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  1. I am actually waiting for the 1 Doubloon for 35 XP ratio to come back along with 50% off ship upgrades equip Minotaur when the time comes By the way, does WG has TOO many currencies? It takes almost an accountant to figure out all the types in the game, way too many I don't have a long experience in gaming so reading through all the info is almost overwhelming...
  2. I do actually but now I play Tier V and above only now, haven't played I to IV in months Trying to finish the USN (Seatle and Buffalo) and RN cruiser and DDs(Minotaur and Daring) Next line in the Tech Tree? INJ? or French Marine National...( I am at Charles-Martel ) no French DDs so far.
  3. Thanks for the reply, but I was referirng to SHIPS XPs, my bad...
  4. Where does the Holloween Captain's XPs go after the Holloween event ends? I used up most of the Filth to buy items but what about the Captain's XPs ? Wish I could direct them to my Neptune to help buy Minotaur Tier X.
  5. 3r22r

    Des Moines — American Tier X cruiser.

    I have Salem, is Des Moines better?
  6. If someone is reading this at WG; please do something about Gearing? it is not worthy of Tier X anymore, Fletcher is better and more fun now.
  7. Hi all. I have 2 items left to collect and I would like to know how to get them, the reward is a 10 point RN Captain, anyone can help?
  8. 3r22r

    Resource cost of Puerto Rico

    What does Puerto Rico cost? And what is Greenland and what does it look like?
  9. 3r22r

    Permanent camo

    Will try when I get home tonight, by the way, bottom right of the port screen?
  10. 3r22r

    Permanent camo

    I got several permanent camos from Halloween 2018 containers (some from ships I don't have) like Charles Martel but they don't show up in the list of camos in random or co-op, why? anyone?
  11. 3r22r

    Devisions, décisions

    I have Charles-Martel T8, Neptune T9 in cruisers and Jutland T9, so I can't decide which ship to choose next. Saint Louis, Minotaur or Daring? Decisions, decisions Wich ship is the most rewarding and fun to have? Ideas?
  12. 3r22r

    Gearing; Unique hull mod

    I already have a 97 concealment so I will take anything else.
  13. 3r22r

    Gearing; Unique hull mod

    I am doing this for nothing? what is the point then? at least I got 200 consumables in the process... But you did not tell me what the upgrade was...