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  1. Caption the profile image above you.

    grinning because we're close to 500 pages, and cannot stop smiling because he either knows he's posted too much to do so, or literally locked his jaw in that position.
  2. Caption the profile image above you.

    was on the wrong page as I clicked on something a friend commented on.
  3. Caption the profile image above you.

    ROAR I AM ALPHA WOLF. Edited because whoops wrong pic.
  4. A friendly bump from an ex clanmate. I have since removed myself from the CUTE organization but for growth reasons. It is time to spread my wings as a player and grow further. CUTE is a great clan to be in, and I will always consider that community a second home to me. They have a little slice of everything for everyone, from the unicum to the newbie. After moving to O7, I will surely miss you guys. Best of luck this upcoming season, and stay salty!
  5. Glad I could help clarify. Fair winds and following seas!
  6. It seems that there is some confusion in this post that was not clarified clearly before the split. :Kappa: While I understand that there are multiple factors at play that lead you to believe you would receive a free Worcester or other line ships, I would like to politely inform you that you have been misinformed. Wargaming, before the official split, only stated that our Cleveland-class cruisers (Formerly Tier 6, now Tier 8) would be buffed and moved up. We would also keep the permacamo if purchased as well as receive the permacamo for the Pensacola I believe which was the ship being bumped down into the Cleveland's spot. (They are now two seperate lines). Since the USN CL line is a brand new line, it would make zero sense to give the community every ship in a brand new line as that is the way Wargaming creates content. New lines, new scenarios, new game modes, etc. If we all got the Worcester right off the bat just because we played up to the Des Moines, people would have no reason to play the game and would get bored quicker. For example, the IJN DD split. We got to keep the Minekaze and Mutsuki as they were moved into separate lines as well as Hatsuharu as it was pre-existing. Fubuki was also bumped down, Kagerou was bumped down, Yuugumo was added and so was Akatsuki. Since the torpedo boat line was already in-game, and I had my Shimakaze researched, I received all of the in-between boats that were added to the IJN Torpedo Boat Line as it was pre-existing prior to release. However, in turn I did not receive my Shiratsuyu or Akizuki as they were not previously in-game. And with the new Tier 9 and 10s of that line being WORKS IN PROGRESS at current, it is likely that we will not in turn receive those boats just because we have the Yuugumo or Shimakaze. I know I rambled a bit and it may be a bit confusing, but that's what happened. If you have any questions I can do my best to answer them as a CC!
  7. Bump! Join us, Clan Wars are coming!!!
  8. look at this dude, being all sentimental and stuff. thanks bby!
  9. It is an honor to be chosen as one of the few, the proud, Community Contributors. I look forward to providing the community with content and working with other CCs for the sake of the game! Thank you WG!!
  10. Soon, there will be Haida

  11. Soon, there will be Haida

    Think of it like a roar of excitement when a canadian team or athlete wins a gold medal in the winter olympics, exciting. But this, this is like when Team Canada wins Gold in Hockey.
  12. LF Clan

    CUTE is recruiting for all levels of its competitive branch. Click the forum topic and join our discord for more info. CUTER made Hurricane last season and was the frontrunner for a couple of weeks!