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  1. i wish we could go back to the old patch with dual fighters circling on opposite side (one of the best 1point com. skill) feels much better for spotting or intercepting compare to current one.
  2. i used to have such problem when my shared internet mate download large items (overload the internet)
  3. feel like 100% of the time, deck fighter just chase attack squad when they done attacking... but not intercepting inbound attack? if ur ship already spot the direction of inbound wave, why the fighter dont adjust its course in advance to intercept them... or just hover around that direction for lil bit ?
  4. or just me? took me forever wait time to reconnect, restart client and finally connected, but dc again on result screen oO
  5. callphy

    anshan and fushun VS Gnevny 's GUN ?!

    i mean hardware should be the same XD maybe slow reload incase u wanna nerf it a bit 16sec rotation is already slow for dd 26 is like heavy cruiser?!
  6. why is Gnevny get faster turret rotation buff while anshan and fushun still remain slow turret they are all gnevny class destroyer , they were transferred to China in 1950ish, should get better performance or rusty performance ? XD
  7. Da Rong is the special captain from missions i just completed today, its only 11points LOL no way gonna get it to 19, none of my cap are over 15
  8. gadjah is british gunboat with deepwater torps, and fast recovery on smoke. i spec it to have -5% fast comsumable time in order to use it more often and gunboat setup for ops only
  9. i will give u replay if i get it uploaded in a min https://replayswows.com/replay/41772#stats this isnt very good replay, but since u want it, here u go.
  10. callphy

    Increase Flak Accuracy ? AA Feedback poll

    just do random flak instead of pointing at the direction of flying path (which are easily out smart by experienced players) reduce flak damage but make aircraft inaccurate / late drop when hit.
  11. you just need ppl who know how to dodge dd torps, as long as theres 1 north 1 south and 5 enterring mid without blocking repair etc ships, u get 5 stars
  12. they have flat shell, fly fast and reach target in short time and those 200mm guns good for hitting cruiser citadel as long as u are not broadside to BBs, u gonna be ok. make sure u have guns are aiming at ur target when they show broadside(so max turning speed if u want or shrink dispersion will do as well) follow a DD, as their torps will make opponent show broadside more often
  13. when is the hotfix gonna be, wed? i think just make it take damage while diving/ rising backup will solve most of the problem for "now". they just way to OP atm
  14. unfortunately only 4 star. wonder how much 5 star would yield ? 20%more base exp?