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  1. Yea, I don't think anyone on a losing team should be able to keep a star as it encourages a bad habit for players trying to play to save their star rather than play to win the overall match.
  2. Whatever gets you to sleep at night.
  3. Panic512

    Carrier is Weak

    Yea but this is how it should be and how it used to be. People are now grouping together for the AA defense rather than just ignoring the CV. This is also realistic as Striking a large enemy force grouped together would cause massive loses of planes with the grouped AA defenses. You shouldn't be able to fly through overlapping AA fields without losing planes.
  4. Yea but if you looked more carefully you would see that when it comes to competitive play I mainly play destroyers. Its ok though, cause something the stats don't show is that I do have more cruiser and battleship games, thats because that what I mainly played when I got into the game. Now I mainly play destroyers. Its ok though my stats don't show that. I love how you think because I don't have 50+ matches in randoms in any destroyer actually means something. At less than 50 battles in most of my destroyers I am far ahead of you in stats for the ones we both have.
  5. I get what your saying, and there are some dd players that choose to win over dealing large amounts of damage depending on the team that they get placed on. I'm not saying that everything is fine, but from those results it doesn't look like anything concerning.
  6. Considering the Server average based on wows-numbers.com for the gearing is 43k damage per game, this 55k damage game is not concerning and I wouldn't classify as a below average match. Also your trying to tell a dd main things that may happen to them to influence the damage output? Again for the OP that match may have been a good match and he can think that as whether or not its a good match to someone else is subjective. Oh and btw, no math is not hard for me, I just know what the rough server averages are for dds and talk accordingly.
  7. Yea no. First off, yea is the match he chose as an example low on stats, sure, but I got his point. Second your not really one to be saying 55k damage is below average as most of your dd averages in that 50k-60k range. So that is not actually below average, that is more the average.
  8. Panic512

    Where did all the Bad DD Players go?

    Sometimes its not fun learning how to play them better, but that is part of the learn of how to play them better.
  9. Yep no, they are not a powerful as you would think. Flambass was doing some WIP on the ships on his live stream today and they eat damage in their current state and are not very accurate. They are the farthest from what you are claiming in their current state. Also they get limited DCPs so that is a disadvantage right their as you can bleed them dry of those and then just burn or flood them to death.
  10. I'd love to as I am in Dallas, but sadly work takes my time.....
  11. Panic512

    Ranked and the Fletcher

    Yea it is.
  12. Panic512

    Ranked and the Fletcher

    She isn't outclassed, she is still doing quite well. In terms of the amount of Radar in ranked, you have to learn to play around the radar.
  13. Panic512

    Statistics on Tier VIII Matchmaking

    Yea, but what I am trying to point out is that it shouldn't come down to whether or not a ship has a heal to beat them. There are exceptions in the case of like the British heals that heal quickly, but overall a heal should not decide who wins.
  14. Panic512

    The abuse and misuse of karma point

    How can you abuse a system that literally doesn't do anything but change the numbers next to the profile? Don't pay attention to Karma, its a useless metric right now as it so subjective that it really serves no purpose at the moment in the overall scheme of the game.