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  1. tekteam26

    ST: Georgia/Yoshino Currency Type

    Well, I went ahead and got my Georgia for coal. Yoshino is going to available as of 0.6.5 for 248K coal. I don't quite have enough coal, even with a new coupon for the Yoshino, though I might have enough if I also use my steel as well.
  2. tekteam26

    ST: Georgia/Yoshino Currency Type

    Well, I am going to hoard my coal so that I can get the Yoshino (whenever it comes out), then I will continue to save for the Georgia later. I just wish that I knew when the Yoshino was going to be released, especially with the fresh release of Georgia now.
  3. tekteam26

    Yoshino vs. T10 Azuma - A Comparison

    I have my coal. When is Yoshino coming out? Hopefully for
  4. I wish that I could buy guineas with doubloons though.
  5. tekteam26

    CV Rework Feedback

  6. tekteam26

    0.7.10 - Public Test Feedback

    The Halloween event needs to add a timer that tells the player how long they have submerged before they have to surface. This should be a permanent feature for submarines also in the regular game play.
  7. tekteam26

    Dutch Tromp class cruisers

    Don't forget about the Design 1047 cruiser-killer as the tier X Dutch cruiser.
  8. tekteam26

    When are we going to see County's?

    I have recently seen HMS York in the hands of a supertester. It sounds like RN heavy cruisers are coming in the not so distant future. It will be very interesting to see how they progress to tier X.
  9. tekteam26

    Decline of BB support role. Why?

    You also have these self-centered and ultimately very cowardly players who see a teammate actually pushing, the next thing that you know, they are hitting that 'get back' message button. Don't EVER send that message to me or anyone else. Those guys that you want to run back to your place of hiding are actually too busy fighting to notice your stupid 'get back' message until it is far too late to have made a difference anyway. If you really want to help a teammate that is aggressively pushing against the enemy MOVE UP AND SUPPORT HIM!!! Don't just sit back and cry 'get back' or whine that someone has overextended themselves. They don't need that. They need your CLOSE support. They don't need to have to look back and see the stern of your ship as you run away and abandon them either. If you move up and actually support attacking teammates, you might get your paint scratched a little. But you will help sink enemy ships and keep teammates afloat at the same time. The team with the most ships still afloat is usually the one that wins.....not the one with the guy who farms the most damage from 20KM while the rest of his team dies trying to capture or defend caps while unsupported by him. I will continue to fight aggressively in my DDs (and sometimes my BBs), but I will not go into a cap unless you are there right behind me and committed to kill those radar cruisers lurking just a few KM away BEFORE they shoot me to scrap metal. Otherwise, I will be going around the flanks to go big game hunting while you hide in the rear or behind those islands. And remember, you get a lot more XP from a win than you do from a loss, no matter how much damage that you farm from long range.
  10. tekteam26

    British Destroyers

    Yes, but the point is that we need the RN heavy cruiser line to be brought in. This would give us the Exeter, the County class and heavily armed cruisers all the way up to the paper designs with 9-12 9.2" main guns. That would be fun to have in the mix.
  11. tekteam26

    Decline of BB support role. Why?

    Then shoot HE at them first. Fires kill cruisers too, you know.
  12. tekteam26

    Decline of BB support role. Why?

    The smart DD players are actually going around caps rather than going inside of them so that they can get flank shots on enemy ships trying to cap while not announcing their presence for a radar cruiser to light them up for instant destruction. DDs would be a lot more willing to cap IF cruisers and BBs were close enough to hammer the radar cruisers and take the heat off of the DDs. Remember, your DD driver can't heal like a BB and some cruisers can. We also like to inflict some damage on the enemy too, not just watch from the port while you BBs farm XP from 20km with <5% hit probability shots after you sat back and let us get turned into scrap metal. Of course, you will still be crying for us to cap (and die) while you safely sit in the rear, won't you? Remember, you get more XP if you win than if you lose. If you help your teammates stay afloat and in the fight, you are much more likely to win the battle.
  13. tekteam26

    Decline of BB support role. Why?

    Sorry, but this narrative is NOT FALSE at all. I have seen it happen far too often where I pushed in my ship, but as soon as the enemy appeared, I looked behind me and all that I saw were my teammates' sterns. Cruisers have gotten particularly bad about this or running to the rear of the formation at the beginning of the battle so that they will not face any fire at all. Sure, your ship might be able to fire out beyond 20KM. But the probability of you hitting anything is so low that you might as well not be firing at all. If you want to win battles, you won't do it by running back and watching teammates die while you safely sail away. Sending your teammate at the pointy tip of the spear a 'Get Back' message as you retreat might make you feel good, but it doesn't do your teammate one little bit of good as he is being pounded into sinking wreckage....and the team has one ship fewer to help win the battle afterwards. You have to share in the risk if you want to share in the rewards of a victorious battle. Otherwise, you are nothing more than a team parasite.
  14. tekteam26

    new afk rules

    There are people who play using DSL instead of the highest bandwidth of a cable internet connection or use a whimpy Wi-Fi connection to play WoWs from. Those are examples where spending a little extra money on your internet can make for far more reliable connectivity. Yet, we still see more than a few people who are willing to spend extra money on premium ships but are all too often very late loading for a game, leaving their team at a severe disadvantage because they cheaped out on their internet.