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  1. The only way to get around the varying skill levels is having different leagues. Play pond hockey well, get on the high school team etc. Top 20% gets promoted. Of course the wait times in random would increase.
  2. Boeingboy

    Team gathering in one spot

    Finding a red bait ball in a shima, priceless.
  3. Boeingboy

    How to "team" play

    When getting ready to use radar, I normally type out “15s for radar at C” or whatever. It gives people a chance to get ready if they want.
  4. Boeingboy

    CVs against DDs

    I kinda play wows like a drunk toddler, so take this for what it’s worth. As a DD main, I’m a little slower and nearer AA for the first 5 minutes or so. If the CV is strangely aroused by my presence, I’ll stick around a CL and let him take himself out of the game. If not, I DD like always. I haven’t looked, but I think my wr in DD’s is nearly the same. Sincerely, slightly toasted shima driver.
  5. Boeingboy

    Ranked 1 v 1 and Tirpitz

    I did the same with the Bismarck.
  6. Boeingboy

    What is a good Winning percentage?

    On a somewhat related note. What survival rate does Great DD players have? I’m mostly a DD player and I seem to sink a lot. 52% wr and 32% survival overall. DD wr around 55 and survival at 29. I’ve been working on staying patient.
  7. Boeingboy

    "There is Australian people here..."

    Next will be the Irish....
  8. Zaydan, exactly the same thing happened to me. Had to reboot to close the game. “Luckily” I was the last green ship alive after a rout, so no penalty. Guess I’ll submit a bug ticket if it happens again.
  9. Boeingboy

    WoWs 50k Stream Codes

    Thank you.
  10. Boeingboy

    Confess, have you ever

    Not me, nope. Never. And I most definitely have never launched deep water fish at another DD.
  11. Boeingboy

    Peter Wessel Tordenskiold

    A great story about this guy. Apparently, he wasn’t a quitter. .In 1714, Wessel was court-martialled after an indecisive sea battle with a Swedish frigate. The account of the incident is verified by the legal proceedings from November 1714. On 26 July 1714, he encountered a frigate under English flag near Lindesnes, while flying a Dutch flag on the Løvendals Gallej himself. The other frigate was De Olbing Galley carrying 28 guns, which had been equipped in England for the Swedes and was on its way to Gothenburg under the command of an English captain named Bactmann. De Olbing Galley signalled for Løvendals Gallej to come closer, and as Wessel raised the Danish flag, Bactmann fired a broadside at him.[4] In the English captain, Wessel met a tough match.[3] The combat lasted all day, and when De Olbing Galley tried to escape in the evening, Wessel set more sails and continued the duel.[4] The fight was interrupted by nightfall, and renewed again indecisively the following morning.[3] Both ships were badly damaged after around 14 hours of fighting, when Wessel was running out of ammunition. He then sent an envoy to the English ship, cordially thanking the English for a good duel, and asked if he could borrow some of their ammunitions in order to continue the fight. His request was denied, and the captains drank to each other's health, before the ships dispersed.[4][5]
  12. Boeingboy

    He's finally coming...

    I still prefer the “Mike Tyson with a Russian accent” Captain
  13. Unless there is enough players to support a league graduation system, we will have pond hockey and NHL’ers playing side by side.
  14. Boeingboy

    So Long and thanks for all the fish..

    The answer is 42.
  15. Boeingboy


    I second the motion. At least the Dasha part. Haven’t had coffee yet, so I’ll have to think about steel and karma.