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  1. I just want to get more participation in Naval battles and figured if I can give a Coal reward (taken out of my own) then maybe we could get more to hit the enable button. Getting rid of people and adding new ones just keeps your head spinning.
  2. Deep_Drive

    Scenarios/ Operations3 poll

    I liked the tier 8 that they had before that they said they would bring back after the planes were fixed(nice lie there) and the the other tier 7's were fun also. I mean, crapthey already have them, plug them back into the system. I've started to play fortnite with my great nephew lately and checking out the COD(haven't played that since I started playing ships and tanks. But these people only have a one track mind and that's to figure out how to get our credit cards out of our wallets by putting out new premium ships and screw you players if we don't listen to you. If things don't change by the time my premium account runs out then I'm going to explore some other games and if I like them that's where my money will go. They really just don't care what we want, pretty f**king sad if you ask me.
  3. Deep_Drive

    ST 0.9.6, changes to test ships

    I have a question about the AI on the ships in co op. When did they upgrade the AI to detect when you launch torps and auto turn to avoid torps. Was just in a game and in a Maass and fired my torps at 4.5 k away and a Normandie turned as soon my torps left the tubes. So are we suppose to take it in effect that this is here to stay and that either take a wild guess which way they will turn? And there were no other ships near when this happened. Just curious.
  4. I'm just wondering why they never brought back the other operation, tier 7 and 8 that were taken away because of the plane issues, and when the planes were suppose to be fixed that those operations were never brought back. I like to play them every now and then and was hoping that they would make more for higher tiers. If you don't like to play them that's your prerogative but sometimes it's good to get away from the haters. If I liked the haters I'd still be playing tanks.
  5. Deep_Drive

    A Bachelor's Guide to Ship Seduction

    Just wondering on that middle video they showed the drop downs on 9 and 10 CA's and DD's having about 6 things to choose from, is that only on the Russian server because I only have 2 or 3 on my 9's and 10's. Just wondering.
  6. Deep_Drive

    5 Atlanta's in one Hermes

    Still trying to figure out how to get the guns to fire all at once, any of Santa's helpers out there? thanks in advance if you don't come back.