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  1. Anyone here still waiting for it to ultimately end, we're still here ~ kinda 👀
  2. Just a few thoughts in what may be the last few hours before message posting is locked. To anyone who sees this, think of this as my own rushed and rambled eulogy on my time here on the WoWS forum.

    I've never really taken part in any large forums before or to an extent after my most active periods here in 2015. As a kid in high school whilst my experience was very positive I was never apart of much larger community like WoWS's, which at the time was really exiting Beta phase I think. But then I started posting here, and met some absolutely amazing people in which I still cherish the times I've intereacted with them. 

    I've only really been active on 2 major threads; KMaus' (now deleted) Around the office thread the and the Friendly Hangout by the Sea/Hangout by the Sea RP thread and both times I felt absolutely welcomed and valued as a contributor to conversation. I'll miss these dearly. It may not have been long but being here helped me grow in ways that I don't think I would have if I hadn't started posting here all these years ago.

    To those who I've talked with anytime since 2016, I hope you have a wonderful life and if we do cross paths somewhere down the line I hope we can catch up. I am on the EN Global discord server but I'm very much a lurker.
    Thank you everyone, for everything and I'll miss you all. 

    All hail Waffles the plush fox mascot and Kat and Kitty forever.

    (I still definitely play WoWS so if you ever wanna just bot stomp on Co-op I'm down. Screw it my discord is herr_ if anyone sees this)
    ((Art is also the little hypothetical Waffles Brigade clan emblem I made for KMaus' thread back waaaaaay long ago))


  3. KT67

    Let’s End This Like It Began- POI!

  4. *Engine humming going empty*

  5. KT67

    Hangout by the Sea (Volume 2)

    Hello hello, it's been a while! I'm not sure if you guys remember me but I heard the forums were closing down and looking way back to 2015 (to when I still in high school as well wow) I wanted to say thank you all for the fun times and that funny RP I never finished lmbo. I hope you all are doing okay and as for me I'm doing alright myself, I finished an industrial design degree and is currently studying concept art in hopes of doing art professionally in the industry. I wish you guys the best of luck in all that you do! Fair winds and following seas to everyone <3 Oh yeah also if you remember Kat from the RP I've been drawing her more as well! God she's come a long way from 2015
  6. *Low Engine Humming*

    1. Rolkatsuki


      long time no see /^.\\ /

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      Holy jesus my boy KT still living. 

      - StrixKitty.

  7. KT67

    Hangout by the Sea

    Super unrelated post This thread still exists, woah. Hello hello from forever ago
  8. Er Hers Der Bersmerk \^^/

  9. Gotta catch all the ARP ships

  10. Back for the Takao!

  11. I'm still alive! And relevant in the gist of things... I think.

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  12. Ship-Tank-Artist-Thing Extraordinaire!