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  1. Battleship_Repulse

    HE Damage Saturation implementation

    Is good to have that Tips, i know about that, i came here in the beginning of the Arpeggio Collab. Smolenks is only one of the ships we are seeing right now as a problem because we never had that much of rapid fire ships, the problem now is the chance of fire they had, i never give my broadside only because someone set me on fire, i have a good DC with My Yamato, Montana, or GK but looking at the meta, even in a Battleship you find better to use HE to deal better Dmg by set on fire the enemy, that's good because if angled You need to do that.. But doing that for the whole Match with a ship like Conqueror that can easily put 4 fires on you, and if You use DC it can put another 2-4 fires in another salvo, and that is like the 50% of your HP.. The fire Saturation like dmg Saturation is what i think the games need, any zone that already had a fire will do less dmg if it is set on fire again, being realistic (Well, the Game is not realistic i know).
  2. Battleship_Repulse

    HE Damage Saturation implementation

    I already give up for almost 1 year, i quit playing this Game when it started to change this way, but this is the only good naval Game for now and i already expend a lot of time here, i loved this game a the friends i have here, right now the 70% of them give up too, and we only play some randoms 1 time in the weekend. As you said, we used to play our favorite ships, i loved my first tier X a lot even if she got nerfed a lot, and the only remaining of the old one is only the Name, but when we sail now i only see HE machine guns for every side of the map, and if i go DD and i make 1 mistake, i got killed really fast, if not by radars, i got killed by the new missile planes, in only 1 squadron.. So i though this idea about HE Saturation would help a little bit, that Will not kill the actual meta, just make the other classes to do something or last longer in the Game.
  3. Battleship_Repulse

    HE Damage Saturation implementation

    Sure, i bought a Smolenks just to being firing HE and winning as i do the same, but is not fun anymore. Sorry i know that, i didn't wanted to exaggerate that much.. But i got 45k HP lost in 1 minute vs a Smolenks, and is really difficult now to actually have fun in top tier Battles.
  4. ¿When Will be the day that the HE Saturation Will be implemented?. We are looking to this new OP machine guns that can delete a Battleship in less than 1 minute with HE + IFHE (Friesland, Smolenks, Colbert, plus BB's with High HE Shells Aka Thunderer, Conqueror) But we don't see HE Saturation to the Dmg they can do to any ship ingame, also we see CV's with unlimited planes that can delete a Destroyer in the first 20 seconds of the Match with only missiles, and unlimited set on fire, torp or bomb You to dead, and your only defense is a Damage Control that You need to use wisely just to make you survive 20 seconds more, this is forcing the old Batrleship/Destroyer Players to play at the only secure zone they have, 20kms away of the new machine gun flamethrower ships ingame, so... if we have new ships with 1.5 secs reload speed and ridiculous chance of fire, ¿Why not a Fire Saturation?. ¿What's fire Saturation? - Easy, a zone that had been in fire 1 time, Will take 50% less Damage if is set on fire again, being fair cause if we play a random Battle, we Will see only people being really romantic with an island shooting HE to the biggest targets without moving the whole Match (To be honest, You need no skill to play this way, only sit there as your CV Spot enemies for You and you'll only need to be right clicking for 15-20 mins, i did this with the Machine gun flamethrower Aka Smolenks and did 150k+ dmg).. The actual Game is destroying the way we used to play top tier Battles, and i remember the Battles we had 1 year ago, it was fine the rate of fire and % of cruisers to set in fire cuz the ships didn't had a really quick reload, right now the HE Game is the only thing You Will find here, and if You want to enjoy this Game then You need to go to tier V-VII. So i think this need to be implemented really fast, Damage Saturation for HE Damage.
  5. Battleship_Repulse

    Just stay away from Randoms today

    Right now i can't blame them for that, if You "try" to go in first line You Will get in eternal fire from OP machine guns if You go in a BB, Even a Cruiser can do 40k dmg on your ship in 30 secs, so what Will You do? Go to die? Or try to be away of that stupid new meta ships?.. is stupid for sure, the HE Dmg Will do everything for You, just use your wallet.. get some OP Russian Cruiser that never existed and sit in your smoke for the whole Match using just the mouse.. Same for the other OP Russian (Fake) ships, as the ships that really existed got nerfed to hell, and you can't play anymore..
  6. Battleship_Repulse

    Yamato Overpen Problem

    I'll Say.. yes, Izumo have the armor than Yamato needs.. Everyone knows than Izumo is actually better ranking dmg, and is not nuked like Yamato in broadside, and Musashi in tier 9 is excellent.
  7. Battleship_Repulse

    Yamato Overpen Problem

    This is an old topic, Yamato is really nerfed.. She's nothing compared to the first one, she got the "balance" sickness.. The double rudder she had got nerfed, the armor, the AA, and Even the shells, right now You Will not only overpen your enemies, You Will ricochet a CL at close combat, and be devastriked by any BB in the Game if You go in close combat for some reason, btw.. You Will not have any chance to kill a CA or a CL if they HE spam You cuz You Will overpen, i have Yamato too, but i needed to forget the ship for comp and Even in randoms, is not impossible to play.. but right now Yamato is a Hard BB to enjoy for new players, You need a lot of experience to make use of her advantages, cuz she have many disadvantages that You need to complement.
  8. Battleship_Repulse

    Just stay away from Randoms today

    Well, i'm actually sick of randoms or the game.. I went like 1 year away from Warships when it actually was a little bit funny and good to play, but right now i think i'll take another year away of this Game, i only see new fake ships with OP stats in every Battle, HE flying from every side of the map, so you'll always be in fire from some Smolenks or another new ship, so.. the old ships that actually existed are not used anymore and ships like Repulse (an example), are not implemented.. But You Will find new ships than never existed be implemented and be able to kill a GK in seconds (Smolenks at close combat can't be Citadel or take serious dmg from GK or any BB with High Caliber), so.. The game don't have the "Balance" Wg said they have, the HE Dmg is only killing the game with a lot of machine guns stealhed in smoke shooting at You, as You are detected by a CV with unlimited planes that can delete a DD in the first 2 minutes of the game.. Fun fact: Yamato Citadel with full ammunition and fully oil charged was below the waterline cuz the ship was heavy, the Yamato ingame is like she is empty without ammunition or oil, she Even have the signal of weight in the ship Bow..
  9. Battleship_Repulse

    Thank You WOWS DEVS, STAFF and Santa's Helpers Thread

    Bait post, don't fall for it.
  10. Battleship_Repulse

    My feedback on PR

    Trust is gone.. Is all i'm going to say, Every single Player in WoW's got WG message with this Bad joke.
  11. Battleship_Repulse

    [CLOSED] CONTEST - WIN A PREMIUM SHIP!!! Last chance!!!

    Well, i came here alone haha, but i invited my friend @Ganon144, we had fun playing with the German BB line, it was good to play in Discord and have the Erika song playing while we was obliterating everything... He reached GK in 1 month hahaha, for a number i'll take 43
  12. Battleship_Repulse

    Segundo Torneo Copa Naval de las Américas

    CUTE estará presente nuevamente para luchar, esperamos volver a disfrutar de estas batallas contra buenos clanes.
  13. Battleship_Repulse

    Copa Naval de las Americas

    Desde luego, pronto se publicarán las fechas para el inicio del torneo.. Podrás transmitir las batallas por donde desees.
  14. Battleship_Repulse

    Copa Naval de las Americas

    Los detalles del Evento serán colocados al inicio de este post, Reglas, documentos y otras cosas, necesitamos que se vea lo que sucede aquí, y si es posible también que alguien modere este evento o que al menos se nos apoye.
  15. Battleship_Repulse

    Copa Naval de las Americas

    Usaremos este hilo para comentar con fotos, documentos, y Replays el nuevo CNA que estamos desarrollando, quizás hagamos otro Post solo para postear resultados.. Gracias por leer y tomar tiempo para responder a este hilo informativo, nos hace recobrar la Fe en WG y saber que si nos están observando.