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  1. it happens very often oO
  2. mhm after client crashed, reconnect, play a battle in sinop, tah dah ~ stuck with sinop captain he doesnt wanna leave the screen oO dc and reconnect the game, back to normal. just hope i dont have to do it all the time XD
  3. callphy

    This HAS to drive Win rate fans NUTS!

    its also true if u play in a division u get better win rate (due to most of the time ur div mate offer help u needed )
  4. callphy

    This HAS to drive Win rate fans NUTS!

    well theres reason why some are above 50% some are below. because they "contribute to the win/lost " not because they carried it to glory ( but yea some top notch player could carry a fairly ok team if the others able to offer "some help".)
  5. these captains need special skills !!!!
  6. i remember few patches ago, i ate 1 unarmed torp from CV to avoid my ally ship getting torped. so it worked, and bugged in one of recent patch i guess.
  7. callphy

    HE Spam out of control.

    thats y every bb captain are graduated from fire department
  8. callphy

    Zoup gets California back!

    yea i would love to see virginia class, Tennessee class Pennsylvania class or south dakota class leadship BB appear in regular tech tree but those new jersey carlifornia Washington goergia "sister ship" should remain premium maybe? or offer upgrades of early production leadship with B or C hull to make it late year sister ship?
  9. callphy

    New Euro DD line, same build for all ships?

    they are really just flood, then set it on fire ship
  10. callphy

    The Submarines are here

    isnt that already tested in Halloween events
  11. not able to open armory for days(since last update) , all search result were from years ago. luckly i saw someone replied he fixed it by close and reopen. that doesnt work for me, so i tried to open prem shop and reopen armory. lol funny way of fixing the issue. maybe WG want u to XD
  12. problem is most of ships dont have hydro oO like ijn bb and i have no vigilance commander oO should make every captain earning 1 special skills at 10points XD
  13. i wish we could go back to the old patch with dual fighters circling on opposite side (one of the best 1point com. skill) feels much better for spotting or intercepting compare to current one.
  14. i used to have such problem when my shared internet mate download large items (overload the internet)
  15. feel like 100% of the time, deck fighter just chase attack squad when they done attacking... but not intercepting inbound attack? if ur ship already spot the direction of inbound wave, why the fighter dont adjust its course in advance to intercept them... or just hover around that direction for lil bit ?