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  1. 3r22r


    Pity indeed, I still don't understand why WOW describes this as an achievement, you just die, period
  2. 3r22r


    I can't find the meaning of Detonation(Receive damage to the magazine resulting in detonation. Can be obtained once per battle) I read the Wiki but it does not say why blowing up gives me an achievment, or what it gives me, anyone?
  3. 3r22r

    Alaska Tier IX

    Its has been a while since Alaska came to port so what is the verdict so far? I am now at 950 000 XPs and I need to make a desicion about buying Coments so far has been mixed So what is the story from Captain's who got Alaska?
  4. 3r22r


    After installing Main Armements Mod 1 in slot 1 and Aiming Systems Modification 1 at slot 3 I am wandering what is best the next slots? Target Acquisition System Modification 1? Concealment System Modification 1 at slot 5 and what would be best at slot 6 Opinion?
  5. Got 920.000 XPs and I am not sure about Alaska after reading this, to say the least the opinions are varied but many find this ship overprice Since I also have 235 million credits I can buy and equip a LOT of ships so putting everything on ONE ship looks folish, does it not? I (maybe ) made that mistake with Salem and in a lesser degree with Haida
  6. 3r22r

    rented boise.

    Rented Boise monday and so far so good, have being using it to up Captain's skill's to at least 10 points so 5 days left had games with 7000 Captain's XP But please team mates talk to each other Would I buy? I need to try other USN CL's before I buy 30kts? too slow, even with Sierra Mike I can only get 31.5kts, good broadside againts DD's and CL's but C turret can be used but exposes sides when angled After a week I changed my mind on that ship, its good for Operation Arai but not that good at anything else its only effective behind an island, in the open sea its very frigile, got knocked out by a Cleveland and it also does not turn very well so avoiding torp is a problem Did not try DPM shells but it might help, so I would not buy
  7. German SchellBoat or USN PT boat, that would be fun but watch where you are going, 50 knots + I will bet you get in a lot of problems fast, people ground themself already imagine going 50 knots + Next Operation Dunkerque now that I have a Sims I will have better luck shooting at torpedo boat because of the faster turret traverse and 3.3 seconds reload
  8. 3r22r

    Scenario Analysis: Narai (Version 3)

    Be warned: if you ever get Ashitaka even with up-grades like Aiming Systems Mod, it has a big shell dispersion, they go all over the place but they hit hard, killed Wyoming in one salvo. LightNinget makes it look so easy, remember you have to get good team mates, if not it won't work
  9. 3r22r

    XP & Credits to spend

    As of now I have 37 500 Doubloons, 860 000 Free XP and 214 million Credits Not sure if I want to get Alaska ( got a bit burn when I got Salem, looks good but for average player...according to LittleWhite Mouse ) Made some up-grade to some of the ship I already have but I want to wait until there is a major sale on the Tech tree or ship up-grades I also have a lot of Captain's and ship XP's I could use if I knew how to use them It almost looks like it takes a lawyer to understand all the rules of this game ( my first on-line game by the way ) Suggestions?
  10. I played a lot lately and so far 3 words comes in to mind; cheap! cheap! cheap! To me they are almost worthless, I like to open containers but these have being a huge let-down Don't know what you people got, maybe you got lucky but so far, yuck! At least the other line of containers had meat on the bone.
  11. I tried to send feedback and a bug to Wargaming but they ask for 2 e-mail and I only have one, solution?
  12. 3r22r

    Help with Salem

    Wargaming dangle shinny objects like Salem and Alaska so everybody rushes in ( got mine with coal ) and gets frustrated True I jumped from Tier VIII so the gap is wide
  13. 3r22r

    Help with Salem

    I got Salem with my coal a while back and I have trouble using it, I rarelly finish the game because either I don't know how to use it or because like Alaska everyone shoots at me either way it' kind of frustrating to have a powerfull ship but not having much fun with it suggestions?
  14. 3r22r

    So Alaska...

    Got 800 000 XP's and I can't decide if I will buy Alaska when I get to a million or keep them for going down the tech tree using them and the 180 million credits I farmed Either I spend everithing on 1 ship or a lot more, decisions, desisions Got Salem with my coal and I am still on the fence about it ( maybe I don't know how to play properly ) I kept the credits for the next time Wargaming gives a rebate on ships and upgrades ( if ever )
  15. 3r22r

    Operation Newport

    every time I go out, with for example a T-61 for a torpedo attack, there is always a DD that see's me and I get fire from several ships from many directions, not close enough to launch torps by the time of the main attack we usually have 2 or 3 ships already dead so too many hostiles or not enough defensive ships