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  1. 1meanDad

    Battle Pass reset

    The previous session timed out. It runs usually 30 days +/-.
  2. 5 Megas is best. Got a Tulsa out of the pull.
  3. A couple of years ago, Paul Allen and his team found the USS Lexington on the sea floor. There is a proposal to recover eight TBD-1 Devastator Torpedo-bombers and one F4F-3 Wildcat Fighter. The Wildcat was flown by USN heroes like LT Edward ‘Butch” O’Hare, LCDR John Smith “Jimmy” Thach, LT Noel A. Gayler, and LT Albert “Scoop” Vorse. If approved and funded, this will an amazing adventure to watch. Story about USS Lexington being found Taras Proposal
  4. 1meanDad


    Oil can also be used to distribute crates to clan members. Once the base is built, earned oil become surplus. My clan gets rewards as much as possible.
  5. 1meanDad

    Secret Santa 2022-3

    I was.
  6. 1meanDad

    Secret Santa 2022-3

    @sonoasailor Thank you very much!
  7. 1meanDad

    Secret Santa 2022-3

    what ever happens, happens. Thanks for doing this.
  8. 1meanDad

    Secret Santa 2022-3

    Merry Christmas from the WOLF6 leadership, @rasparthe
  9. 1meanDad

    December Lighthouse Auction

    That is crazy.
  10. 1meanDad

    December Lighthouse Auction

    They go on sale with Wednesday's update.
  11. Looks like we have an auction starting tomorrow.
  12. 1meanDad

    Black Friday stuff... when?

    This was just posted: