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  1. Boeingboy

    That was quick

    I thought this thread was about something else.
  2. Boeingboy

    The "GG" Again....

    I think he tried his best and I hope he gets a trophy? I do think you have a point about gloating vs gg but I think most people here just try to show good sportsmanship. The few instigators will try to get under your skin earlier, not at the end.
  3. Boeingboy

    How Do You Deal With Losing Streaks?

    I'm on a "streak" right now. See you guys in a few days.
  4. Boeingboy

    Classes you just SUCK in

    The class suck seems to come in waves. Being "in sync" with the boat is pretty cool, definitely better than the streaks where I eat every shell and fish send my way.
  5. Hmm, this totally explains why I miss the occasional shot. Yep.
  6. Boeingboy

    Go Navy! Beat Army!

    Go Army. I do wish my boy hadn't followed me and chosen AF instead. I heard their crayons taste better.
  7. Boeingboy

    Can anyone explain right of way?

    Heck, I don't even give way to islands.
  8. Boeingboy

    Classy BOTES for Clan Battles

    Bringing sunlight to inappropriate behavior is hardly in the same class as violating an eula. Those two guys from BOTES should be ashamed.
  9. Boeingboy

    Narai moral question

    I just hope they don't carry a cargo of puppies.
  10. Boeingboy

    Miss Mouse for Captain!

    In my case: "the citadel sits exposed and is easily hit when not angled correctly "
  11. They do. It's the pointy end. Also, they are called boats.
  12. Boeingboy

    Cheating in battle

    I, for one, welcome our robot overlords.
  13. Boeingboy

    You know what this game needs?

  14. The only way to get around the varying skill levels is having different leagues. Play pond hockey well, get on the high school team etc. Top 20% gets promoted. Of course the wait times in random would increase.