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  1. I have edited this as i am a bonehead and didnt understand. The fault was mine.
  2. EnlightenU

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Hakuryu exchange went wrong. All xp for Hakuryu went to t-1 Hashidate, not to free xp like all the other carriers i exchanged. Would very much like that 444k xp back. Not sure, but xp from other carriers may have gone down the same path to the same end. I know you guys will check and I have sent in a ticket
  3. EnlightenU

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    I have seen talented players do it, yes. Most average players wont come close to that kind of success....like many other ships in the game.
  4. EnlightenU

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    The Nerf to high tier Carriers is overkill. Plain and simple. The spam torps are no more than Skimakaze or other stealth ships. WG had a great idea making each carrier unique....however, this nerf fries that. T-10 IJN becomes nothing special at all.
  5. EnlightenU

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    Not sure who youre listening to about the IJN 10 Carrier. I dont see it as op.
  6. I totally disagree with this poster. Keep CVs. They are fun and will balance out in the end.
  7. EnlightenU

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    Carrier players only made up a very small percentage (maybe 1%). I suspect after the 8.0, that number will go up much higher and stay there. I love the new rework. To me, much more fun to play. Yes, there are balance and mechanic issues, but they will be resolved.
  8. Thanks for reading and if this doesn't apply to you, great - As a community, we appreciate the efforts of players /CC to produce video content for WOWS. The guide videos, review and instructions are fantastic. HOWEVER, over the past few months Ive noticed a trend - and not a good one. Many people who provide videos are becoming less helpful/ instructional and becoming more condemning and abusive to other players. Some time ago, a new player could go and watch any of the main streamers and get good instructions like: "Ok, you see that guy, he made a bad choice. He is setting himself up for a broadside." Lately, that same info is given as: "Wow. Look at that dumb***. What a stupid ****. This guys should uninstall." Now, I understand not everyone will see this as a problem. I do. Some of the biggest names on WOWS Video producing have fallen prey to their own egos. The better they become, the more they crucify other players mistakes... I get it. There are many people who make themselves feel better by putting others down - its gonna happen. Im simply asking those who produce community videos to please back off the insulting 10 year old behavior and get back to producing content that is helpful, fun and furthers community development.
  9. Unfortunately, I have followed every step. On the last screen, I do not have the pic of container in upper right hand corner...yet I have not already received any containers. Thank you for the effort anyway.
  10. EnlightenU

    Twas the night before battle

    Twas the night before battle and all through the fleet There was a feeling in the air, that we cant be beat. All the weapons and ammo were stowed with great care With the hopes that the enemy would soon be there. The ships were all docked, with their lines nice and tight Awaiting whats coming, awaiting the fight. When all of a sudden, there came such a clatter Its Jingles outside, and he's carrying a ladder Quick as a flash, he did an odd thing He climbed to the top and screamed.. I won the Ring With a big cheesey grin, he vanished from sight Then we heard his voice, across the night... Thats a Paddlin!... Merry Christmas. Please feel free to send EnlightenU a Christmas crate if this made you smile...any crate...some nails and wood perhaps. Ok, enough begging. Would groveling work? Congrats Jingles.
  11. EnlightenU

    Turkey Rewards got 2 where my other one

    So bummed...was hoping we hit the coal level. Oh well. Was fun to have access to every ship, however, I dont think Ill participate again.
  12. EnlightenU

    Musings of a Turkey

    Turkey 43.... Had a Blast..101 matches...lots of laughs