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  1. Mentioned in Dispatches

    Jingles Medal XD I can hear that old man's raspy laugh from here
  2. Change one thing to a tech tree ship

    Give German DD's T7, T9, and T10 access to 150mm guns
  3. Torpedo Hit Ratio

  4. T10!

    Monty was my first T10 as well. I'm still trying to figure out how to have the same kind of fun as I did in my T8 & T9 battleships, however.
  5. Favourite type of liquor?

    I haven't really found a specific liquor I like but Long Island Iced Tea ain't too bad
  6. It is near criminal we don’t have a British DD line

    I sense RN DDs will be teased after French BBs and released after USN cruiser split
  7. Molotov?

    I recently got the Molotov and put my Kutuzov captain in her. She's quick, agile, and starts fires like crazy.
  8. Santa Crate Eve? I can't take it!

    All except Emperor Nikolai
  9. Ship Class Theme Songs

    Yamato is pretty obvious...
  10. Create your own ship

    Here's my ship, Marutuk, built in From the Depths. 12 x 19.7"/60 caliber primary guns 24 x 8"/50 secondary batteries 2 x 100mm gatling AA turrets Can only go 20 kts
  11. Conqueror's Achilles Heel?

    Take billy big steps in the opposite direction
  12. New airship revealed! Sensational! Clickbait!

    Yeah, it's BF1. That's the dreadnought "behemoth"
  13. Brag a little...How many "Kraken"s do you have?

    Three. First was in my ARP Kongou before I knew how to enable replays :(
  14. Don't underestimate VMF AP

    I melted a Des Moines with AP in a Grozovoi in clan battles several weeks ago. Those 130's at close range are monstrous.
  15. New Gimicks - New Abilities

    I like this one but without the rudder shift buff and maybe just a 50 - 75% damage reduction A consumable idea I have is one to repair knocked out secondaries and AA guns