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  1. TheBlackWind

    Clearly update patch server is junk

    Not tryin to parade about with a tinfoil hat... But I met my wife online.. she lived in Canada. We had trouble playing some games together constantly... trouble I never had with anyone else. We even had consistent problems with Skype transferring files that I had with no one else. She had Telus. vOv ?
  2. TheBlackWind

    Bones to pick with WG

    Make friends. Then you can do any op at any time.
  3. TheBlackWind

    best warship for 15-20 km range.

    Conqueror. Lazo is good too. Conq just hits harder by factor of many.
  4. TheBlackWind

    Research Bureau Remorse

    Glad to see so many against the grind to get research points. Means when I get one, it'll be fairly rare. It's really not so bad tho. Pile on those xp flags and play well and I'm usually knocking out boats pretty fast. I'm closing in on 40,000 points myself. Most of the ships are fairly fun to play and I do use a bit of free xp here and there. You can also couple them with current events. I powered thru Monarch in Ranked Sprint for instance.
  5. TheBlackWind

    8.9 Lag

    My FPS did drop by a hair with the last update.. but nothing else changed.
  6. TheBlackWind

    Your first T10 ship

    Montana! Because... American BB.
  7. TheBlackWind

    Italian premium crate heads up

    Not news. Always been this way. Pretty sure it was even specified that that is what would happen before... could be wrong on that tho.
  8. TheBlackWind

    Opinions on all cruisers having smoke

    Any ship could make smoke. Point is, we don't need more smoke.
  9. Flamu, on this occasion, is wrong. It's not bad really. I quite like mine. The only thing it has against it is Perth is better. The crawling smoke is fantastic, and with today's meta and all the carriers, Huanghe has very good AA.
  10. TheBlackWind

    1 weird trick for ranked sprint!

    My trick was to use the Monarch and spam HE because I wanted to grind the ship. It worked with mixed results. I got a friend to join me at rank 3 so I used Massachusetts as I wanted to bring them good luck with a carry ship. We won pretty much every battle. It's just a fantastic ship for the situations that seem to be relevant to Clan Battles and Ranked Sprint.
  11. TheBlackWind

    What is becoming of the game

    So you bought a ship... But don't play it because it's OP. That makes sense.. (not). Yea, I agree, it does need nerfed tho. I didn't get it because I don't like the very idea of it. It's so freakin' modern it's got a helicopter landing on it. Apparently Soviet ships need to be that modern in order to be competitive?
  12. TheBlackWind

    Overpen should cause flooding

    Flood from what? Rain? Most overpens will be in the super structure.
  13. TheBlackWind

    Premium Subs

    Wait... people care about this karma thing?
  14. That's a wild assumption. He didn't mind too much, because I was helping him with it and he didn't get all OCD about not dying in a game... Many people take this too seriously. Competition is serious, random doesn't have to be. Random is just fun. Some care more about winning than others, and that's fine - he just liked the boats and wanted to play.
  15. TheBlackWind

    Did everyone get the Warspite?

    That's what happened to me last time... And that's why I have Monagahan now. I think I played it once :( At least now I can't get it again!