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  1. SgtMajorBuzz


    Same, I cant hear ship guns at all
  2. SgtMajorBuzz

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    WG Dev - Well Komrade, we nerfed the CVs to the point that nobody plays them anymore, the players aren't angry anymore Other WG Dev- Hold my vodka.....
  3. SgtMajorBuzz

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    I am still not seeing any point to this. If my math is correct, I will have to reset 3 lines to be able to get the Colbert. I have around 1 billion credits, a few million free xp, all the T10 except for 2 BBs, literally thousands of signals and camos. My question, is why? What is the point? All this for a Colbert that will probably get stealth nerfed? Nah, I'm good, thanks. Unless I'm missing something...
  4. SgtMajorBuzz

    Destroyer AA cancer

    I just wish they would add the confusion back to DFAA, it at least gave us a chance to dodge
  5. SgtMajorBuzz

    Destroyer AA cancer

    At 1 time, a year or so before the CV rework, I had the record for plane kills in the Sims and Lo Yang. And my 1 and only Clear Sky achievement was in the Gearing with something like 60 planes. But, the records have long since been beaten, and Clear Sky is gone, but AA DDs have always been a thing, except immediately after the CV rework. Now, things are getting back to normal.
  6. SgtMajorBuzz

    Destroyer AA cancer

    If it's a US DD, they have always had strong AA, other than that, I dont know of any that got buffs. Can you list a few so I can check them out please?
  7. SgtMajorBuzz

    Destroyer AA cancer

    Had a Hakuryu do it to me recently in my non AA spec Benson. I shot down 2 whole planes during the 5 passes it took him to rocket me to death. So forgive my lack of sympathy for your planes that regenerate. Also keep in mind , that DDs have to sacrifice many skills and mods in order for them to be able to kill planes. That makes them less useful against other types of ships, not to mention that there is the good chance that there won't even be a CV in the match, which makes the AA skills and mods useless. Nope No sympathy
  8. SgtMajorBuzz

    Destroyer AA cancer

    I'm OK with this. If CV attacks an AA spec DD, the planes should die. The CV lives, the DD lives, the planes regenerate, the CV either finds a new target or loses more planes. But, if a CV finds a DD with weak AA, the CV lives, the DD dies, the planes regenerate, and the DD never even sees the CV. So wait, which one is it that's OP?
  9. SgtMajorBuzz

    Compensation for removing Hakuryu TB module?

    Considering they have ignored the request for refunds/doubloon compensation/needed buffs from all of the Blyskawica owners after they took away its selling point feature, I wouldn't hold my breath on any sort of refund/sympathy/response from WG-Actual. Just chalk it up as a lesson like the rest of us. Be careful what you spend money on in this game
  10. SgtMajorBuzz

    Armada: Benham

    Back to back AND concurrent. It seems like we have to choose between Ranked Sprint and this new scenario that is designed so that only people who grind tirelessly the entire duration MIGHT earn enough for the Benham. The other 95% of will have to buy containers, if we want to get it. Considering the rewards for Ranked Sprint suck, I may go for the DD. I just think WG should spread things out a little, especially events that require many battles. Then throw Clan Wars into the mix, and forget about having time for either event
  11. SgtMajorBuzz

    When was your first 19-point commander?

    I was about 3/4 of the way to a 19 point Capt on my Blyskawica, way back when it took 9,999,999 xp to get the 19th point. When they changed it over to 4 skill levels instead of 5, they gave bonus xp for every 18 point captain we had, so I ended up with about 10 19 pointers on the day the skill change took effect. I have around 40 of them now, with approx 5 million captain xp in reserves
  12. SgtMajorBuzz

    Has wargaming commented on this disaster?

    WG- We are removing Open Water Stealth Firing, because nobody should be able to do damage to another ship without fear of retaliation Also WG- come try out our new CVs
  13. 11M3J Bradley Mike Golf, but in retrospect, I should have joined the Coast Guard with my friend. She had hot tub parties in Alaska for 30 years and retired as an E9. All I got was arthritis, a bad back and a twisted sense of humor. <0
  14. SgtMajorBuzz

    Ranked Sprint

    Weak rewards
  15. SgtMajorBuzz

    Priorities, WG?

    Dont forget camouflages. I have literally thousands of them, with new ones added regularly.