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  1. With they removal of stealth firing, I think the Leningrad would be a better investment than the Blysk. WG never gave the Blysk any sort of stat compensation for the removal of such a charactaristic ability. The Leningrad is much faster and has better torps. Everything else is comparable to the Blysk. Plus you can use the Len to boost RU captains. It hurts me to say it, but i recommend the Leningrad over the Blysk in its current state
  2. My highest games so far for plane kills Lo Yang 42 Sims 45 Gearing 53 I have been disappointed with the Grozovoi and Akizuki so far.
  3. I was almost halfway to a natural (9,999,999xp) 19 point captain in my Blysk before the skill point change
  4. The potatoes make it to 5-2, believe it.
  5. As a DD main, I have endured the OWSF nerf, the introduction of "magic" radar and sonar, RDF, 10.6km secondaries, the ability to have less diverse captains by changing the skill tree, the nerf of several of my ships torpedoes, and im sure I am missing a few. But if this goes live, I'm done. This isn't doom and gloom, or a threat. It's a promise.
  6. Awesome review, as always. You saved me $22 USD
  7. Thanks LWM! You rock
  8. I definitely see more Hatsu's in the 5-2 rank than I did in 10-6. Of course the meta is different with most BBs spamming HE at everything, so stealth is vital
  9. She can't invisifire anymore, sadly. It's a damn shame, but life goes on. I retired my Blysk after 1000+ matches due to the OWSF nerf. I'm not bitter about it, I just prefer to remember her how she was. That being said, my advice for taking on USN DDs, is to get them to chase you. The Blysk is faster, and more importantly, it has 4 guns in the rear vs 2 guns in the front of USN DDs. If you fire 3 torps to both sides of them, alot of times they will go broadside to try to get more guns on you, and run into them. Definitely keep them outside of 7km, or they will out DPM you. The Blysk also has an excellent Alpha strike, so don't be afraid to take a shot at any DD or CA with under 3k HP left. I do plan on bringing her out of retirement if WG decides to give her a little love, since they really hurt her with the OWSF nerf. I would prob use her in a T7 Ranked season too. Good luck
  10. Can't wait to see what you think if the Gallant :)
  11. The reason the Sims worked so well in ranked last season had more to do with the hidden xp bonus it recieved, which greatly increased its chances of being top player in case of a loss
  12. If you ranked pretty high last season, starting at a higher rank also helps weed out a significant amount of potatoes from the queue. Not all, but alot of them.
  13. I have been trying to make the Gaede work for me, but it's a slug. The stock guns suck, and the big guns just don't have the DPM to make it worth hunting DDs with the hydro. The horrible smoke duration just adds insult. I'm sticking with the Anshan, and maybe the Gallant if she comes out in time
  14. I have started using Steering gear Mod 3 instead of the Concealment mod, and Incoming Fire Alert. I play the Kut alot like the Khab at long range, after I run out of smoke. During Supremacy, I use more AA mods, but I ditch them for Randoms, as most CVs know to stay away from me.