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  1. We have descended into the insanity that are CSGO memes. Just ask Zui.
  2. Join the CUTE organization and you too could obtain powers like this: Once trained, one will be able to "BOI" ships out of existence with a devstrike. Bump.
  3. Season standings as of now: CUTER: #2 NA, right behind our buddies in -K-! CUTE: Pushing for Hurricane this week, currently high Typhoon 1! CUTIE: Pushing Storm this week, currently high Gale 1! Bump! Recruitment is STILL very open!
  4. Caln wars battles activity

    We get Hurricane teams when we're Storm, so it's honestly not uncommon to see that. The only reason MM happens like that is because there are no other teams within the DESIRED ELO bracket so it matches people, much like how when a CV queues for too long and we get those stupid 2v2 games at T10. Not only that but each player has personal ELO (unconfirmed but speculated) so some players, although playing in, for example a Squall team but have Typhoon/Hurricane experience, the matchmaker will average out the ELO of all members of the playing roster and match them up against similar ELO teams. And if they can't, well, see above. Ship happens, man. At least it's not a massive points loss. 9 in comparison to 30.
  5. Caln wars battles activity

    I think it’s time for OP to take the L for his post. The largest of Ls.
  6. Caln wars battles activity

    OP just got BOI'd out of existence. Press F to pay respects.
  7. After Saturdays sessions of Clan Wars... CUTER: Hurricane! Still Hurricane! CUTE: Typhoon 3 and climbing! CUTIE: Gale 3 and climbing! Come on by and say hi!
  8. Bumping! Currently our clan standings are as follows: CUTER: Hurricane, 6th overall! CUTE: Storm 1 and climbing! CUTIE: Gale 3 and climbing! Come drop by and say hi, see if you too belong in the CUTE family! Discord: https://discord.gg/37xdtuG Clan Reqs: CUTER -> 1950 PR, 60% WR, 2 T10 Ships, Typhoon CB experience CUTE -> 1600 PR, 55% WR, 2 T10 Ships CUTIE -> Tier 8 Line ship, 47% WR, 500+ battles Hope to see you all there!
  9. Hello! Join our discord and post your Warships Today as well as state your intentions! https://discord.gg/37xdtuG We look forward to working with you soon!
  10. ALL LEVELS OF THE CUTE ORGANIZATION ARE STILL RECRUITING! Check our requirements and you too can taste glory! We especially need players for our learning clan, CUTIE. It's a great starting point with many resources available to help you rise through the ranks! Join our discord and look around! (Just avoid the blog channel, Hungrykaze the Thicc roams there, posting all his food). Bump!
  11. Weekend bump. CW has begun and CUTIE is still looking for CASUAL players for CW. CUTE is currently almost full, but don't worry! Our clan has a promotion based on performance notion. Even if you start in CUTIE, if you prove yourself and show signs of improvement, you have the chance to move up! Bump!
  12. Bump. If you are looking for a clan for CW this coming season, check us out. All levels of CUTER/CUTE/CUTIE are recruiting! Come to our discord and say hi!
  13. Hello everyone, just bumping and seeing if there's any interest in playing CASUAL CW with CUTIE. We are looking at filling out a casual roster so people can participate, without the high requirements of CUTER and CUTE. If you are interested, please join the discord and state your intentions in the recruitment channel!
  14. With the closing of KotS this weekend, CUTER fell short to ZR in a best of five series to come -just- short of competing in the NA/EU games. We wish ZR and O7 the best of luck when competing tomorrow! However, CUTER is not done here. We are here to learn and grow from our mistakes and misplays on the North American stage to come back better and stronger next KotS tournament! With that being said, we are still open to applications to CUTIE, CUTE, and CUTER if you think you are up to the task with each clans requirements. Join our discord and state your intentions! https://discord.gg/37xdtuG Bump!