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  1. Some people don't have anything that interests them for steel. I have 37k sitting there, and I've debated flipping it into the smole. That being said, the boat has almost no hp for t10, if you can get a DD out from behind the BB's to spot anything. Ah weekends.
  2. If it was clearly stating that, I wouldn't be asking for clarification... .
  3. Should is not a definite though, it's just implied. That's why i'm looking for the clarification. They way it is worded leads to two possible interpretations. When I see should, personally, it's say it would be good to do it, but I don't have to to get the reward.
  4. Now, I've searched around, and have not found a post on this. I'm looking for clarification on how to get the rewards from the clan battle testing that's going on this week. I've seen it asked a few times in another thread, but no answer. Now i'm stuck on the word "should". I've played 10 games on my home server. I've gotten answers that you do/don't have to play on a different server, but the post about is kind of murky? It comes across to me as you COULD play on different servers to get your rewards, but you don't HAVE to. There's also no in game mission to help clear it up. I mean, 500 steel/15,000 coal is a nice little chunk. I'd hate to miss out because of wording.
  5. I'd also like an answer to this.
  6. Purchased 12 crates. Got all 4 black ships 70,000xp Rest various camo's. I'd say I got lucky, but easily got my money's worth. Downside? I only have 1 of the 4 boats to do the dubloon quests in ><