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  1. The Nelson!

    Nelson is good for a couple of things: she is a zombie ship, and she has large guns that cause bevis and buthead to blush over her fire chance.
  2. Khab...

    Oh but it’s so fun when they go stern or bow on when I am in my BB’s.. Those babies go khaboom quickly with full pen AP damage! OP, you should try AP. When I am facing one down in a DD, switching to AP and laying into them when they don’t expect you is the way to go. Also, try sneaking up and launching torps, then hold fire until the torps are in position. A Khab will almost assuredly turn towards you knowing their armor is the tits bow on. Then running at warp 12, they can’t turn great and eat sushi.
  3. I would argue that Wilhelm Franz Canaris would and should be our grind captain for the Germans. Read up on him and you’ll see why. He was against the war, conspired against Adolf, and should be considered a hero in that regard.
  4. I don’t know if you have been in some fantasy land, or a relatively new player but I assure you, the USN cruiser line has been and will be island huggers, even the lower tiers. The exception is St. Louis. She is a tanky open water cruiser. Go watch Notser, and Nozoupforyou. Watch how they play those cruisers of yore.. Island huggers, HO!
  5. Umm, been in game since CBT. First off, USN cruisers have been in game since day one... there is a new sub-branch out, light cruisers, but the meta of USN cruisers hasn’t changed one iota. The whole line has always been hide behind cover, and use your floaty shells to get at them reds. As for the OP, the meta hasn’t changed in two years at least. All of these changes with consumables, etc. are the devs attempting to change the meta. Just enjoy and embrace for impact Shipmate!
  6. I want a German campaign next! WG, give us Wilhelm Franz Canaris! He did a lot in Germany, and should be considered a hero to the allies for his part in resisting against Hitler.
  7. Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    I don’t see a problem with it. And when I buy doubloons I buy $50-$100 a go, so yeah, if flight training weren’t a thing for me right now, and needing a new computer, I would be on this like a whale!
  8. Scharnhorst woes...

    If I’m not mistaken, Graf Spee had a heavier and less efficient shell than Scharnhorst in real life. Also, you cannot hit anything because you angered rnjesus. You must make amends to his almighty holiness, and scrub the decks of low WR or tithe 10% of your earnings.....
  9. Hmm, you may be on to something, but I think they do ok for their role. However, I think they need to just tone down the fire chance and slightly increase torp protection. Yes the KMS ships are brawlers, but they are tinder boxes that leak a lot also. You are most likely to burn or flood to death than straight pen death. I suggest and would rather see them buff dot protection vice secondary buffs. Since AP bombs are a thing now, I would also like to see T9 and T10 get a buff to AA. Not a range increase, but a dpm increase.
  10. Yes, Saipan is a T7 CV with T9 planes, just less of them..
  11. Focus Firing on Enemy Ships

    Look mate, all we are trying to tell you is, to put it bluntly, you are looking for too much support from individuals in game modes that support and reward selfish play. Also, it sounds like from your last statement you’re pushing up too fast in your ship in a meta that won’t support said push. Try this: hang back more at the beginning, take opportune shots, disappear, read the minimap, reposition yourself, then do gods will. Big Mo and Iowa, if played right and with that very tactic will reward your play with way above average wins, like 65% and over, and big damage to boot. Playing to that end is what you want. And catching cruisers broadside at 12.5-14km is the best feeling ever. If you want solid team play take up an interest in ranked, cb, or div’ing up with people you played well with in randoms. Oh and o7 Skipper!
  12. Focus Firing on Enemy Ships

    It’s ok Lert. Some people read what they want to read, never seeing the forest through the trees or victimizing themselves for their own mistakes, a la charging a cap in an otherwise squishy BB, thinking the entire team halfway across the map is going to support you, or that all powerful radar shall save your otherwise squishy and large juicy target boat.
  13. Focus Firing on Enemy Ships

    This is a game of individuals. I would suggest running ranked and clan battles vice random and co-op. The only way to successfully get people to listen to you is start the match off with suggestions and direction. If you are bottom tier, no one will listen to you unless someone sees you have the skills (read stats) to backup your request or direction. If you insist on running ransoms, div up.
  14. Death by Ghostly Torpedoes

    Hmm, 50 torpedos sounds like you are not wasd ninja or even wasd literate. Also, 50 torps? Dude, that means something else launched torps too and you didn’t spot it. No crusier can spit that many fish save kitakame, and she is a ghost in the tree. TLDR: learn better wasd, learn qe, learn that ships often fire torps well before they’re dead, and therefore you must prepare with WASDQE.
  15. The Devil's own ship

    Atago. Atago is an enigma wrapped in a ronin’s tatami, that spits liquid magma and then vanishes.