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  1. https://replayswows.com/replay/145555#stats replay uploaded
  2. callphy

    Submarines in Random Battles

    I was hoping wg could release couple more submarine operation before adding it to the random games
  3. ok its my mistake then, in that case. not sure why i mistaken that i had it.
  4. Ok whatever way you purchased or obtained the ship. My question is why r we allowed to pay for the exact same ship again. Without getting another copy of the ship. Neither any compensation show up. Its like you walk into mcdonald with a big mac in hand and ask for another one. The server takes your money and tells you u have one already.
  5. if you look where i circled. it clearly says i have blyskawica purchased with 51000 coal ( probably with -25% coupon long time ago) i then made another purchase with 5100 gold(-25% coupon) to find out whats gonna happen. and you tell me its working as intended ? XD
  6. i already own a blyskawica, happens to have another blyskawica show up in purchase menu so i thought it might be a bug or i could have 2 Tier7 premium ships to train captain in nairai. after i made the purchase, system says it adds a blyskawica, but only one show up. so in this case, i should report this as a bug and claim my gold back then?
  7. callphy

    NoZoupForYou crate perspective

    i v mentioned this problem long ago when wargaming is selling/giving TierV Tier VI Tier VII Tier VIII containers. u get ur money worth ship if u have all the cheap ships in that tier, if u dont, u will get cheap ships first.
  8. wargaming isnt doing this for parttime players XD i barely get to do any of these time comsuming mission。
  9. callphy

    Winning in this game is too hard

    because ur opponent try harder than you XD or u/ur team mate try harder to screw up XD
  10. callphy

    Trouble with my MA Secondary Build

    i guess if WG let us make all BB secondary buildable . Japanese and most low tier secondary will shine under those thick belt armor XD
  11. its due to lower amount of player base, i guess thats why WG is testing asymmetric battle. that way Matchmaker could focus on running more SAME-TIER battle or Asymmetric battle.
  12. callphy


    guess expired... so short amountof time
  13. callphy

    Hill Cits Ranger with HE???

    only british cv is thick like BB
  14. callphy

    Fix the ricochet of AP shells.

    not to forget cleveland AP shell has initial velocity of 762m/s . they have very high arc 45degree landing angle , like rain droplets on windy day. bad angle for both deck armor or side armor it doesnt shoot straight into plating until u get like 5km away US heavy cruiser is pretty much the same, thats why they buffed the USN hit angle correction and larger 203mm caliber make it easier to penetrate
  15. callphy

    replay controls bugged?

    sad no.... only replay for cv in Operation works BB in asymmetric battle still dont work (guess idont have to test out random replays they should be bugged as well)