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  1. Is the Worchester worth the grind?

    The Seattle has noticeably worse turret angles than the Seattle. Worse enough that it bothered me where I don't think the Seattle's t9 heal offsets the nerf to the turret angles over the Cleveland. I sold my Seattle the moment I got the Worcester unlocked. She's not a keeper, imo. The Worcester, however, is a keeper. I may prefer the Worcester to the Des Moines now, and I love playing the Des Moines. I am definitely gonna perma-camo my Worcester when I get the doubloons for it. I also don't think the T10 Atlanta comparison isn't the best. To me the Worcester feels like a Super-Cleveland with her better DPM, better max range (16.7km vs 15.7km), a heal, and AA that doesn't really need DFAA but gets it anyways.
  2. USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    305mm shells with USN CA bounce angles. Yes.
  3. I have a dedicated 19pt captain on my Mass right now with a full secondary build: PT, PM EM BFT MFCSA, IFHE, AFT I have also used my Cleveland 19pt captain on it and still did 30k damage in a T10 match with my secondaries, and has a build: PT, PM AR DE IFHE, AFT, CE So the dispersion even without manual secondaries still seemed pretty good.
  4. Seattle B Hull

    Yup, I was extremely confused when I upgraded my Seattle hull, joined a game, and then noticed that I wasn't able to targets out to 15.6km anymore....ugh I already spent my credits on the RoF mod too, guess I'll have to spend doubloons to use the range mod until this gets fixed...
  5. Buffing the Buffalo?

    I think the guns are fine. I think the Buffalo could use some agility buffs.
  6. For USN CAs I consider the essentials (12 total points): Priority Target Expert Marksmen - Adrenaline Rush Demolition Expert Concealment Expert For USN CLs I consider the essentials (14 total points): Priority Target Adrenaline Rush Demolition Expert Concealment Expert - IFHE Basically, the difference is Heavy Cruisers need Expert Marksman to increase turret traverse while Light Cruisers need IFHE so their HE can pen more reliably. After that I think it depends on playstyle. I like Expert Loader on non-Des Moines heavy cruisers, while superintendent could be a nice grab at Tiers 9+ for the extra heal consumable. The way I grind down a line is run the same Captain through the whole thing. By the time I get to the Tier X I should have a 19 point captain or close to it. The Halsey captain has a better Expert Marksman skill so suited for Heavy Cruiser or Battleship. So feel free to run through the Light Cruiser line with your regular captain as you work on the Halsey campaign.
  7. PT 0.7.5 Part II Impressions

    PT New Orleans has a 13 second reload, Live New Orleans has a 12sec reload with the upgraded guns.
  8. Only a handful of games in the Buffalo so far, but I think the rate of fire is fine. The Buffalo has the 2nd best AP DPM of the T9 heavy cruisers, and 4th overall of T9 cruisers, while having the 1st best HE DPM for a T9 heavy cruiser, and 2nd overall behind the Seattle. The range is typical USN 15.6km so I think it's playable. If they want to buff the entire USN line I certainly wouldn't complain though Anyways, I would say my biggest gripe is the Buffalo agility, she feels like a Moskva when turning. Even with the rudder shift mod the Buffalo has a 9.0 sec rudder shift, the Baltimore is 6.3sec and the Des Moines is 6.9 sec for comparison. I find this more limiting in a cruiser knife fight than the rate of fire. I need to be able to dodge torps and angle my armor in close range engagements. I think a fair change would be improving the stock 11.2seconds to a stock 10 seconds. With the rudder shift mod that will bring it down to 8 seconds. Still puts the Buffalo more than 1 second behind the Baltimore and the Des Moines, but is more workable at the shorter ranges the Buffalo has to work at.
  9. T8 cruisers dont typically get heals. If the Atago and Prinz Eugen are any indication, if you are looking for a t8 USN CL with a heal, you will want to ask for the Fargo to be introduced into the game as a t8 premium.
  10. The Cleveland in the test server right now has 15.6km range fully upgraded....
  11. /shrug Instead of shooting back at things at 16km, I'd rather drop back into stealth and reposition. With 9.1km stealth, the danger from DDs is significantly reduced since it's just 100m off my radar range. I suppose it would be nice if the spotter plane shared the consumable slot with DFAA or Hydro instead of radar... Edit: In either case, the upgraded Cleveland has the 15.6km range of the current Baltimore and Des Moines, and I run those with reload mod instead of range mod, so the Cleveland seems to be in my wheelhouse.
  12. The Public Test is actually a test of players fine print reading skills.
  13. Is Lexington even worth playing?

    I sold mine when she lost the 2-1-2 loadout and haven't looked back since. Really though, imo the only USN CVs worth the time to play them are the premium CVs and the Essex and Midway.
  14. (Taken from US Fast battleships: 1938-91) Against a 16in/45 gun firing a 2240lb shell, the Iowa-class had an immunity zone of 12,000 yards between 18,000 yards and 30,0000 yards. Converting to metric that's a 10.9km immunity zone between 16.45km - 27.4km. Back to the OP: Considering the Center Force would have just been through 2 major engagements (and lost Atago in a submarine action before that), already expended much of their ammo at Samar, and already had damaged ships, I don't see where the IJN even try to engage in a gunnery duel. The IJN already learned at Guadalcanal that attrition against the USN is a losing strategy, so Kurita will look to save his capital ships for the next "Decisive Battle." I think if pressed Kurita would probably send the DDs (and even CAs) on a banzai torpedo charge to delay / break up TG34.5's formation long enough to allow the battleships to escape. Anyways, like real_icebeast said, the USN TG34.5 has an advantage in that their entire fleet can travel at 30+ knots. So in a traditional BB engagement where opposing battle lines would roughly parallel each other going in the same direction, TG34.5 has the speed to better position itself to cross the T of the Center Force. With radar, the USN can open the engagement with salvos at 35,000 yards - 40,000 yards. Then, USN doctrine has them closing into 21,000 - 27,000 yard ranges. Even at these ranges, the Iowa's are still immune to return fire from Nagato and the Kongo-class ships, so the main duel here will be the Iowa and New Jersey against the Yamato. Between the darkness, rain squalls, and smoke screens, the USN gunships will have an obvious advantage with radar. Additionally, the USN task group has more shells going down range from two Iowa-class ships compared to the single Yamato. So the USN will have advantages in acquiring the target first with radar, more accurate gunfire, and more shells on target. Of course, if an 18in shell does hit it will hurt a lot, and it's still a non-zero chance the Yamato would score a hit. IJN ships looking to make a torpedo assault will have to contend with the torpedoes and gunfire from the USN DD and CL screen. Once again, radar fire control gives the USN the advantage though I would think the USN loses DDs in this engagement. However, like was said already, attrition is not a victory for the Japanese. In any prolonged engagement, the trailing USN task groups will start arriving to reinforce. So even if Yamato can decisively damage/sink the US battle line, she needs to not take significant damage herself so that she may withdraw through the San Bernardino straight before reinforcements and carrier aircraft arrive to finish her off. By this late stage in the overall Battle of Leyte Gulf, the IJN had lost already. The primary concern was now making sure there would still be a Japanese Navy left to fight in 1945. TLDR: Because of the arms and armor of the ships present, the main battle here is the Yamato vs the Iowa and New Jersey. For an IJN victory, the Yamato basically needs to make multiple hits almost right away on the USN battle line before the USN can get hits on target themselves. It will be difficult though because the USN has a significant advantage with radar, which between the darkness, rain squalls, and smokescreens, gives the USN a significant advantage. So like ElAurens said, the USN will be shooting first, shooting more, and shooting more accurately, which makes it more likely the USN is also hitting first and maintaining the initiative throughout the battle.
  15. /shrug I've just come back a ~3 month break and the Mighty Mo feels the same as when I'd last played her. That is to say she still feels as good as I remember.