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  1. waloliso

    Armory Update Review

    Yah..I don't mind new stuff and new interface in general but this is not it...cluttered, hard to figure out what is what and so on..please change back...it sucks...nice try but this is just not very well thought through :(
  2. waloliso

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    HAHAHAH....funny ...I love WG drones! Especially the part with playing against CVs...what a funny guy! Can somebody give him a cookie!
  3. waloliso

    is WGC finally unavoidable?

    I am an video editor and I just turn everything off in the task manager ..but you should know that if you work with computers and that takes me a few seconds...lol. Sometimes I think people think harder to create a problem than to just solve it.
  4. waloliso

    Flamu: Subs - a disaster brewing

    Yes you made your point..his point..IT IS SO FREAKING BORING!! Why would I play that ..ever...had that situation yesterday and I just don't care about getting bored to death by running around the map trying to avoid a ship for 5 minutes. Not engaging ...so why would I want that??? Since you did not understand his video or you did not bother to watch it ...why add something boring and frustrating which alienates even more players. As its own game mode for people like you...sure ..have fun and stay there but in general I pray they don't add this garbage to randoms. I think CVs are important (1 is enough in a random game) because otherwise DDs would take over completely and would be absolutely op. I think finally we getting somewhere in randoms but man if this sub crap comes...lol....it will be a s*** storm which will make CVs look like peanuts. Ah well,...have fun! I am done playing the subs because it is just too boring.
  5. waloliso

    Wargaming.......Why? Just why?

    Yupp..played a few games as sub and the most difficult part is to time the pings...lol..thats what I did most of the time and being frustrated when I had to find a ship somewhere and I am painfully slow with 20 knots or so or capping . Not sure this is the way to go...maybe as a game mode?
  6. waloliso

    Dockyard event is insulting.

    Nice story! You still don't get it and with what you just wrote you dug even a bigger hole..lol! Well, math degree .... you certainly failed there! There is always a kid who thinks he has to hold the candle for the cause ...just in this case it is pure greed but one day, when you grow up and get over your math degree(haha) you will understand! ;)
  7. Yupp...you are making my point...sad, just sad and this is on purpose....nobody can tell me they did not do the math...lol...I have a hard time not to call them some names bc it is really , really ridiculous!
  8. Thanks buddy but I opened already the containers so I think that would not be fair! No, I take responsibility for my haste decisions without doing research and WG really screwed us here, and without a reason bc so many people spend money here (so did I on containers and quite a bit) and it is disappointing to see that the greed knows no limits! Sad but they will learn the hard way...EA did...and sooner or later this fun game will be just like WOT! Sad bc I really like it! :(
  9. I read it and the directives are insane. Do some research and see how much time it potentially will take to complete them...lol...watch Flamu or ichasegaming maybe and get an idea ...well... I don't want the ship if it costs me my job! The time it would require would cost me 1000s of dollars so yeah...I am an idiot for starting it bc it is a virtual ship whereas I spent real money....so I am an idiot and WG got one up my behind...as I said GJ WG
  10. 2 boosts..call me an IDIOT bBc I am to fall for this scam! GJ WG..you screwed us over !!! GJ
  11. waloliso

    Dockyard event is insulting.

    Hahah...yeah let's wait and see...tell me in a few weeks how it is going. Good thing you are really bad in math bc otherwise you might realize that you will fail without spending money! But hey, good luck and if you have 6 hours a day to play...bad for you! Anyway, you don't understand what the issue at hand! GG
  12. Yupp...I agree with you...I feel like an idiot!! I thought it was a regular grind till I saw the directives and thought, forget about it!
  13. You got a point but I do have the Belfast and I was hoping for the Missouri...besides that I have most good ships!
  14. Well, depends what you had before! I have gotten several ships which I sold before which are just bad! And the ships I got which I did not have before are all tier 8 and nothing special either. Just calculate how much you spent on the crates and what you got for it and you might be happy...or not! The problem is that this is gambling and there is no guarantee that you get something you need!
  15. I was thinking the same thing! Employee most likely.