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  1. My birthday was last week and this is what I did. Premium shop on the website and bought doubloons. When I got to the cart, there was a coupon available for me to get twice as many doubloons for the price of one set.
  2. 1meanDad

    Time to log in getting longer

    Not just me, I see.
  3. 1meanDad

    Server Is Up

    already in the queue
  4. 1meanDad

    What are your WOWS Plans for 2022?

    For me, biggest task will be to use FXP to reset lines to gain the Ohio.
  5. 1meanDad

    Update 10.10 Water Effect Survey

    The entire graphics team should get pay increases!
  6. 1meanDad

    POLL: Dockyard Ships You Missed

    I had asked about Puerto Rico being available via other means after the Dockyard event and the answer was "YES". This never happened.
  7. I think we are in round 2 of the personal challenges. How many are there in total or an end date? I dont see one listed anywhere.
  8. Salute to anyone on this forum that served in the US Navy.
  9. 1meanDad

    Two working codes

    still working, thanks
  10. 1meanDad

    GK special ship in 2022 - Type 20 camo

    what happens to the XP on have on the GK?
  11. 1meanDad

    Having a Prime account is good

    why complain about free stuff? it is amazing.
  12. 1meanDad

    Your most FUN ship in the game?

    Georgia is my fun ship