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  1. Mikebello

    CVs in co-op

    I retire all my cv from coop. Always lowest tier and aa is too much There are also very very few battle where is there a cv in Green team. Regards
  2. Mikebello

    Did ramming change?

    I rammed a NM full health, 90 degree with my blys half health full speed . I sunk , NM 0 DAMAGE!
  3. Mikebello

    More and More Passive...

    Probably people notice: first ship spotted = 5 enemy ships shooting at you = back to port.
  4. Mikebello

    How are you coming on the RW Directives Part 3?

    If you can get 5 star.... I can play Max 2 hours a day and in two days I have get 10000 free XP in dd ( my main class) pure coop no flags/special camo For me is a "no Hill" situation 😁
  5. Mikebello

    This WILL happen if they remove TK and TD!

    Remove team killer? Easy. If someone damage a friend ships, he takes all the damage and friendly Target take 0 Regards
  6. Good idea. Finally I can find a use for stupid ram flags also 😁
  7. Mikebello

    How are you coming on the RW Directives Part 3?

    Same here. Playing co-op DD I think I need 3 days to finish free XP quest. Bye bye Hill 😁
  8. Mikebello

    Stupid Idea Thread

    Remove the "assist" for shooting and torpedo predict path. Let's see who is real good
  9. Mikebello

    Ship that Tip! - 8th - 15th

    Beware of dropping smoke in UK destroyer if you have damage engine. You will go over smoke .... Few puff only
  10. How can WG balance cv if no one play them? IMHO was better : big plane loss but big alpha. So you can decide when was worth doing an attack, maybe lose all squadron but do big damage to a ship. No Regen.
  11. Many cry about cv be OP . Wg overbuff AA play cv now is not fun , not rewarding ( in most cases) so no one play them. You want tier 9 DD? Play event directives Regards
  12. Mikebello

    Ape not kill Ape, Bot not kill Bot

    Is not ramming. They are kissing
  13. Mikebello

    Zero damage ram!

    No. She was full health, I was half life Her guns were pointing other side. I come out from an island, no torps ready, she was lsat bb in battle. I run blys just in the middle of the nm at full speed. As I ram I take full damage nm zero Maybe was considered a hit on torpedo belt?
  14. Try to image😉 I only play co-op and even there you cannot play cv Bot sail in formation, you always are lowest tier, aa is terrible, planes costs are too high. You must slingshot every attack( like real life) hope to make one pass, have all remaining planes killed , scramble another squadron and wait 1.30 minutes before you do the same thing as before. Better play krasny krim.........go figure