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  1. Deevul

    NA Clan Battles Stuck in port

    Steel Dragons having same issue
  2. Deevul

    Supply Lines Event

    In the address for the website change the ru to na and it will be in English
  3. Deevul

    Supply Lines Event

    If you want to take a break and have your battles not count all you have to do is go to the wargaming site and set your profile is private. Then when you're ready to start back again just set your profile to public
  4. Deevul

    Is the Worchester worth the grind?

    I am upgrading my wooooster. I have a 19 point commander, unique countermeasure upgrade, special radar upgrade (52.8 sec action time), 4 sec reload...... well you get the picture. Well to insure my crew's morale stays high, I have added a tennis court that moves to reveal a swimming pool and shuffleboard courts. There is plenty of seating as you can see so stop over sometime to play some tennis or shuffleboard or take a dip in the pool. Refreshments can be bought for nominal fee.