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  1. Mikebello

    Asashio Review, A Better Understanding

    Wanna make asashio a fun DD? Give 3 set of torps. Super deep 20 km like now, 12 km normal deep , 8 km all round torps. ( You decide speeds and damage of all) Reload boost: 8 sec 20k. 15 sec 12km. 30 sec 8km
  2. Mikebello

    Why are service costs to high at tier 9?

    Do you think Wargame workers do not pay bills, eat , have house etc etc? What is your age? 11? If you like the game support it. Buy premium time or camo or what you want to keep it running.
  3. What about selling owned ships for doubloon at auction where wg get 25% of the selling price?
  4. Mikebello

    The Skull Throne

    I want old cruiser 6 min fighter back🤣
  5. Give me Kutuzov then I can talk😉
  6. Atlanta for me.....and I am a DD player lol
  7. Mikebello

    The abuse and misuse of karma point

    Yes. XP and silver are lower but battle are easier. Just remember: you can do 2/3 battle in the same time of a random one 😉 so....same XP for minute 😁
  8. Mikebello

    Crates and the 'Fly Strike Win ' event

    I get the Perth in free crate this xmas
  9. Mikebello

    The abuse and misuse of karma point

    Come to co-op. Negative karma is very rare. You can get it only when pvp players come in pve 🤣
  10. Mikebello

    COOP Battles not 100% mirrored (not talking CVs)

    This. And please give back old fighter plane on cruiser and BB😁
  11. Mikebello

    COOP Battles not 100% mirrored (not talking CVs)

    Yes, but only one or two are different. Need more
  12. If you want the game will go on and you enjoy it buy something. You do not think wg people have family, bills etc etc?
  13. Maybe at Mauritius is better go at sea then play wows?😉
  14. Mikebello

    move CV to coop and bot modes only plz

    Yes. I find Budyonny very fun. Schors make me cry. Grind in co-op is too much for me. Better accumulate free XP and jump her.