almost weekly fashion are here in the forums complaining about how something else in this game is broken or Overpowered.
  13. You might want to edit your post, I think you might have wanted to say T9 carrier disguised as a Tier 7. The Saipan is a tad broken, but then again so is the Kaga, so, no, WG won't remove it. First of the reasons is because people payed actual money for it, and the last thing WG wants is a lawsuit if they remove or nerf it.
  14. DDs Rule the Oceans

    Just because you are unhappy with the game doesn't mean that everyone else is. Second, I'm not a stat freak, I just understand how to play this game effective and efficiently. I also understand what the roles are of each of the ship classes. I looked at your stats, because it is usually the average or below average players that complain this hard about destroyers, because they don't feel it is fair that destroyer players can out play them and remain undetected and kill them.
  15. DDs Rule the Oceans

    It took me a little while to figure out if you are joking or not, but after looking at your stats, I determine you aren't joking about this. So here we go, I'm gonna drop a little knowledge on you. There are things you need to understand about destroyers in this game particular and in reality. A destroyers main job in this game is cap objectives and scout for their team. If you fail to help your team win by doing this then your failing to understand just exactly how to play your ship. Second, WG doesn't take too nicely to people calling them names, so I would edit that before a mod sees it. Thought I should drop that knowledge on you. If you don't help your team cap, with your low detect, or to scout out enemy ships especially other destroyers, your being useless to your team as anything other than a health pool pinata for the enemy team when your team dies to hidden ships and loses because they have no cap. Second, your probably a Battleship main and want destroyers to be nerfed even more than they have been because its not fair that someone can keep you spot and hit your precious ship with torps and not get spotted.