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  1. Yeah and if you get the announcement on the 21st like everyone did you don t get the free day .[edited]
  2. erschmidt

    shell color tracer

    if I'm right and I don 't know for sure but I think they all do. At least all the ones I got do. Also you can get tracer color from ASLAIN.com. They have mods for warshipd
  3. erschmidt

    Red Takao Camo

    You can change the camo now . Use the RED HEAT camo. Of course you have to win that first.
  4. erschmidt

    Puerto Rico

    Haven't done a screen shot in so long forgot how to do it
  5. erschmidt

    Puerto Rico

    If your talking about up where the time clock is that says 00:00 then a # with what looks like a ship in a circle next to it , well that's how many tokens you have accumulated. NOT HOW MUCH YOUR SHORT, they will be converted to credits next update. Only way to get ship now is pay for it, the price in the lower right corner by the pic of the ship. Hope this helps you.
  6. erschmidt

    Where Did the FrenchFlakes go?

    No it does not BUT take it for grannet you get FREE signals
  7. erschmidt

    Why have so many good players.......

    To many [edited] rookies that don' t want to learn the game
  8. erschmidt

    Battleship Path to Liberty - What is this?

    It was in Rogue Wave but as you know IT'S OVER NOW. If you didn't get you won't.
  9. erschmidt

    Subs are coming

    That was put in for the games we had earlier this year with the crazy SUBS. Does not mean that there will be subs in any of the regular games.
  10. you have to turn them off in the settings, the little gear on the right when you hold the cont. key that sets up your fireing ranges around your ship.
  11. if you read the rules it says noting about 1250 base xp in 1 game so its a build up on the xp like in the daily missions. It carries over from 1 game to the next People just have to read the rules
  12. erschmidt

    Coupons & Expiration

    Don't think they'll pull it yet only been in there a month
  13. erschmidt

    Payment issues with OpenBucks

  14. erschmidt

    Server Overloaded???

    It seems to be for all game types too. I tried them all and get the same message