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  1. Comrade Stalin approves of this advice!
  2. Well, you kinda asked for it. It took me about 1200 matches to earn the Black, and I did not have the choice to play Clan matches. Not only that, if you want to get just the Black, you can skip over the Flint. We did not get that luxury. You can suffer right along with the rest of us. Reminds me of fast food workers wanting $15 an hour
  3. Premium Ship Review - USS Sims 2.0

    LWM, there has been a persistent rumor that the Sims gets an XP bonus that is built into the ship itself, not the camo, which was why she is so popular in Ranked battles. Can you confirm or deny existence of any type of bonus in the Sims?
  4. How do I DD better against CVs

    Dont underestimate the power of an AA build US DD (or Lo Yang) I run AA mods and skills on all of my US DD captains, as well as Def Fire. Planes go poof. There is no argument that the Kidd is the best at the role, but the C Hull Benson, Sims, Fletcher and the Lo Yang are excellent at killing planes. I had to learn to play against other ships more cautiously, but I think it actually made me a better DD player. I think my record in the Lo Yang is 41 planes. My one and only Clear Sky achievement is in an AA spec Gearing. Also, to reiterate what others have said, hitting the breaks and turning when you see the bombers circle is a crucial skill to master. It also works well at avoiding incoming artillery. For Torp Bombers, i try to always turn into them , that way the planes will cancel their run and try to readjust, or drop them parallel to my course. Sometimes a torp will hit but not detonate, maybe because it hasnt armed yet. I always wondered if that was a bug or intentional. Good luck
  5. I Kidd you not, how was it possible?

    Yours is better though. My phone doesnt like the new forums, it didnt copy his quote
  6. I Kidd you not, how was it possible?

    Not entirely correct. If you have Adm Yamamoto in an IJN ship without the repair ability, you can get it if you get a kraken
  7. Clan Battles DD comparison

    Don't underestimate the YueYang in clan wars. She is very good at glassing a red DD long enough to get it focus fired and deaded. She is proving to be quite useful this season so far
  8. Blyskawica needs some major buffs

    I agree, she could use some love from WG.
  9. Premium DD Issues

    I don't quite understand why you think the Kidd fell into limbo. She is awesome in ranked.
  10. 51% off 1 year premium in store now

    I feel the same way. Lose the flags, drop it back to $49 or no deal. From what WG accidently showed of the Christmas Crates, i think my money is safe this year.
  11. Premium Ship Review - ORP Blyskawica

    With they removal of stealth firing, I think the Leningrad would be a better investment than the Blysk. WG never gave the Blysk any sort of stat compensation for the removal of such a charactaristic ability. The Leningrad is much faster and has better torps. Everything else is comparable to the Blysk. Plus you can use the Len to boost RU captains. It hurts me to say it, but i recommend the Leningrad over the Blysk in its current state
  12. What is the best AA DD?

    My highest games so far for plane kills Lo Yang 42 Sims 45 Gearing 53 I have been disappointed with the Grozovoi and Akizuki so far.
  13. Show us your 1 million XP ships.

    I was almost halfway to a natural (9,999,999xp) 19 point captain in my Blysk before the skill point change
  14. The potatoes make it to 5-2, believe it.