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  1. I did a quick search to see if this is a known or common bug, but found no results. My in game wallet shows a drastic difference in currency and resources than what I show in game. My Research points and Ranked tokens are just plain missing. I have tried logging out and back in, with no change. Anybody else come across this?
  2. SgtMajorBuzz

    Premium time disappeared

    Disregard. I was able to activate it a second time, so WGs screw up actually worked out in my favor. I now have 14 days from today, instead of from last Friday
  3. Last Friday, I (everybody) received 2 weeks of premium time from WG. Apparently, it expired Wednesday night. Anybody else have that issue?
  4. SgtMajorBuzz

    14 Days of Premium Account as a Gift!

    My 2 weeks of premium time disappeared with the small update. Nice job guys...
  5. SgtMajorBuzz

    Dry Dock: Błyskawica

    WG literally advertised this ship as having open water stealth firing capabilities, sold it, then removed the capabilities with zero compensation or adjustments. After a few years, they decided to "buff" the stats. The so called buffs were so lame, they aren't even worth mentioning. I haven't made a ship purchase since.
  6. SgtMajorBuzz

    POLL: Is game play better or worse in 10.0 ?

    I played a few games after the update. I attempted to make my current lineup of ships work, unsuccessfully. I just dont see how these skills can make our ships more diverse. If anything, it forces us to either have a crap set of skills or select the ones they "recommend". To be honest, I was pretty pissed off when I logged out. So I waited a few days, thought about it, tweaked a few commanders skills around and decided to give it another try My conclusion is this [edited] this game Uninstalled
  7. SgtMajorBuzz

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    I took about a year off, give or take. Mostly because of the cancer that is CVs. This skill rework is what I returned to find. No thank you. WG is in their right to make changes as they see fit. Other players are in their right to agree or disagree with me. And I am in my right to go back to playing other games. This rework is trash, no matter how you spin it.
  8. SgtMajorBuzz

    Blyskawica still sucks

  9. SgtMajorBuzz

    Blyskawica still sucks

    I like to think I have played enough matches in her to base a fair opinion on her capabilities. She still sucks
  10. SgtMajorBuzz

    Blyskawica still sucks

    We have been asking for adjustments to the Blysk since you killed the one thing it was good at, OWSF. After a year, you gave us a camo. After a few more years, you give us 1/1000th of a second of the firing rate and today we get a few degrees added to the firing angle. WG, your adjustments are so miniscule that they are patronizing. Good luck selling the Blysk to anybody. She is still garbage, having been overtaken by constant power creep. For the record, I have not and will not buy anymore ships, because of what you did the Blysk. I clearly made the right choice
  11. SgtMajorBuzz

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    WG Dev - Well Komrade, we nerfed the CVs to the point that nobody plays them anymore, the players aren't angry anymore Other WG Dev- Hold my vodka.....
  12. SgtMajorBuzz

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    I am still not seeing any point to this. If my math is correct, I will have to reset 3 lines to be able to get the Colbert. I have around 1 billion credits, a few million free xp, all the T10 except for 2 BBs, literally thousands of signals and camos. My question, is why? What is the point? All this for a Colbert that will probably get stealth nerfed? Nah, I'm good, thanks. Unless I'm missing something...
  13. SgtMajorBuzz

    Destroyer AA cancer

    I just wish they would add the confusion back to DFAA, it at least gave us a chance to dodge
  14. SgtMajorBuzz

    Destroyer AA cancer

    At 1 time, a year or so before the CV rework, I had the record for plane kills in the Sims and Lo Yang. And my 1 and only Clear Sky achievement was in the Gearing with something like 60 planes. But, the records have long since been beaten, and Clear Sky is gone, but AA DDs have always been a thing, except immediately after the CV rework. Now, things are getting back to normal.
  15. SgtMajorBuzz

    Destroyer AA cancer

    If it's a US DD, they have always had strong AA, other than that, I dont know of any that got buffs. Can you list a few so I can check them out please?