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  1. BadlyBrowned

    Is the Worchester worth the grind?

    The Seattle has noticeably worse turret angles than the Seattle. Worse enough that it bothered me where I don't think the Seattle's t9 heal offsets the nerf to the turret angles over the Cleveland. I sold my Seattle the moment I got the Worcester unlocked. She's not a keeper, imo. The Worcester, however, is a keeper. I may prefer the Worcester to the Des Moines now, and I love playing the Des Moines. I am definitely gonna perma-camo my Worcester when I get the doubloons for it. I also don't think the T10 Atlanta comparison isn't the best. To me the Worcester feels like a Super-Cleveland with her better DPM, better max range (16.7km vs 15.7km), a heal, and AA that doesn't really need DFAA but gets it anyways.
  2. BadlyBrowned

    USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    305mm shells with USN CA bounce angles. Yes.
  3. BadlyBrowned

    Captain Skills for Massachusetts and IFHE

    I have a dedicated 19pt captain on my Mass right now with a full secondary build: PT, PM EM BFT MFCSA, IFHE, AFT I have also used my Cleveland 19pt captain on it and still did 30k damage in a T10 match with my secondaries, and has a build: PT, PM AR DE IFHE, AFT, CE So the dispersion even without manual secondaries still seemed pretty good.
  4. BadlyBrowned

    Seattle B Hull

    Yup, I was extremely confused when I upgraded my Seattle hull, joined a game, and then noticed that I wasn't able to targets out to 15.6km anymore....ugh I already spent my credits on the RoF mod too, guess I'll have to spend doubloons to use the range mod until this gets fixed...
  5. BadlyBrowned

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    I'm kinda flip-flopping on the reserve aircraft balance. On one hand there are times I wish I had more strike aircraft in the Big E, but on the other hand, knowing WG wants to keep air superiority a flavor of the USN, I would much rather have the Big E's 2/2/2 loadout with lots of fighters over the Lexington that has to specialize with a 2/0/2 or 0/1/3 loadout. If the cooldown on the fighter aircraft gets reduced, then I think the Big E's large fighter reserve may actually come in handy. She could be aggressive with her fighters and a shorter CD will help the Big E keep fighters in the sky.
  6. BadlyBrowned

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    I find it annoying that only USN premium ships get useful balanced loadouts for their tier. Now if only the Big E wasn't half full of fighters...
  7. BadlyBrowned

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    It basically all happened during the meat grinder that was the Guadalcanal Campaign. Saratoga (damaged) and Wasp (sunk) were torpedoed by subs. The Saratoga sort've had a penchant for being torp'd by subs. Then at the Battle of Santa Cruz the Hornet was sunk, leaving the Enterprise the only CV in the Pacific (The Ranger was used in the Atlantic).