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  1. Boeingboy


    I second the motion. At least the Dasha part. Haven’t had coffee yet, so I’ll have to think about steel and karma.
  2. Boeingboy


    I shoot corpses all the time. I prefer to think of it as double taps or anchor rounds. You just can’t be too careful with those red basterds.
  3. Boeingboy

    Which torps do you use for the Gearing?

    I haven’t done well with the Gearing torps so I just switched back to Fletcher fish. Now, to UU or not, that’s the question. Merry Christmas, all.
  4. Boeingboy

    Which ship is your most fun?

    Shima. I struggle with staying afloat, but enjoy all them torpedoes in the water. Very satisfying. Akizuki for when I’m feeling sad.
  5. Boeingboy

    Jet noise bug solution

    Getting ready for tier 11?
  6. Sharks and their fans add class and good looks to any gathering.
  7. Boeingboy

    Stop Telling Me How To Play DD

    “Dead” and live players have saved more than one win for me. I sure appreciate advice if I’m knee deep in alligators and I’ve overlooked something. Is some of it useless? Yes, but I don’t have to take it.
  8. Boeingboy

    Free Container Code

    Thank you!
  9. Boeingboy

    Garbage boats you like...

    Okay, I’ll say it. Lady Lex. The most Okayish CV I played. I suck at all the other ones.
  10. Boeingboy


    Sharks, they don’t break my heart until spring.
  11. Different maps, different boat line ups. It’s a good thing. Shima is my best t10 but I’m glad it’s not all ocean maps, keeps me working on becoming better (uphill battle, btw)
  12. Boeingboy

    It's Always the DD's Fault

    I may have gotten surprised once and panic launched at a DD. Everybody complimented me on the accuracy.
  13. Boeingboy

    Ah. the life of a DD...

    Somewhat related, what is the general take on higher risk torpedo shots? I was in my Shima in a game that was going badly and getting worse. There was a Conq that kept 2 green BB’s busy and I had the opportunity to go behind and delete him with a wall of skill but any missed fish would go towards the green BB’s about 8km downrange. 1 fish hit a fairly healthy Montana for 7,5k damage and boy, he was not pleased. I warned before, during and after my launch. My feeling is that I broke a logjam, did 68k damage and finished off the Conq and got 2 teammates back in the game, so the team damage was worth it. Was I wrong?