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  1. NinjaJohenes48

    Allow manual CV control without recalling a squadron

    Pressing shift to switch between CV and planes is still pretty simple.
  2. Currently in the rework you have to recall a squadron and give up your only source of damage if you want to manually control your ship. It feels really bad trying to evade damage from the map view alone. And you shouldn't have to sacrifice the time to recall and send a new squadron out just to manually control your ship. Please allow players to swap between controlling a squadron and carrier without having to recall the squadron. The planes would just circle overhead in the area they were at when the player swaps back to the carrier. This would still lesve the planes vilnerable to fighters and AA, but they'd be close to the battle when you're done controlling the carrier. I understand they want to make CVs more simple to play and they succeeded. But this is too far. This would still allow manual control of only one thing at a time but make it less punishing when the player needs to manually control the ship. This is the biggest issue I have with the rework and I really hope they fix this.
  3. NinjaJohenes48

    Stop the rework!