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  1. 1meanDad

    Armory Ship Removal

    "Naked, swinging on the windmill"
  2. I guess this is not going to happen.
  3. 1meanDad

    Pommern or Georgia for Coal?

    Get Georgia
  4. The end of WW2 will have happened 75 years ago in a few weeks. Was hoping for a USS Missouri 45 or the like to commemorate the event.
  5. 1meanDad

    21 German containers and no CV.

    Was doing the containers to gain flags and the such. But, I got the bonus mission for both Tier 4 and 6. Both missions were easy.
  6. 1meanDad

    2020 summer sale

    I thought that was in August of 2019.
  7. I am doing the event for tokens to buy camo and flags.
  8. 1meanDad

    Georgia on my mind

    Georgia can hold a flank against a number of ships.
  9. 1meanDad

    What are premium ships? V 2.0

    Should be a sticky. BRAVO ZULU!
  10. why arent submarine games included in the directives?
  11. My issue is fixed, thank you.
  12. who is going to guinea pig this and report back? :)
  13. 1meanDad

    Update 0.9.5 - Bug Reports

    Wondering the same for this files location. No mods installed and the shipyard is not accessible.
  14. where do we download this file from?
  15. 1meanDad

    Premium Ship Review #148 - Odin

    Great review. Your graphics are beyond anything I have ever seen for a game.