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  1. 3r22r

    Permanent Camouflage prices

    What can I say ? I like historical camos. But you have to admit that $CAN 25.00 for ONE Tier X ship is expensive as if it was the only expense I have ( paying bills for example )
  2. 3r22r

    Permanent Camouflage prices

    Thanks for the answer. Still wish WG would on a limited basis
  3. Did WG ever offered a special price on permanent camos ? I want to buy camos for several Tier IX and X ships but at $20 and $25CAN each it gets expensive I want 'Legacy' camos not the silly ones that looks sometimes awfull.
  4. 3r22r

    Nueve de Julio vs. Boise stats

    Just got Nueve de Julio in a King of the sea container. I dont want it, I dont need it à WG will not change it, same platitute in responce Anyone wants it if it is possible ?
  5. 3r22r

    King of the Sea XII – Regional Winners

    I got Nueve de Julio...I don't want it. I wanted anything else but that ship I need ship I can use with 21 points Captains...
  6. 3r22r

    ST, Adjustment Firing mechanics

    We need to see a simulation of what this will look like in a actuall game
  7. 3r22r

    Ships for Coal and FXPs

    Read abour BAD shell dispersion from that ship. After I buy Yoshino I need 38 000 Coal to get Pommern and the next 25 % coupon is at the end of June... I have most Coal ships and exept for the last two mentionned, most of the rest are not interesting.
  8. 3r22r

    Ships for Coal and FXPs

    Now almost 2 month later I now have 440 500 coal and 532 million credits and 3.72 million FXP. I was advised to wait before I went on a shopping spree, so far nothing has happened The only Coal ships I have interest in are Yoshino and Pommers. Not sure about Duke of York. ( Is Neustrashimi worth 296 000 Coal anyway ? ) As for the Tech Tree I have most ( 75 % ) ships, except the CV wich I dont like at all USN, RN. INJ and German lines are almost complete. So what now then ?
  9. 3r22r

    Next up-grade 10.2

    Thank you Sir,
  10. Anyone knows when 10.2 up-grade will be released ?
  11. 3r22r

    Ships for Coal and FXPs

    Panic button ?
  12. 3r22r

    Ships for Coal and FXPs

    When you have that much ressources available, its hard not to bring out your feminin side and go shopping...(not shoes of course)
  13. 3r22r

    Lost the game...

    Not being a PC wizkid I welcome the help, thanks
  14. 3r22r

    Ships for Coal and FXPs

    Thanks you both for the advice, guess patience is best.
  15. 3r22r

    Lost the game...

    Thanks for the help, originally I thougt I lost all my ships and ressources... a bad feeling