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  1. ViirtualSenpai

    Armada: Habakkuk

    To the people who thought this was real, in the comments above: Hold the massive L for getting absolutely punked. Also...
  2. ViirtualSenpai

    Siegfried Post-Rework

    Honestly haven't even noticed a change aside from focusing much more on main battery and survival. Siegfried is a ton of fun in ranked at current and I play her to get a pseudo battleship on my team. If anything, she was forced to focus on main battery accuracy and survival even though her secondaries were great pre-patch.
  3. ViirtualSenpai

    Pommern or Moskva and why

    Honestly it depends on what kind of player you are and what your playstyle is. At current, I would lean towards Moskva because she's just got railguns and a plethora of utility, and can be used in competitive formats. Pommern is also strong but post-10.0 secondary builds are few and far in between. She's tanky sure but honestly why play a brawling ship when the Dead Eye meta has rolled over the high-tiers? My .02, Moskva all the way. I enjoy battlecruisers and large cruisers more than anything personally and consider myself a battlecruiser/heavy cruiser player. She has great bow armor, great time to target for main battery and hydro/radar combo means you can truly cut off a large swathe of the map to DDs a lot of the time and stay alive to do so.
  4. ViirtualSenpai


    This is some serious big galaxy brain thinking. If you're serious, i'd definitely advise for you to really delve deep into how lock-on mechanics work, if you're trolling you get a well-played for me. Huge brain play.
  5. ViirtualSenpai

    New NA Community Manager :)

    Hapa you stop that! STOP IT! D: Bienvenue, Madamoisail! J'espere travailler avec vous a l'avenir! I... I think I got that right? Been a hot minute since i've used my french skills! Looking forward to working with you as a CC!
  6. ViirtualSenpai

    GG [07] , Keep that win rate up part 2.

    Excuse me what? "Seal Clubbing" at high tier? Let me just see myself out before I burst into uncontrollable laughter. Seal clubbing would be wrecking new players at low tier. At top tier it's a difference between players who actually know what they're doing, understand game mechanics and enjoy playing together in comparison to players who maybe don't know/never bothered to learn mechanics, Free EXP'd to Tier 10, and aren't as tactically aware as others. O7 and Co play in divisions, as anyone else in the game can. Just because they work well with each other doesn't mean they're seal clubbing. Don't hate the players, hate the game.
  7. ViirtualSenpai

    Another ship setting sail...

    You already know what i'm gonna say. I had always felt that this day would come, and yet when it arrived, I am sad and happy. I am sad, as the person that helped bring me into the WoWS CC program is leaving us, but yet I cannot help but be overly excited for what the future holds for you. On behalf of the Squad, and myself. A big femeHug and Thank You for all you have done for the community as a CC and CM. Cannot wait to see what the future holds for you, and what your next big step is! The world is a vast place, and your journey has only just begun! O7.
  8. ViirtualSenpai

    No XP game.

    Imagine coming into a thread to talk smack about something you literally have no idea about, then trying to chime in on someones reply with something so far out of the context of the subject you end up looking stupid. -2/10, jimmies remain unrustled. Good day.
  9. ViirtualSenpai

    No XP game.

    Yet it's completely unfounded. Simply because the person I was replying to failed to realize that it was indeed a clan brawl game. Your reply falls under that category as well, sorry to say.
  10. ViirtualSenpai

    No XP game.

    I'm sorry but what? How does anything in this post even warrant the conclusion of match fixing? O7 has some of the best players on NA, and scores like this in a full team compliment shouldn't be a surprise considering the skill gap of their opponents. (Hurricane vs. Storm). Their coordination, positioning and mechanical skill are more than enough to sway games in their favor, it's why they're KOTS champions. Speaking of KOTS Champions, why would they rig something as trivial as Clan Brawls? Please put your O7-labeled torch and pitchfork away.
  11. ViirtualSenpai

    Russian bias and the sad state of Italian Cruisers

    SEP4CC @BeaverHunterSep2
  12. ViirtualSenpai

    Russian bias and the sad state of Italian Cruisers

    wonder where you could find those? ;)
  13. ViirtualSenpai

    Russian bias and the sad state of Italian Cruisers

    And you guys did it then without a single russian ship. Versus a Stalingrad-centered composition. Imagine that. ;)
  14. I still have mine too, when we DimmaDABBED on fools in WSL!
  15. https://streamable.com/q5ye1 Leaving this here, for COMEDIC PURPOSES ONLY. LETS GO BOYS. Bringing pride to NA once again.