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  1. agrims

    Błyskawica Buff When?

    Ok, devils advocate: uptier her to T8, give her a late war AA outfit and give her that last gun barrel. Also, grease up those rudder posts, so she can better wiggle, and increase toro range by .5km. Then I wouldn’t even care if it kept the same concealment or not...
  2. agrims

    what modules for the seattle?

    Some people use it, but your shells sound like Buzz Lightyear when they go 15km, much less further... “Boom: To infinity, and beyond!” AA is optimal for her.
  3. It’s not that the game got hard.. it’s that it has changed significantly and in very bad ways, all at once. Also, comments like that aren’t constructive and not great for the community as a whole boss. Further, this patch isn’t just a cv rework, but also concealment changes, credit earning changes, ship removals, etc.
  4. I believe it’s time for me to lay down my computer and wallet for a good long while folks. I may or may not come back for a few reasons, and I know folks will flame this post but here’s my reason anyway. The CV rework has changed a fundamental aspect of this game, and while the RTS system was not well implemented, it was manageable. Rocket planes are making life difficult for DD players, Torp planes dropping 2-4 torps every 10 seconds on different sides of your ship while mostly going unscathed by AA is killing game play for CAs and BBs. AA isn’t really a thing either. Concealment took a hit, and there is something up with the credit earning system, premium account or not, earning is down to the point of loosing credits.... unless you play a CV like Kaga... or premium plus premium ship... This patch has changed too much and even though I was accepted to the early play testing, the game wasn’t representative of what it would be like going live. All this to say one wallet warrior is done for now. I will drop in from time to time in game solely because I have around 1k invested over the course of CBT through today on ships and other purchases, but the wallet is closed, and I am looking around for an alternative that I can play and get my ship fix...
  5. The real gud players pop smoke and continue to an alternate location where those Kita torps can do work work work work work. I love my kita and tend to do well in her. Haven’t tried my hand at ranked yet this season and may not due to a PCS to, Chiberia... don’t know if my poor Mac Pro would even work in that Pho-king cold!
  6. agrims

    Fletcher or Jutland?

    My vote and money is on Kitakaze this season as the dominant DD due to TRB and running RPF...
  7. agrims

    Moskva AP vs HE

    Moskva and Stalingrad play like this, and only like this for maximum levels of Stalins favor: Find an island on a flank, make good love to said island to protect squishy mid section. Fire AP at targets of opportunity as even BB’s will have shocked faces when the hand of Stalin guides your AP into their squishy sides. Otherwise switch to HE and let Lenin scorch their souls with the force of Tunguska....
  8. agrims

    PSA: Azuma downtiered to T9

    So, I won’t be making this purchase as it sits in the dev blog... She is way to squishy, by that I mean she needs at least 27mm of armor, and yes, they need to give her Zao torps as well in place of the hydro removal. At least it appears she will receive line CA accuracy, which is some consolation, just not enough for me.....
  9. agrims

    Torpedo spotting in 8

    (As Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart queued the orchestra...) “let the BBabies tears floweth forth fervently” - composed 2019 posthumously... I cannot wait for this, as I figured something of this sort was coming with the massive change in up time for catapult fighters....
  10. agrims

    Rewarding Thursday!

    For mindless fun: Khabarovsk, Harugumo. For credits: Missouri, Atago, Musashi, Tirpitz. For free XP: Anshan. For cruiser challenges and CB: Hindenburg.
  11. It isn’t something new. This has been a thing since CBT. The NC has a very bulbous bow and allows shells in to the citadel very easily. When successful bow tankers use the ship, try an off center bow on, even just a couple of degrees will ensure a bounce every time.
  12. agrims

    T-61 Is Not OP

    Nah, she will the the Italian Ognevoi at T6 when Ognevoi was at T6..
  13. I presume not. But it is a super special thing, it shouldn’t be able to be sold, or charge you to demount it.
  14. One would think that WG would allow the legendary modules to be swapped in or out for free, only making you pay for the normal module......
  15. agrims

    CV Shinano

    If I remember right in naval heritage classes, Shinano didn’t have all of her fittings installed yet, which aided her sinking. Hard to save a sinking ship with no watertight doors. It’s like building a submarine with a screen door! It would be cool to have her in game again though!