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  1. agrims

    T-61 Is Not OP

    Nah, she will the the Italian Ognevoi at T6 when Ognevoi was at T6..
  2. I presume not. But it is a super special thing, it shouldn’t be able to be sold, or charge you to demount it.
  3. One would think that WG would allow the legendary modules to be swapped in or out for free, only making you pay for the normal module......
  4. agrims

    CV Shinano

    If I remember right in naval heritage classes, Shinano didn’t have all of her fittings installed yet, which aided her sinking. Hard to save a sinking ship with no watertight doors. It’s like building a submarine with a screen door! It would be cool to have her in game again though!
  5. agrims

    Upcoming ship models

    Hey guys, WV is going to be squishy! When you zoom in, it’s all hollow inside!! I kid. Excited for only one of these ships, Dreadnought.
  6. It’s there as an option in the WGC. You can’t launch the client until tomorrow when the patch launches, but it’s def. there.
  7. I am nervous about this change for one reason: Kaga. Otherwise, Ranger should be T6. Her play is easily countered by both Hiriyu and Kaga. Let’s not even start with Saipan. At T6 I think she’ll be a good bote. Anyways, invite received, TST downloaded, impatiently waiting for tomorrow!
  8. agrims

    Why Are you Joining the CV Rework Test

    You didn’t list this, but here is my reason: I own Kaga, a ship so different from every other CV, and the only one I own. If they take away her very special torp drop scheme and is no longer Uber effective, then I will have no choice but to sell her... so I am curious to see this rework first hand!
  9. If your team has hashbrowned, yes, you can bust 3mil easy, especially with all the modifiers. But your team must thoroughly hashbrowned.
  10. agrims

    dd v. dd HE or AP

    I will piggy back off of Lert: it depends. if you are in Akizuki and up, the guns are small enough the AP will not overpen most DD’s, however, like Lert stated, they must be flat broadside. Oh, one other dirty AP trick. If Khabarovsk goes flat broad, AP the poo out of them with your, any, DD gun and watch them melt. Also, it’s hilarious because they can’t heal that damage back like HE. My groz loves to do such nasty things to Khab. Theres another DD AP trick I use against US and KMS DDs: depending on the ship line, there is a perfect distance to get solid pen damage from AP shells, but it will be up to you to figure it out!
  11. agrims

    4th free code

    Finally missed the last several, got one! How much longer is the stream? I wonder if they will release anymore! Thanks for posting these! At work and can’t watch...
  12. agrims


    It’s been very quiet from V12. I think I killed the forum troll! Do I get a prize? Maybe he rage quit?
  13. agrims


    Holy lack of people skills, and reasoning skills Batman. Your lack of the basic understanding of the human race is unbelievable, but actually really entertaining. You shut up with your complaint after it was pointed out in the games code your an idiot, yet you still stat shame. This is a game. A G-A-M-E. Not something to be taken seriously, something one does for fun. Why stat shame? What is the point? I would wager that a solid 80% of the very small player base just play because they like the concept of arcade style naval warfare. Not because they want to become fabulous glorious gilded winged unitwats. So, what is the point. You have admitted that you “played competitively” in another title, so what, who cares. It just shows how hollow your life is, and the true meaning of your worth. Maybe just go pound your pud in the darkest corner of your miserable room, stop spewing the stat shaming, and take one of those self help classes you recommend so highly. i think you should probably put your keyboard down for a day or two, stop being a horrible troll, learn to except when you are wrong instead of deflect/blame/shame, and maybe then be a bit more thoughtful in your responses other than “ugh, another not fabulous glorious winged gilded un-unicum is trying to tell me I’m wrong, but your stats in game clearly tell me you know nothing, goooooo”. Maybe, just maybe @Lert, others, and myself maybe know what we are talking about because we are observant, have played the class, against the class, and read the forum, devblog, and chat in game. So, please cupcake, I insist you have a wonderful day. Kisses!
  14. agrims


    Hey V12, quit stat shaming... Put the game down and go make real friends. Not that you ever would with your winning attitude and stat shaming. BTW, since you don’t know what sarcasm is, the above isn’t sarcasm. It’s an observation, and one that I am 100% sure of. CV’s do have a skill gap that many can’t surmount, and that makes the class untenable in its current state. You can stat shame all you want, I’m an average joe who has a family, life, career, and oh yeah, loads of real friends. The kind you invite over to drink, play cards with (not magic, or Pokémon, or whatever else, manly cards like poker, etc.), BBQ, and the kind of friends I would trust my life with. What Lert, and just about everyone else states, your wrong. The AA isn’t the problem. You can’t fix it with an AA nerf. You can fix it by reworking the class, and in the news article they will also adjust Captain skills, and AA mechanics. So for Christ’s sake, get off your very, ungodly tall horse and go get a life.
  15. agrims

    Aircraft change suggestion

    But, that’s exactly what the spotter plane is, an animated vision bubble... look, the plane is easily countered. Pop smoke if you have to, or find an island waifu at the cap, most have one, and control click the plane for more damage to it per second. Also, you would be surprised how many people in this game will leave you be if you’re not harassing them directly