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  1. Three. First was in my ARP Kongou before I knew how to enable replays :(
  2. Don't underestimate VMF AP

    I melted a Des Moines with AP in a Grozovoi in clan battles several weeks ago. Those 130's at close range are monstrous.
  3. New Gimicks - New Abilities

    I like this one but without the rudder shift buff and maybe just a 50 - 75% damage reduction A consumable idea I have is one to repair knocked out secondaries and AA guns
  4. Nelson Citadel in Turrets?

    I often forget Nelson is only T7, I guess that's what happened
  5. Nelson Citadel in Turrets?

    I recently had a game where I faced a Nelson and, in a fit of frustration, shot at the guns in the hope of knocking them out. To my surprise I got cits. In the replay, it happens about half way after I murder the Indy. 20171210_005947_PASB508-Alabama_41_Conquest.wowsreplay
  6. Missouri Over Pens

    Similar to what Manon said, aim for center mass and at the waterline if they're broadside to you, you'll get a lot of regular pens and even good citadels if your dispersion allows it. when the target is bow in on you, aim for their gun turrets so you can try to knock those out
  7. Tier 10 French BB

    Maybe in a few years when the do the line split
  8. The only one I have any real experience* with is the Conqueror, I hate it so much. *Experience meaning I got focused by him and reduced from 85% health to dead no matter my angling.
  9. Would you

    Yamato definitely
  10. That's actually pretty clever, I wish they would have put it out there a bit better, though
  11. ask me a question.....not all will get a reply

    What is the best ship? (Hint: It's a trick question)
  12. Most of those camos can be turned off
  13. T8 DD and above.. Torp reload vs smoke

    From my experiences with Harekaze, I prefer the TRB. Most matches I end up not even using a single smoke charge.

    Compliments for me usually depend on my mood and whether or not I notice the player doing something that I think is unusually good/beneficial. Also Krakens get an automatic compliment because they are (for most) quite difficult to acquire.
  15. Manipulative Match Making

    OP, the best advice I can give is forget about winrate. I personally view the statistic as too dependent on how well your team ends up working together