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  1. This needs to go and STOP. This warning and turning pink for inactivity in a game are ludicrous at best!!!! There are many reasons a player may be inactive at the start of the game that is beyond his control. Loss of internet connection, game client crash, just to name a few. And then there is such a thing as real life, phone calls or wife calls you from the game. This is a stupid policy that needs to be removed!!!!!!! I would like some developer feed back, please!!!!
  2. Whats the deal with these assignments,,,, 1/26 I logged in and saw lots of these missions and they were for tier 5 , im almost certain, ans gave steel as the reward! I log into WOW today, 1/27, and they are all for tier 10 ships???? What the hell, I don't have any tier 10 ships,, Come on people tier 10 only???