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  1. ^^ This. Very few things in this world can't be improved with bacon. That and making sure Wargaming gets as little money as possible from this PR cluster is the best way to get back at them.
  2. I feel like you are trolling. Unionize? Really? I didn't realize WG was paying us.
  3. Anyone who pays them for it, yes. That's my opinion. But, as I mentioned, that doesn't mean they deserve the harassment some people are inflicting on them.
  4. Not really sure I can agree with that, but it really depends on what you believe was Wargaming's intent behind this mess. My belief is that this was intended as nothing more than a way to drive people into making a decision on how much money to shell out. About $54 up front for all the premium boosters....and what if you don't grind EVERY day to get the dailies and complete those ridiculous objectives? You don't get a Puerto Rico. Just whatever the stuff is that comes with the boosters. Nothing but a cynical cash grab, demonstrating a Electronic Arts-level of greed.
  5. I almost snorted my drink when I read this. RIP Alan Rickman.
  6. I don't even have the PR. vOv I'm just one of the ones who got suckered into paying 6000 gold before realizing how insane the grind is anyways, and I won't be giving WG any more of my money. This was instigated mostly because I actually defended a guy in a match who had the Puerto Rico from 2 other players who felt it was appropriate to harass him the whole time. I ended up getting reported by both of those players (i didn't even insult them, just telling them they could get banned), but that just made me laugh since I know they did it solely out of spite.
  7. Kinda looks like the Tuatha de Danaan from Full Metal Panic. I approve.
  8. To my fellow captains: Look, I get it. Most of us are upset at Wargaming for this whole Puerto Rico disaster. It's never a good feeling when you find out that the company you pay money to (or just enjoy their game) apparently believe their player base is a bunch of idiots. However, too many people are going off of the deep end when it comes to expressing their disagreement. Here are some correct and incorrect actions. Correct: Stop giving Wargaming your money. Stop buying ships. Stop buying port slots. Stop paying for premium time. Etc, etc, etc. This is the most effective way for any customers to disagree with a company. This is where it hurts. I only regret that I've prepaid for over 8 months more of premium game time myself. Correct: Explain your feelings in forums, etc. Explain why you feel you have been wronged. Wargaming may not do anything to fix this situation for us. But maybe, just maybe, this can prevent later travesties. Incorrect: Rage and scream in posts, forums, Reddit. Throwing a tantrum like a little child won't get anything done except make people not want to listen to you. Incorrect: Harrassing players who have already bought the Puerto Rico. This needs to stop, period. This is acting like a child and will be punished. Wargaming has already said so. Do I wish they hadn't paid Wargaming and encouraged this nightmare? Yes. Does that mean I should treat them any differently than any other player? Of course not. They spent their money. They made a choice for their own enjoyment. You have no right to ruin the game for them. I'm sure there are plenty of other things, but these are the basics in my opinion. *edit* their and there, bleh
  9. That does not justify this behavior. Nothing justifies this.
  10. Sigh, I wish I could say this surprises me, but people on the internet let their inner stupid come out. I agree with the OP that this needs to stop. Attacking a person in chat simply because they decided to spend the money like that is childish and reprehensible.
  11. Anyone who does any of the things you suggested is an idiot. First, what would be the point? What productive outcome would result? None. What would change? Nothing. I would hope that reasonable people would realize that you have every right to spend your money how you see fit. Do I wish you didn't support this abysmal decision by Wargaming? Absolutely. Does that give me any reason to troll you? Not in the least. I'll simply do what I've said I'll do already. I will not give Wargaming anymore of my money unless they convince me they aren't the morally bankrupt company they appear to be at this moment. That is how you hurt a business. With your wallet.
  12. What is your definition of a whale? Because I'm fairly certain that, by almost any definition, I qualify as a whale when it comes to this game. And I most definitely do NOT have any intention of paying any money ever again to this company, based on their behavior here. They baited us with what turned out to be a bold-faced naked cash grab of epic proportions. Even if you drop over $50 on all of the premium boosters, the sheer grind you have to do is beyond staggering. This is ENTIRELY geared to extort a ridiculous amount of money out of people. This is, quite frankly, an Electronic Arts-level of greed on display.
  13. Aethyr

    So, since WG isnt listening....

    That is called "not paying a company money", not "ruin the game experience for others". That is the reaction of a child.
  14. Aethyr

    So, since WG isnt listening....

    You'd rather spend time trying to screw WG over by basically screwing over everyone? Spending more time and effort on that instead of just playing the game normally and simply refusing to pay WG any money? Which is what ACTUALLY can hurt WG? Okay.....
  15. Aethyr

    So, since WG isnt listening....

    You are overthinking this. Not to mention you're coming up with ideas that would actually create MORE work for people than simply just playing the game normally and refusing to pay WG's ridiculous price tag. Just play the game the way you want to play it and have your fun. Don't spend time trying to get this ship, and don't spend money on it. Voila! You've done what you can to show Wargaming that they have made a mistake. Personally, I will no longer be paying any money to WG until they show me they are not the morally bankrupt company they are acting like at the moment. And if they are still the morally bankrupt company and can't change it, at least act like they aren't as blatantly as this. It doesn't matter in the end, but I made my own post telling WG that they won't be getting another penny out of me. I can enjoy the game regardless. vOv