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  1. Corpus Event still on?

    fair enough then pigeon, im guessing y'all're watching and will make a decision later about whether or not to go forward. Thanks for the prompt reply!
  2. Corpus Event still on?

    Im hoping nico, trevzor, or literally any WG rep can post here and hopefully clarify/fill us in on any new updates regarding the event. Im assuming it's still going, but we obviously dont know that for sure. Thanks for filling us in if anyone does!
  3. New Jersey or Wisconsin museum

    Did you even read what the OP posted? you mentioned a topic literally nobody asked about. To the OP, the New Jersey is fantastic, me and a friend helped on her restoration for several years. I can assure you that you wont be disapointed with her. North Carolina is fantastic too
  4. Mouse Reviews Ships like an Angry YouTuber

    are uh.... are you okay moose? do we need to talk?
  5. Got my corgi event rewards and a bonus?

    sounds like bank error in players favour, congrats on the extra prizes
  6. Herr Does NOT mean Nazi

    liverpool isnt so much a "wilderness".... more like a lawless barbaric land where laws have no meaning
  7. I think I'm in love...Need an Iowa Mentor~

    Let me go get Wo_9 for you :^)
  8. Scharnhorst or Dunkerque?

    Scharn, tier 7 is THE BUTTER TIER. You want a tier 7 premium, by far and away the best tier for MM
  9. Supertester Divisions

    We need to test the ships in divisions to see if said ships might be too strong in divisions. If we failed to see that (lets give a random example) 3 yamatos were overpowered, and we submitted them as good, people would take advantage of it as soon as it goes live and y'all would be unhappy. We need to test the ships under every circumstance and scenario we can come up with to make sure they are thoroughly tested when we send feedback in.
  10. I wait for premium time to go on sale during big WG events. Like WGs birthday or ships birthday, things like that. The year long one is always the best deal if you arent going to quit in a year.
  11. How The Economy Killed The Game

  12. y u all heff to be maed? like srsly just get along
  13. Quit Drinking...

    Mate, this is an application made by Waraming. This isnt a game or a joke
  14. A question about the late tier RN cruisers

    you compare one ships health to anothe ones guns, then don't elaborate any farther. What is it you are trying to say?