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  1. Different maps, different boat line ups. It’s a good thing. Shima is my best t10 but I’m glad it’s not all ocean maps, keeps me working on becoming better (uphill battle, btw)
  2. It's Always the DD's Fault

    I may have gotten surprised once and panic launched at a DD. Everybody complimented me on the accuracy.
  3. Ah. the life of a DD...

    Somewhat related, what is the general take on higher risk torpedo shots? I was in my Shima in a game that was going badly and getting worse. There was a Conq that kept 2 green BB’s busy and I had the opportunity to go behind and delete him with a wall of skill but any missed fish would go towards the green BB’s about 8km downrange. 1 fish hit a fairly healthy Montana for 7,5k damage and boy, he was not pleased. I warned before, during and after my launch. My feeling is that I broke a logjam, did 68k damage and finished off the Conq and got 2 teammates back in the game, so the team damage was worth it. Was I wrong?