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  1. Someone could explain why i don get the mission Earn 1,750 base XP in a winning battle.
  2. General Belgrano

    Thanks to good , buda,shiva, mahoma, big bird in the sky, aliens NO is not caballero
  3. General Belgrano

    yea we get to france the next saturday but Germany out ..... (ok was in rusia and was in summer but lost again) Sorry But in do´t buy the Reagan call Gb get the AIM9L sidewinder, (a decisive adventage in air combat and restricted to the USAF utill that moment ) the use if several islands for refueling also get all the Sat coverage and may other things Also i say that the invasion was poorly planned becuse never think that Gb going to move trhe fleet. A deseperade gambit of a Military Dictadure ( i know i was 11 when the war happend) If Argentina wait 1 year One of the carrier (the Hermes) and several of the fleet ships are schedull to retire/scrap and we will have at least 1 sq of Super Etendard armed with exocet ( 5 missiles 3 mission 2 confimed Sunk and a carrier that get to the port with a new paint job on the side) . Aerospatile shuold pay to the Argentinian Navy Royalties for all the free publicity and the Label "COMBAT TEST" , sold more misssiles after the Malvinas War thst before Regards
  4. General Belgrano

    Outside the Exclusion Area and sailing away from that If the BELGRANO sunk by example a British Ship, we now all we hearing of the treacherous Argentinians that broke the rules...... But that don´t happend Also you have right WAR and RULES don´t mix as WWII cruisers and Nuclear SUBS Also was a perfect operation make the Argentinian Navy go Back for his mooring because we don´t have the ASW capability to find and kill a Nuclear sub BTW The sister ship "9 De Julio" (Former USS Boise) will be in the Game https://thedailybounce.net/2018/03/28/world-of-warships-0-7-4-supertest-argentinian-cruiser-nueve-de-julio/
  5. mission 19 Agile

    ok mi mystaque
  6. mission 19 Agile

    Base XP 2278 with premium
  7. And dont get the mission ? other player have similar problem