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  1. Panic512

    Struggling with Moskva

    Play her as a more midline support early on. If you push front line with her early you will lose your ship. She is stronger towards the end game where you can push a little more.
  2. Panic512

    Balance Super Cruisers in Ranked.

    I don't see how you think having super cruisers on one side is unbalanced. They all have significantly longer reloads than most of their tech tree counterparts. Just shoot them with HE for the most part and they will die rather quickly due to the DPM difference.
  3. Panic512

    remove cap zones from random battles

    But forcing engagement will mean that players wouldn't be able to play their ships how they please, which means players would leave as a result.
  4. Panic512

    remove cap zones from random battles

    Still won't offset, as most people sit around that 50% mark. It wouldn't outweigh multiple losses.
  5. Panic512

    remove cap zones from random battles

    Yea no, cause this means the for example, Destroyers would be hit with radar or spotted by aircraft and die quicker than the already do now. I could argue about it being more fun with less islands. Yea, that would also FORCE players out of the game since if you lose and get no reward, why would you want to play if you can't get credits or anything if you lose half your games and the other half you win is earning credits back to then pay for losses?
  6. Panic512

    My first T8 and Above Random

    I find I don't usually lose money in tier 8-10 even if I lose the game. I do agree that higher tier players can be more passive, which tends to lead to more frustrating games that could have easily gone the other way.
  7. Panic512

    port ui

    o/ Kebob. I still wish they would switch over to HTML5 like WoT did when they redid their UI.
  8. Panic512

    WG MM At Its Best

    That doesn't look bad honestly, only one radar and enough BBs for the CV to leave you only, (I would hope).
  9. Panic512

    Rentals aren't all that bad.

    What is the point of posting this in the thread? Are you trying to show the difference between the rentals and non-rentals based on their stats?
  10. Please how is this ad hominem? I am disproving his entire argument that he is "ranting" about by showing that he doesn't have the battle to his name, or the experience to understand the actual mechanics yet simply wants to beat a dead horse that has been buried and dug up countless times on this forum? I am not attacking his character, simply pointing out something that fully discredits the base of the argument since there is no experience.
  11. Panic512

    Such a HUGE difference in fun and mood.

    Little bit of critical thinking would show that if you did some digging you would've found this. Did it ever occur to you that testing the new style of CV mechanics/interface that I would have tested them initially in Co-Op? Of course not because you were so set on trying to tell me I haven't played an post rework CVs. Bye Felicia.
  12. Please enlighten me, what nerfs? All they did was change how they are played and gave them a change in overall alpha strike. I would much rather be deleted in a single strike from the old style RTS CV than constantly harassed by the never ending waves of aircraft with the new style reworked CVs.
  13. This is quite clearly a trolling post as you joined the forums 14 hours ago, but don't seem to have any battles to your name, therefore you wouldn't be able to have experience other than watching gameplay of others, unless you created this account to do just that, Troll.
  14. Panic512


    Part of me whats to tell you play more t10 since they tend to be a little bit slower than lower tier matches. A lot of it will come down to situational awareness and recognizing what to do to win the game.
  15. Its because those tiers are the endgame from the lower tiers. Honestly, I agree somewhat as constant Tier 8-10 ranked/CW burns people, me included.