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  1. 3r22r

    Coupon for Doubloons

    Thanks for the answer. You have to agree with me that the language used is a bit confusing, looks like it was writen by a lawyer...
  2. Hi all, Today is my birthday and I got the following message : -GET YOUR FULL DOUBLOON RETURN! This coupon provides 100% return on the item's cost to your game account in the form of Doubloons. It is not applicable to items that can be purchased a limited number of times. The maximum return amount is 50,000 Doubloons Never had one like this in the last years, So if I understand correctly (english is not my first language by the way ) If I buy a set amount of doubloons what would be the real cost before I press 'buy' Thanks in advance
  3. Got Steel for 1 ship and my 25% coupon expires in 4 days, already got Bourgogne. Choice Between Mekleberg, Stalingrad or Austin
  4. 3r22r

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    320 in port more on the way, I have 3.3 million FXP ready to finish some Tech tree lines
  5. 3r22r

    Research point ship

    Thanks to all, I will make a decision soon. Plus the fact I have 37 Port slots plus 3.1 million FXP and 455 million credits to complete a couple of Tech tree lines Along with 900 000 Coal...
  6. 3r22r

    Research point ship

    I just reached the amount needed for a research bureau. I can get either Gibraltar or Colbert Wich one would be the best, I know Colbert is basically an AA cruiser and Gibraltar a heavy one Anyone can help ?
  7. 3r22r

    Don't Waste Your Time on Superships

    I played a good game with Annapolis ans still ended up MINUS 142k credits And I played 45+ million credit for this ?
  8. 3r22r

    Annapolis First Run

    Played Annapolis and I ended up with 800 Base XP and I STLL got MINUS 160k credits, really ??? Also played Yamagiri this time with modifiers and I still ended up -36k credits and I payed those ships almost 100 million credits I will not buy any other superships until mods are made because losing credits this way is not sustainable in the long run
  9. 3r22r

    0.11.3 Upgrades

    Thanks, Looking forward to buy Superships, got 500 million credits and over 1.2 million FXP. Will depend on the sales price
  10. 3r22r

    0.11.3 Upgrades

    When is the 0.11.3 upgrade on the NA server ?
  11. 3r22r

    Choice of Steel Ships

    So, they nerfed it to death ? Same as Smolensk accoding the The Mighty Jingles, So either Plymouth or Austin
  12. 3r22r

    Choice of Steel Ships

    Thanks for the advice, As you all know Steel are hard to come by so making the right choice is VERY important I had Ressearch points and I got Ohio and I should have taken Giblaltar By the way, where is the love for Plymouth ?
  13. 3r22r

    Choice of Steel Ships

    I have enough Steel to buy a Steel ship. Wich would be better : Austin, Stalingrad or Plymouth I play mainly cruisers first and I play equally battleships and destroyers Any advice ?
  14. I have 4 Tokens for Squadron A of the superships. It says that I have until March 2nd to take adventage of the Tokens Does it mean that I can use them next week ? Or if I don't use them now I will lose them ? I play Ops. and the next one is Op. Newport Station ( THE worst of them all...)
  15. After Aegis, the next scenario is Neport Station. THE worst scenario amongst the 5 I can't seem to find the number of players needed ( to play Narai for example ) Anyone can tell me how ? P.S. WG should bring back Operation Dunkerque, That was fun ( An all DD scenario )