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  1. MagnumPEI


    OK...so now that there are a couple xtra levels for captains...what happened to their points when they were at full at 19? if they are going to 21, they should get any points they got before you created lvl 21
  2. I am wondering why the Haida has not been added to Commonwealth Warships in tech Tree?
  3. MagnumPEI

    HMCS Haida

    Haida is a premium Commonwealth ship. Just wondering why its not listed with the Perth yet?
  4. MagnumPEI

    RN Destroyers - a forgotten line?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J-,_K-_and_N-class_destroyer These for the most part were scrapped before the end of WW2, where as the Tribal's lived on till the late 60's or more...