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  1. Saphira123456

    It is like having to take your sister to the prom

    Can't get ships nor anything else with camos. They don't provide bonuses either, they just look pretty. Credit drop is more, I agree. So add the two together. Say selling 25 camos gets you a million or something. Stick that in the credit amount that you get every time you get credits. Then every time you get credits, you earn far more. Also increase credit drop rate to compensate. Now every time you would have gotten camos, you get the value of camos in credits plus the credits you'd normally get from that crate. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This game is called "World of Warships" not "Navy Barbie". I don't need to look pretty to be effective on the battlefield, not since the economic and gunnery bonuses were removed from camos. The goal is to win battles, not to be a beauty queen. You're not sailing a cruise ship, we don't have floating beauty pageants. You don't NEED camos to be successful in this game. You DO require credits.
  2. Saphira123456

    Suggestions for operations/scenarios

    Well, if I run into you I'll certainly call it out. Sadly, I am only going to be in this game for a few more months at best. Just until I get and screenshot the few ships left on my "shopping list" - namely the Tier 10 Japanese carrier Hakuryu and the Supercarriers Sekiryu and United States - for my Legends Fleet virtual museum. Unless they add the SenToku-class aircraft carrying submarines to the game between now and when I finish getting the cash for the carriers, then I'll be staying for that Supership. I will also be returning if and when the SenToku-class are added, but after that, I'm done for good.
  3. Saphira123456

    Suggestions for operations/scenarios

    Thanks, this gives me a lot of hope. I'm not a PvP player so you'll never catch me in Randoms unless someone's stolen my account or someone has a gun to my head, but I will play PvE. Operations and Co-Op are my mainstays, and the news that we can bring T9 or even T10 ships into Ops is great. (Imagine a legendary op full of T9s and T10s like Yamato, Montana, Missouri, etc.!)
  4. Saphira123456

    Suggestions for operations/scenarios

    Pssh, yeah when was this (one, two, three years ago?) and what dev blog? Proof please. I remember a dev blog that came out just before Missouri was re-released that said "hurr, durr, we're working on more PvE" but it never came. What we got was random ops and a re-opening of all the previously-existing operations. That's not "more", that's unrestricted access to content we already had. Just face it: much as we'd like them to, they're never going to make more PvE stuff.
  5. Saphira123456

    It is like having to take your sister to the prom

    I believe "YOINK" would be a better term.
  6. Saphira123456

    It is like having to take your sister to the prom

    One rather glaring issue with that, iDuckman: If they're supposed to sell for the same amount of credits, why not just give you the credits? In other words, why do they make you go through the extra step? Why give us something worthless, only for us to turn around and sell it for something we can actually use? I think they should drop the camos from Santa Crates altogether and stick them in the lowest-tier box ONLY, since they're worth a big fat zero dollars. They're not worth anything in-game any more, in fact they might as well have ships come with one permanent camouflage by default, and not even offer the option to change it any more aside from other permanent camos. Right now if you buy a really-expensive crate such as a Santa's Mega Crate and then it ends up being something worthless like a bunch of camos, you've essentially spent a hundred dollars on nothing. It's an "ooh, too bad! What terrible luck you have - try again?" draw. It's one thing to play the slots for a few dollars and cents, but when you're charging a hundred dollars for 20 rolls, you better have something more than fancy air to show for it after you're done. Otherwise you're wasting money. ^
  7. Saphira123456

    Ban all pay to plays from events

    I believe the ship this person is talking about is the T7 destroyer actually spelled Maass. Two A's, simple misspelling. Everyone's done that a time or two. Leberecht Maass - Global wiki. Wargaming.net
  8. Saphira123456

    Suggestions for operations/scenarios

    Good suggestions! However I don't believe WG will implement them as they have previously demonstrated outright contempt for PvE players. They simply do not care.
  9. Saphira123456

    Ban all pay to plays from events

    I would concur with the OP - premium ships need to be banned from competitive play. If you're going to buy your way into competitive play then you're not skilled enough to actually compete. And this is coming from a guy who unironically thinks all "competitive" shooting of players (PvP) needs to be banned from the internet. If you want to PvP then you can do it on your local network, not against someone on the internet. I'm not against PvP for things like football (aka real sports), but where realistic guns are involved (paintball, wargames, vehicular shooters like WoWS etc.) then I'm against it. I can shoot robots all day and never have a problem with it, but the moment a player is my opponent, it's immoral and wrong, as such "competitions" are blood sport, akin to gladiator combat ala the barbarians of Ancient Rome. If you want to test your skill then test them against bots that move and shoot back, not people. Just my opinions on the matter.
  10. How the absolute fleet? I use a password manager to make and scramble all my passwords, even my Google account which I use to log into WoWS and other accounts. Those things are supposed to be immune to password guessing and password spraying! Wait, could Google be the cause of this? Common denominator? EDIT: Password changed.
  11. Saphira123456

    Curious email from "WG"

    How the absolute fleet could this happen?! I use a password manager to make and scramble all my passwords, even my Google account which I use to log into WoWS and other accounts. Those things are supposed to be immune to password guessing and password spraying! There's no way someone could guess my password! Wait, could Google be the cause of this? A common denominator? EDIT: Password changed and rescrambled just in case.
  12. We need a way to report this to WoWS developers. I log in via Google so my password can't be changed, since Google sets it not me.
  13. I just got an email claiming to be from Wargaming regarding suspicious activity on my account. The address of the sender was "games_na@prm.wargaming.net". I didn't click on any links, I just read the email. Noticed a few typos which would indicate it's a phishing attempt, someone trying to steal my account. So how do I report this to WG?