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  1. First one. All are super but first is very very beautiful!!!!!
  2. I image this. Consider that : doing snowflakes you play lower tier Lower tier give less xp and less damage but quite the same kills Iirc personal rating is made by this counts. Probably a super player doing only tier 5 has a lower rating then a normal player at tier 10 Regards
  3. Mikebello

    French DD's in Coop

    Clearly is very very random.....but when happens you get a free smoke. Regards
  4. Mikebello

    French DD's in Coop

    Follow a green DD bot ( I think they will be back when this event is over) wait until they get spotted....... Use their smoke for cover
  5. Not looking much at stats but for sure I get less xp for a single battle now. For sure you can do more coop because battles last about 3 minutes
  6. Mikebello

    Bad Santa?

  7. Mikebello

    I has a new shiny....

    Grats and Happy Xmas
  8. Also some grind is just now done in co-op like killing ships or secondary hits....
  9. Mikebello

    Mercy rule in Coop sucks!

    Lately coop is become bad. Quite always 3 bot still alive at the end of battle Xp for everyone looks in the low side Clearly win rate raise.....
  10. Mikebello

    The grind...the grind...

    I still not have removed all snowflakes from ships and I do not have many PR I don't ever look at Gorizia grind , for me, is too much. Not looking much at this Xmas event. Regards
  11. Mikebello

    Well Done, Customer Service!

    I had different problems during server switch. But customer care solved everything very fast. Well done. Thank you WG
  12. Mikebello

    EU server just got nuked by all the hate and salt.....

    Sorry I have a life. I can pay sometimes to support game but not pay so much and grind a lot also. You can keep PR. Best regards
  13. Try tell this to our Italian political class...... More state= more corruption..... Regards
  14. Mikebello

    Anybody else having connection issues?

    I have sometimes the same issue. (But happens every now and then) Is from the Italian line introducing. Regards
  15. Mikebello

    Smolensk in Ranked

    USA DD + mino radar team = all Smolensk sunk