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  1. Z3r0Fear

    Can we quit with the double CV?

    I would rather have it the way it is right now then for the game to bring them to one per side because that will just lead to them getting buffed and become far more annoying to deal with then they're right now.
  2. You do know this is an arcade game right? There is nothing historical about it other then the way the ship moves and the look of the ship. Being able to repair things instantly with repair consumables honestly breaks the immersion all together. If your looking for something that follows closely to history then I would tell you to check out [edited] but that game is a giant huge grind and will take a very long time to reach the cruiser level ships.
  3. Z3r0Fear

    Aircraft Carriers underpowered

    CV are not a problem at all when people stick together in a group which makes it harder to proceed after doing 1 run with the planes. It's when people go off on there own and then wonder why they get completely wrecked by a CV that they quickly get sunk and then complain afterwards about it. The game is designed for fleet play and to stick together otherwise if you go at it alone then your chances of being sunk quicker are higher.
  4. https://legal.na.wargaming.net/en/end-user-licence-agreement/ Go read it.
  5. Z3r0Fear

    Anti-submarine warfare for carriers.

    What makes you hate CVs this much? I'm curious to know. What tier of CVs do you struggle against? I find this game heavily relies on the type of ship and the captain skills used as the above video shows that planes can be melted fairly quickly when setup to combat against planes. I find myself when fighting against CVs as a new player was frustrating until I started learning to pick ships that have really good AA to deter a CV player from attacking me and making it very high risk to do so when they do attack me as they could put themselves behind. I already have just accepted there not going anywhere in the game so instead just decided to start learning how to better prepare myself in games against them but everyone is different.
  6. Z3r0Fear

    Anti-submarine warfare for carriers.

    Nah just some people in this thread salty about CVs when they don't realize that submarines are far worse to fight against that's a fact. Just picture being in a ASW ship and then having a submarine pop up on the surface facing towards you easily just needs 1 ping and torpedoes away. I've done it many times and people get really mad about it. Just imagine having a CV who could support you in that situation who can prevent it in advance instead having that situation happen all together.
  7. Z3r0Fear

    Anti-submarine warfare for carriers.

    You're totally missing the point of this thread lol just saying.
  8. I really hope WG is planning to add ASW to carriers as at least they could support there allies when submarines get added and also get to defend themselves. I remember during testing when going up against subs that I just felt unable to support my allies while in a carrier when it came down to just a submarine hunting down my allies 1 by 1. We did win the match by playing the objective but still ASW on carriers are really needed as its not fun getting shot at by something you can't fight back against. Also this video makes total sense with the topic and also amazing to see its actually happening after many decades of not being able to use them.
  9. Z3r0Fear

    can i exchangs Cachalot

    You will get all the coal there allocating to you at the end of the bundle just login everyday.
  10. Z3r0Fear

    0.9.5 when?

    I'm not done grinding out to tier x russian cruiser! I'm betting it won't be until subs are leaving when it near the end of the month of June.
  11. Z3r0Fear


  12. Z3r0Fear

    Which Tier 6 Premium?

    First you shouldn't be buying premium ships until you know exactly what you want and that you have a captain at max level in order to use the premium ship effectively. Second is to grind out ship lines to figure out which play style best suits you and that you enjoy playing and to level up your captain. Third is to watch video guides on YouTube to better understand the game.
  13. The problem with submarines is they don't have an auto-track like surface ships so most of the time I'm pinging about 3 to 4 times before I hit the mark that's my problem and by then I've given myself away to every ASW in the area that I end up having to run away. It just leads to a lot of frustration then I really want to have for when I'm gaming.
  14. I don't have the greatest sense of range judgment reason my accuracy is incredibly low unless I'm close to the enemy. It's the reason I favour playing fast firing ships over slow ones. Probably didn't explain myself properly. Pointing and clicking is easy at close range but longer ranges I can't hit a thing worth a damn.