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  1. XHeadshotfreakx

    Hit the Recruit Milestone in 10 Simple Steps

    idk about the rest of yall but to me it seems like they are getting desperate to the point they keep pushing the Recruiting program in our faces recently cause they cant get new players just by making a fun and enjoyable game ;)
  2. XHeadshotfreakx

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    Here's my personal issues with this "event" if you can even call it one 1. As someone who completed all previous arp collabs in the past the so called combat mission is pointless as I already have the Kirishima commander and its not even the special variant Kirishima (Yotaroh) which I also have. 2. all new Arp content is pay only which is not only a super lazy way to get people to spend money, its also a slap in the face for players that grinded all previous Arp collabs forcing a $280.29 price tag to complete the collection (this is including that fact your forced to rebuy Arp takao in order to get the RED PERMANENT CAMOUFLAGE FOR ARP TAKAO!! like why tho) with the current state of the game and the state of the world with corona I'm guessing a good majority of players are not willing to spend that kind of money on a FREE TO PLAY!! (like you could get the oculus quest 2 vr headset at $300 and thats way more useful than this digital content) 3. The content itself is dumb like we totally needed a Buyable tier X in the game so we have more wallet warrior noobs at top tier MM, the perm camo is for the Musashi a ship you cant get atm so if you dont have it (like me) its pointless to get the perm camo, the only ok content is arp Maya but thats not saying much. This event could been so much better and not a obvious cash grab like here's some ideas I had on the fly. 1. Make the arp yamato as the perm camo so that even if you dont have the ship you could at least grind for it and then use it (this also fixes the buyable tier X problem), 2. make the arp Musashi the special ship instead so if you didnt get the og Musashi its not a pointless content or at least bring back the og Musashi so I can use the perm camo you make me pay for, 3. Allow a proper way to earn the content in game like previous arp collabs (there still can be ways to pay to speed up progress but at least allow a way to grind for it) In all this "event" is a huge disappointment for me and I will not spent a dime on this mess. if you've read this far thank you for reading my post. I hope the devs get alot of backlash from this "event" and can actually learn that this is not a viable way to make content for the game and do better next time. but I feel we're past that point and they're just milking till its all dry and the game dies.
  3. so wth happened to ships like the Jean Bart B, Kaga B, Atlanta B, Cossack B, etc? we gonna just forget about them?
  4. XHeadshotfreakx

    Update 0.9.10 – American Battleships: Part 2

    With the ARP event giving the Musashi a permanent camouflage will make it 2 camos I'll have for a ship i cant get thx WG.........
  5. XHeadshotfreakx

    Is there a way to track oil transactions in a Clan?

    I wasn't in charge in who got what ranks at the time but after today I'm most likely gonna play a bigger role in the clan as me and my leader are the only ones trying to resolve the confusion. I'll definitely pass this on to my commander thank you for your input.
  6. XHeadshotfreakx

    Is there a way to track oil transactions in a Clan?

    We're in the processes of re-ranking all Executive Officer members trying too limit access to clan resources. It would be easier to re-rank if I had the Oil transactions list to tell me who is spending clan resources and what for. And for the red tag IDK to be honest
  7. XHeadshotfreakx

    Is there a way to track oil transactions in a Clan?

    Thank you for your help. even if we dont get the rank your requesting (which is a good Idea) All I want is a way to track oil usage in the clan just to avoid confusion and frustration for my other clan mates. and we are in the process of re-ranking and changing who has access to use the clan resources.
  8. XHeadshotfreakx

    Is there a way to track oil transactions in a Clan?

    Thank you for your help. I'll try that but I do hope in the future there could be a ingame way to track oil spending in the clan to avoid confusion
  9. XHeadshotfreakx

    Is there a way to track oil transactions in a Clan?

    All im asking is if there is a way to see which executive officer is spending the clans oil resources and what they are spending it on?
  10. XHeadshotfreakx

    Is there a way to track oil transactions in a Clan?

    Thank you for telling me. I do hope they add the ability to track which executive officers is spending the clans oil resources and what they spent it on.
  11. For the last 2 months my clan been having issue with saving oil because someone in my clan is spending it without confronting the rest of the clan, for some reason my clan leader thought it was a good idea to have 6 executive officers (terrible Idea do not repeat this). Now my leader wants me to figure out who the abuser is and remove them, the only problem is the clan treasury docent keep track of oil transactions for the clan but it still tells me how much oil my clan has left. Is there a way to get the list of oil transactions for the clan (ingame or not), or do I have to wait till the devs add that feature?