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  1. From my point of view right now with no development team working on world of warships basically means the game is "dead in the water" right now. It's going to be a few weeks maybe even months before we see any news as to what is going to be happening with the game going forward.
  2. Z3r0Fear

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Random Reward Drop

    I spoke to someone from prime gaming and this is what they told me quoted below. EDIT: The support dood gave me a $10 gift card when it wasn't his fault. I feel really bad for the guy for having to do that because of Wargaming mistake when putting the bundle on the website with how its not intended as RNG isn't allowed through the prime gaming website. They're seeing these items claimed on there end and that I should be getting them so this is an issue on Wargaming Marketing department end when they created this bundle and added it to the website. I know this is a really expensive mistake to make on the prime gaming website but its one that will probably not get repeated again in the future when they create future bundles.
  3. Z3r0Fear

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Random Reward Drop

    RNG cannot be implemented into Twitch Prime bundles as all of the content shows that I get it under Content includes: and this lists everything included which then means I get all of this content under this bundle. Here are some screenshots for proof.
  4. Z3r0Fear

    Russian CV's are broken

    I just posted this video because of how well the 1 attack squadron performs that's all.
  5. Z3r0Fear

    Russian CV's are broken

    I wonder when the 1 squadron attack group will be added to the other CVs in the game.
  6. Z3r0Fear

    Soviet Aircraft Carriers Review

    I'm very surprised you used the words that other nations get more then 1 attack run with there squadrons which isn't accurate or correct at all. Nations that have CVs generally only get 1 attack run before the rest of there planes get so badly damaged that by the time you want to do a second attack run you will have very little attack power left to cause any damage and that if they don't all get destroyed before that second attack run. I get uptiered a lot so the chance of a second attack run is very low. You need to apply the 1 squadron attack run to all nations so that its fair and balanced because right now this puts Russian CVs miles ahead of other nations CVs.
  7. Z3r0Fear

    Update 0.10.10: Superships

    Submarines are a joke as long as a the underwater timer stays on them and now they can only spot 2Km while underwater. The timer has to go for them to be able to move around the battlefield and do surprise attacks as that's what submarines are intended for in combat. Everyship except CVs have a way to counter them so once spotted they're sunk. The reason for the timer removal while underwater comes down to that submarines will last about 5 to 10 minutes in a match and matches are 20 minutes long most of the time for the ones I end up in at least.
  8. Z3r0Fear

    CV plane spam

    I had way more fun and also could actually enjoy the game. Right now the current CV design in the game just isn't fun at all and the CV RTS style was fun to play.
  9. If they make credit earning worse then I will just quit playing the game and go invest my time into something else.
  10. Z3r0Fear

    8 ways to make subs better

    Submarines are currently useless as they're right now. They are just not fun at all to play compared to when I played them back in early testing and was having a blast playing them back then but now they suck. That dive timer has to be removed. I don't know why they changed them so much in a bad direction from early testing. I guess players just whine and complain a ton until they get what they want just like the CVs complaining that occurred and ruined another fun part of the game that I enjoyed. They nerfed secondaries to basically nothing because DDs complained about getting destroyed by them on the BBs when they got close to them. I will be honest this game currently isn't anywhere as fun as it was when it first launched. The developers took it down a dark path and now we have the current form with a very limited player base because everyone is leaving the game. Make the game fun again please otherwise I will uninstall and never look back at playing this game again. Sorry for the rant as its just been bottled up for long enough that basically had to get it off my chest.
  11. Z3r0Fear

    CV plane spam

    Wait you agree that CVs are currently in a terrible state? Does that mean we might actually see a CV update to make them less terrible? Are we going to revert back to RTS play style so that we can command multiple air squadrons? So many questions but will we hear of CV changes in the future because I sure hope so!
  12. Z3r0Fear

    CV servicing : Aircraft

    That will just make me not want to play the game instead. It's the reason the player base is so small.
  13. Z3r0Fear

    CV servicing : Aircraft

    There is almost no point to playing above tier 8 just due to the cost of credits. Only if you're premium though can you play at that tier otherwise it just gets as expensive as playing at tier X. Non-premium players can only play at maximum tier 6 and going beyond that gets a bit pricey in terms of credit costs. I think there needs to be a review of the costs because at the moment I find them to high.
  14. Z3r0Fear

    state of the game is terrible

    My concern with the state of the game is the cost of the ship upgrades being way to high and end up being not worth even getting because its so expensive and with the few credits you get in the game itself meaning you have to grind out low level ships just to earn any money at all.
  15. Z3r0Fear

    Armada: Kearsarge, a Hybrid Ship

    LOL Not enough people are playing CVs now so lets get a hybrid ship of BB and CV together! I haven't laughed this hard in a very very long time. I can't believe this ship is coming to the game.