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  1. More US destroyers

    If they ever make a sub branch with pure gunboat style DDs they could have the Somers class as a teir 8: and the Mitscher class at teir 10
  2. New Premium Ships Ideas

    The Somers class destroyer would make a fine teir 8 premium its AA suite is near none existent but with 8 127/38s in dual mounts and 12 533mm torps in 3 x quad mounts i'd be quite a nice ship.
  3. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    cant get passed the title screen on my end yet this never happened before with this mod enabled.
  4. she'd make all T10 curisers look like T8s by comparison because of her history she fits more as a premium then a regular tree ship she'd have to be played keeping enemies at arms length i suspect that combine with her more modern 12" guns and SHS she'd do around 8800 to 9000 damage. and given how they made Scharn's turn radius 800 ingame Alaska would have better maneuverability with her 731m turning circle. looking at her pen numbers she'd fair better vs other BBs at longer ranges. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_12-50_mk8.php#Armor_Penetration_with_AP_Mark_18_Shell
  5. looking at these charts of the Gneisenau's turn circle i dont know which one WG base their turning radius on whether it be at full speed or reduced.
  6. her turning radius is better than Scharnhorst at 731m compared to the Shcarn's 800m

    given that there are already BCs classified as BBs ingame ( Kongo,Scharnhorst) and most likely alot of the British BCs it not hard to see the Alaska having the same fate. i can only see her being a likely T7 MAYBE T8 prem. - 12" Mark 8 firing a AP Mk 18 1140lb shell ( i would guess it doing 8800 damage 400 more than the Wyomings AP shell) - AA Suite that matches the Baltimore - 33 Knots top speed - 229mm of belt armor ( far more then any CA ingame) - 730m turning circle plus i doubt they'd pass up a chance to make more money by making it a event or end tree ship.

    Cleveland,NC,Iowa,New Orleans,Baltimore just to name a few are sure as hell not pre-WW2 ships

    Alaska's turning circle was 730m so the same as a baltimore
  10. what id like to see is the USN getting their proper performance for the SHS for the teir 8-10 BBs and CAs. its not like im asking them to model the kind of FCS or radar those ships were equipped with so they so could find and kill you in a cyclone. cause despite being a powerful navy IRL ingame they are almost laughably weak and i fell this is WGs way of "balancing" them atm, but at least with proper SHS performance it would give them a leg up over other navies and give people some incentive to play them more then just having the best AAA.
  11. i hope they eventually give the 16" SHS their proper penetration performance cause atm they seem quite weak despite being a 2700 lb shell.
  12. Cruisers; Steel, Paper, or Fiction?

    you make it seem as though her arcs are the worst ingame( looking at you cleveland ), their not 762 MV is quite manageable if they model them like the Iowa's at med to long range their great at hitting below the waterline of ships and countering the turtle back armor of german ships. Her turn radius was also 731m so not as good as a Colorado but better then the other T7 BBs currently in game. given the ships' specs i'd expect her to come in as a T7 premium BB.
  13. id imagine Alaska being a T7 maybe T8 ship; her 1,140 lbs. (517.093 kg) Mark 18 AP shell gives the punch,33 knots top speed, 731mm turn radius, and of course impressive AA suite all warrant that tier. only downsides is it's amagi like armor and little to no torpedo protection but your going to get nuke be DDs regardless of what ship your in at that tier range plus there were only 2 of its class and alot of people want to have that ship ingame so WG can make quite alot of money making it premium.
  14. New Special Ships&Events Ideas

    id imagine she'd be a T7 same as the Scharnhorst maybe T8 because of her 33 knots top speed, powerful 12" main battery,very good AAA, and since the Alaska is a 1945 ship i could see it having the same mods the the Iowa can equip.
  15. Tirpitz 15' gun buff

    ive noticed with the 16'/45 mk6 guns on the NC that i'd be doing minimum damage to not only the Tirpitz but many other ships that the NC should have no problem penning or damaging cause looking at this number on its penetration i left wondering: Range Side Armor Deck Armor Striking Velocity Angle of fall 0 yards (0 m) 29.74" (755 mm) --- 2,300 fps (701 mps) 0.0 5,000 yards (4,572 m) 26.60" (676 mm) 0.76" (19 mm) 2,090 fps (637 mps) 3.0 10,000 yards (9,144 m) 23.51" (597 mm) 1.87" (28 mm) 1,900 fps (579 mps) 6.8 15,000 yards (13,716 m) 20.47" (520 mm) 3.04" (77 mm) 1,743 fps (529 mps) 11.7 20,000 yards (18,288 m) 17.62" (448 mm) 4.29" (109 mm) 1,604 fps (489 mps) 17.9 25,000 yards (22,860 m) 15.05" (382 mm) 5.76" (146 mm) 1,521 fps (463 mps) 25.4 30,000 yards (27,432 m) 12.77" (324 mm) 7.62" (194 mm) 1,490 fps (454 mps) 34.1 35,000 yards (32,004 m) 10.49" (266 mm) 10.57" (268 mm) 1,531 fps (488 mps) 45.2 Armor Penetration 2,700 lbs. (1,224.7 kg) AP Mark 8