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  1. My question or suggestion is why do CVL planes get to drop on a ship, hit the escape button/retreat button fly up into the air (straight up) and puff disappear; And then when my fighter(1 or 2) comes around to engage they move in for the kill(well shot) and Puff - no more CVL planes; as they turn into space shuttles and zoom into space. I would like to suggest if enemy fighters are in the area (like cvl circles) or ships with fighters has "Fighter cover" you can't do the instant retreat until you are clear of the area, you have to fly outside of coverage before you can do your instant escape. I noticed this on watching a group of rocket planes coming in for the attack, fired their rockets, my fighters with their limited and short coverage area came in to engage them and puff they were gone, so my fighter went back to circling, why happen to chasing them down. Mopic
  2. Mopic312

    Game Freezes on Exit

    Having the same problem when exiting game., looks like it tries to do a error reporting but just freezes there. Also had to kill the process and then reboot system. Mopic
  3. This has happen to me a couple times, when getting hit in the engines/rudders use the repair icon, repairs the problem but nothing happens it won't move.. today I was trying to escape in my dd, quick turn in to an island, engine/rudder goes out, hit the repair icon, says fixed, hit the island, tried to back out, nothing is moving., rudder, engine.. Nada....
  4. Mopic312

    Sorry IJN VS US

    I'm sorry WG I can't wrap my head around this., Benson VS the Akizuki Fletcher VS The Kitakaze Gearing Vs The Harugumo It just me, but man the US lines are tough to play these days and I've grind everyone of the US line of DD's. I know each national has good and bad ships, but wow the IJN and US are not on equal footing gun wise? Granted the IJN versions have lower angle of attack but they're only 100MM vs 127 MM, and The US firing arches are not so hot in a gun battle outside 6km (roughly) which is like rolling a dice in hopes a shell lands or doesn't bounce. I haven't started the Russian,British lines beyond V or VI and know they have some good ships. But it seems the IJN line is more of a brawler then the US line, I play the IJN and I just DPS them for some good numbers, where as I used to be able to do this with the US line, which, I have noticed people don't play much anymore mainly because of its firing arcs. Yes, new ships, better performances, 130 vs 134's MM etc., but dang my poor us line..:)... Maybe the fact, when I play the Akizuki (only one I got so far down this line) it plays like I would've thought the US DD's should play like. ( NOT so great on torpedoes but could gun you down if you're not careful.) Now that the new US DD's are coming out., Benham, Somer they seem mostly torpedoes boats vs True Gunboats, Then why not spit the lines like the IJN. Starting at the Maham: Gunboats vs Torpedo Boats and the Black; It seems the black is the only thing outside of norm of US DD's jack of all trades good at none. Just my thought. Mopic
  5. Mopic312


    Dkangel33; First and foremost as said before, welcome to World of Warships... It takes alot of games to understand how to play vs BB's... They are fun, You should of been here when BB's where running from anything that even looked like it had a torpedo..:) Just understand what your ship can and can not do Its hard going up against a BB if you're not ready to take the 300+ MM shells they going to hit you with once you play enough you will see that... Hell I love BB's just not interested in playing them.. Mopic
  6. Mopic312


    The easy answer is never go up vs a BB in a CA's ... (well, you can, but normally the out come isn't good). Rule #1: There is always a BB somewhere on the MAP looking at you, waiting til you show enough broadside to stake you out. Rule#2: If you see a BB, stick and move, If he's/she's higher Tier Bye Bye, You're going to non-pen, bounce so many shells with your 127km, 152's and 203's its just make a Cruiser cry..:) Rule#3 I told you about Rule #1 (BYE Felicia!!!) Rule#4 It only take one 300+ shell from a BB to ruin your day, And once the enemy sees a 1/2 to 1/4 health CA's The rest of the enemy will soon be firing at you, even the DD just sitting outside your sigh range.. Rule#5 Support Support Support... Not only do you have to know what to fight, you might want to see if you got support to back you up, Just because all those lovely ships are heading in the same direction doesn't mean they're there to support you. How many times you start shooting and wonder why no other shells are flying over your head at that target, only to look around to find out they all turned and ran..:) Mopic
  7. Mopic312

    Update 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    I agree, the input lag is horrible; I would suggest that playing outside the ring of fire should cause more damage if you stay out there more then 5 or 6 seconds the damage goes up by multiples...(kind of tried of people playing outside the ring.) I would also like to suggest that guns ships be reduced like 3 secs when firing considering i ts a GUNBOAT with a horrible torpedo load time., Its funny that a ship with speed boost, harder to see, get the short range torps and a gunboat get the medium range torps.. that is, 4km vs 6km. Ahhh,what does that matter, the input lag is so bad probably couldn't hit a deer in my headlights...:) Mopic
  8. Mopic312

    Is US Cruiser gameplay.. "sad"

    Now I have to agree that Island hopping is annoying and while its a game I do get tired of HEY its not historically accurate when it comes to USA side, but game balance when its another nations ship(s). Case and point: The Worchester just can't outgun a khab at beyond 10km, a smart khab will do to cloak and fire their guns. The Worchester has to close to within 9km to even radar up, and all the khab has to do is angle away and just dance around the shell arches while continually firing his flat arching shells at the Worchester...(This mainly apples to almost all DD's with rapid firing guns ..) Now, Lets not say it all bad, A good team of Hvy CA, LT CA and DD can do wonders if they can work together, but how often does that happen.... That's of course you can get your BB's to fire at BB and make them turn away, while your 3 strike force clear paths...
  9. Mopic312

    Update 0.7.8 - General Feedback

    Had a couple situations where as I was spotted and fired upon, but not indication via warnings something saw me, either plane, radar, ships... ships started shooting at me, then 5 seconds or so later I get icon saying HEY you're spotted.
  10. Mopic312

    holy crap seattle sucks

    Oh my ask I was looking around on how effective the Seattle was in battle., I noticed there were 2 Seattle's one between 1903 and 1905 which was actually a support ship; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Washington_(ACR-11 A WW1 ship; And it did have torps, but god it would suck at tier IX https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Seattle_(AOE-3) And of course this; Which is just a support ship following the fleet around to resupply it... Wow, WG... You could of at least changed the seattle into A Lighter version of the Worcester with better speed & rudder shift to actually go DD Hunting and the ability to actually out run a BB and keep up with a fleeing DD..
  11. Mopic312

    15 Minor Things that would improve WoWs

    #4: Was allowed way way back when the game first started., The game started everyone off with loads ready to fire... That turned out to be a bad idea, As Long Range shooters (and you know who you are) started firing at the locations of starting ships and getting some easy kills., People that were slow to load in where sitting ducks, after a couple of upgrades they changed it, You started unloaded and had to spend the 30 to 40 secs to load your guns, it did give me a chance to get moving and/or loaded. ---So its find the way it is. But, I would like to add, yes chance the values on Ship descriptions give me actually numbers, not percentages, like your example with the gearing (thank you for that) #17; While you can't see it on the screen shot, Allow a scalable player panel, chat windows , weapon panel and ship icons at the top. If you ever played STO (star trek Online) they do a good job at this., This really gets out of whack when yours playing at higher resolutions like 2k and 3k and 4k...Been wanting this forever... #18: Drop the US Cruisers/ DD arch a little, man stop the moonwalking... or change it so that within 10km it flattens out better
  12. Mopic312

    Seattle is Terribad

    ********** You can't have it both ways; In one sentence you say its a good ship; and the other Its overall weak and needs range and rudder buffs... Its either good or bad, NOT Both... NOW, I thought the Range was ok, its the Speed/Rudder Engine/startup/slowdown.. For a "Light Cruiser" I thought its job was to zip alone the waves looking for dd's and racing around convoys searching for trouble., This ship slows down too fast at the slightest rudder shift, NOT what I thought The US CL would do.. (But HEY I'm only a gamer and this is a game....) For that matter, why give them "Healing" Their armor is so bad its not even worth it., You're going to get a Load of APs shot at you which you can't heal.. I would trade the Heal for better speed and rudder shift, Hell if I'm going to be the center of attention I might as well have some escapeability ..... LOL This ship and the Buffalo need to be taken out back and shot, then do it again so we never see its kind again...:)
  13. WG should be ashamed putting such horrendous ships "Buffalo" and "Seattle" in the game with its configurations..
  14. Mopic312

    Buffalo ship modules and captain skills

    That That's because the Buffalo can't get out its own way; So nobody plays it... I also noticed not many IJN ships in the game(matches) besides the Yamato/DD's/Zao... Man use to see them all over the place...
  15. Mopic312

    holy crap seattle sucks

    I think I see the problem with the Seattle: Its too slow for a Light ships, Its too sluggish for a Light ship.. (OK I get it, WG High Rocket ship arch for US ships) which applies to the Buffalo (good lord). But since this is a seattle channel lets continue with that., Speed up the movement on this ships and reduce the rudder shift for goodness shakes, robert....(That's my suzy wong reference..:)) Its a Tier IX ship...