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  1. My thoughts... Really annoying to be strafe to death in my kagero before getting even near the cap or another ship to help. Help Ummm no even my AA monster Cleveland does nothing to planes... Bought a Kidd a while back. Unfortunately useless against this... Ummm, this has caused a serious ruckus. The Cleveland or Kidd should be a threat to the planes! Not taking out one or two... Ok may be not swatting squadrons into the sea as before. Least make it a viable option for protection.
  2. MQ1hunter

    Why bother with tier 8

    I have gotten used to it. But surely like my Cleveland, Ooo the squishy but pretty much a threat when not being focused. You get a fire you get fire everyone gets a fire
  3. MQ1hunter

    First 19 Point Captain

    Awesome... I am at 4000 games & almost have my first.
  4. MQ1hunter

    Remember When?

    Laughable now but my IJN Mutsuki was my favorite... And now moth balled. Yepper... But Ahh growing pains. Nice to see the Cleve at 8... Lots of opportunity for potatoes power.