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  1. OP: *Literally posts* Forum:
  2. OP has the power of god and anime on his side.
  4. Now I have a KotS tournament to cast in like 12 hours, but this... this is so worth the popcorn. ALSO REMEMBER TO TUNE IN TOMORROW FOR KING OF THE SEA.
  6. Top 10 Anime Moments Before Death.
  7. They tried this in Alpha, it caused too many problems. It won't be happening to my knowledge so best to let it go at this point.
  8. ViirtualSenpai

    To Sub_Octavian, From The Silent Appreciators

    Meeting Sub at Anaheim was a pleasure. He is more passionate than anyone when it comes to this game. The way the community treats him is appalling, and the way everyone acted with 8.0, he didn't deserve any of it. Get some rest Sub, we'll hold down the fort for now.
  9. ViirtualSenpai

    Community Contributers have higher odds of Supers.

    You missed the point entirely. They send us stuff because they like our channel on Youtube/Twitch or our podcasts or want to thank us for the time we put into for things like tournaments. It is a nice gesture. It is not required that people send us crates, but they do anyway. Who's to say we're not thankful for the stuff we receive? Why should gifts only be limited to, in your words, be "gamers in need" just because you say so? I understand that some people are far better off than others but that doesn't mean that you get to shame people for gifting something to their favorite content creator. That isn't fair. That's like telling someone they shouldn't buy their friend a christmas gift because they're slightly financially better off. You give things to people because you like them and think they deserve them, not for their financial/societal standing. Thats what our followers, subscribers, friends and viewers do. They want to THANK US for what we do.
  10. ViirtualSenpai

    Community Contributers have higher odds of Supers.

    Now while I understand where you're coming from, usually our followers, fans, viewers, friends, etc. send us things because they enjoy our content and want to thank us for the work that we do. The same way someone would buy a jersey to support a sports team they like, conceptually. It's more of a support thing. Some people follow. Some people subscribe. Some people donate christmas boxes. Some people just watch. People have their ways to support their favorite CCs.
  11. ViirtualSenpai

    Community Contributers have higher odds of Supers.

    Hi, CC here. Here's my 60 crate opening. Out of 60 crates, I got 2 (TWO) ships out of the 5 that I needed, and not even the ones I wanted. If CCs have some sort of skewed luck, then me and a few others didn't get it. It is just RNG, that's all. Sometimes you roll well, others you don't. Enjoy!
  12. ViirtualSenpai

    WOWS Destroyers are OBNOXIOUSLY overpowered

    If you wanted realism, you came to the wrong place. WoWS is an Arcade simulator. If DDs aren't able to reload, they should be able to oneshot with their torpedoes for balances sake. Now read the last sentence I said. Slowly. Sounds silly right? Let's take a step back and just realize that this is a VIDEO GAME, not REAL LIFE. Your degree may hold historical merit but this game is not a 100% accurate simulator. If it were, torpedoes would be duds, it would take ages to reload guns, and CV strikes would take ages to return, refuel, rearm. Games would take hours.