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  1. The performance you describe makes it seem like your GPU/CPU is thermal throttling. I was having similiar issues and added a better case fan and also put a FPS limited (60 fps) from the WoW modstation which has helped. I still get weird slowdowns in odd situations though, like up-close torps, which makes it seem WG still has some work to do to optimize the game.
  2. Coop games are still garbage (unless you're maybe in a DD) - majority of full human teams with most ending with at least a couple red bots left. Some games over the past couple days:
  3. Even after the PR event I'm seeing almost as many co-op battles with full human teams (even at 8am EST). DDs have a big advantage as they can pick off the initial DD with guns and save 2-3 racks of torps for the next wave of incoming cruisers/BBs - by then the game is over typically with the mercy rule kicking in and a couple enemies still left (almost always the enemy CV and a slow moving BB). I doubt WG cares to change this much as fewer credits earned means that people may have to pay for credits.
  4. Dynamax

    What Bothers You Most About Co-Op Games Ending Early?

    All of the above. The mode is garbage - way too many ending like this. About the only decent ship atm is a DD.
  5. Dynamax

    Mercy rule in Coop sucks!

    Even in Co-op it take you a couple minutes sailing before you get into action. So basically you are doing nothing for half the battle, then you fight for literally less than 2 minutes as it's cut short due to the "mercy" rule with 2 or 3 bots left. So fustrating just as you finally close in on the enemy and the match suddenly ends. Add on reduced XP and negative credits makes this mode garbage ATM.
  6. Dynamax

    Mercy rule in Coop sucks!

    Co-op is garbage now. Nearly every game 2 or 3 full life ships left and game ends. The sad part is that it would literally take WG 5 minutes to fix this. Shows you how out of touch they are, at least with this segment.
  7. Still finding it very rare to lose a co-op match even when I'm the only non-bot player. These are really the only times I actually enjoy coop anymore as it presents at least a bit of a challenge. Seems like more mercy endings since the change with 2 or 3 full health bot ships left alive when match ends, which leaves a bad taste for co-op overall.
  8. Dynamax

    9v9 Co-Op: Pros and Cons?

    I'm finding co-op to be worse than before. Too many games are ending with 2 and 3 bots alive on bot team. This is happening over 50% of the time from my experience, particularly when you have a full team of non-bots. DDs are still way overpowered in this short game meta and part of the reason why many of the games end early. Also, bot CVs are incredibly weak.
  9. The Co-op games are getting ridiculously easy - typically everyone just rushes in and the matches are over in a few minutes having lost no ships with 2 full-life ships left on the other side when the game ends. The usual result is little experience/credits and not much fun. The rare games were I get at least a few bots on my side are typically much more engaging where you actually have to employ some strategy to have a good chance of winning. I suggest place a check mark on the co-op game mode if you'd like to try bot only matches.
  10. Dynamax

    Tier 4 CVs - Seem rather ineffectual

    The Tier 4 Langley is garbage. If I were a dev I wouldn't want to give potential new players to the line the feeling that they no impact on the game.