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  1. ViirtualSenpai

    Another ship setting sail...

    You already know what i'm gonna say. I had always felt that this day would come, and yet when it arrived, I am sad and happy. I am sad, as the person that helped bring me into the WoWS CC program is leaving us, but yet I cannot help but be overly excited for what the future holds for you. On behalf of the Squad, and myself. A big femeHug and Thank You for all you have done for the community as a CC and CM. Cannot wait to see what the future holds for you, and what your next big step is! The world is a vast place, and your journey has only just begun! O7.
  2. ViirtualSenpai

    No XP game.

    Imagine coming into a thread to talk smack about something you literally have no idea about, then trying to chime in on someones reply with something so far out of the context of the subject you end up looking stupid. -2/10, jimmies remain unrustled. Good day.
  3. ViirtualSenpai

    No XP game.

    Yet it's completely unfounded. Simply because the person I was replying to failed to realize that it was indeed a clan brawl game. Your reply falls under that category as well, sorry to say.
  4. ViirtualSenpai

    No XP game.

    I'm sorry but what? How does anything in this post even warrant the conclusion of match fixing? O7 has some of the best players on NA, and scores like this in a full team compliment shouldn't be a surprise considering the skill gap of their opponents. (Hurricane vs. Storm). Their coordination, positioning and mechanical skill are more than enough to sway games in their favor, it's why they're KOTS champions. Speaking of KOTS Champions, why would they rig something as trivial as Clan Brawls? Please put your O7-labeled torch and pitchfork away.
  5. A hearty welcome, sir! You will find that this community, while it has its quirks, is very welcoming. May you tame the salt early, and ride it into the sunset. Looking forward to working with you!
  6. ViirtualSenpai

    Russian bias and the sad state of Italian Cruisers

    SEP4CC @BeaverHunterSep2
  7. ViirtualSenpai

    Russian bias and the sad state of Italian Cruisers

    wonder where you could find those? ;)
  8. ViirtualSenpai

    Russian bias and the sad state of Italian Cruisers

    And you guys did it then without a single russian ship. Versus a Stalingrad-centered composition. Imagine that. ;)
  9. I still have mine too, when we DimmaDABBED on fools in WSL!
  10. https://streamable.com/q5ye1 Leaving this here, for COMEDIC PURPOSES ONLY. LETS GO BOYS. Bringing pride to NA once again.
  11. ViirtualSenpai

    KOTS Organizers

    Twas a fun one to cast! Tons of huge plays and a few big upsets!!
  12. ViirtualSenpai

    Caption the profile image above you.

    "I caught you reading that scandalous girls doujins again, shikikan. So I took care of her for you. You don't need any other shipgirls in your life except me. Me! ME! MEEEE!!!" *Licks knife*
  13. ViirtualSenpai

    Premium Ship Proposal: Tier IX KMS Z40

    Hi there, I read your proposal and tbh, not too bad! Honestly could see it as a thing, will def pass on to some of my CC colleagues and see what they think. Although the Kriegsmarine has the Siegfried coming out SoonTM, I do think that this could be a DD choice all things considered. A very interesting gimmick that could negate the old meme of saying JuSt DoDgE. Well done, nice research!
  14. ViirtualSenpai

    CC Summit 2019 - Day 1 & 2: "To Russia, With Haste"

    I HAVE BEEN SUMMONED! My shirt is part of Dion Timmer's VERY EXTRA Collection. The picture is of the artist, Dion Timmer. He is a producer of EDM and such related sounds! Here is my personal fave from his discography, Shiawase! Hope that helps! :D
  15. ViirtualSenpai

    CV Plane Return Bug in Ranked???

    Necroing this thread, but hey guys guess what. iChase was able to replicate it as well. Video below: