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  1. TheBlackWind

    Is this some kind of record for Defense?

    Thanks for the comments! Yea, I have played a fair bit of brawl now since then and nothing came remotely close. I don't think I've beat 100 since them. I did stop using Massachusetts though as it doesn't seem a good pick vs all the BB's with torpedoes. That was just a unique set of circumstances perhaps. Two BB's both of which knew how to angle and neither of which had torpedoes.
  2. It surely is for me! Apparently Brawl doesn't have the normal 6 second wait between resets. Still, I've never seen anything like this in any mode before!
  3. TheBlackWind

    6v6 Ranked is a godsend for CV campaign tasks

    Sweet! Make those salty boys cry. Maybe it's just me, but the ocean seems to have been less salty lately. Need all the floatation I can get!
  4. TheBlackWind

    Tier VII California Buff Discussion Thread

    Well besides that, we all know about disclaimers. A headache medication commercial will say in the disclaimer that it may cause headaches.
  5. TheBlackWind

    Tier VII California Buff Discussion Thread

    Yea it's obvious to anyone who looks that Cali is very unpopular. Rivaled mostly by Poltava and that's saying nothing good.
  6. TheBlackWind

    Would You Buy Special Combat Missions For Doubloons?

    I would love that too! I think all they'd have to do is have the current disclaimer about nerfs as they do on all premiums now. It's only the old ones that "can't" be nerfed.
  7. TheBlackWind

    Would You Buy Special Combat Missions For Doubloons?

    I voted no based on the suggestion you had. If it was more like Armored Warfare where you get a whole chain of mission with lots of rewards including premium content including but not limited to: premium boxes, signal flags, coal/steel and SHIPS, then yes, absolutely. XP means nothing to me though. It's already easy to get so I'd definitely not pay to get more of it. I have not played AW in a couple years, but the last mission chain I paid for awarded 4 premium tanks if you completed it all.. which was quite a grind and I didn't complete it. But I got my money worth, or so I felt, from getting the first two tanks and other content.
  8. So you got trolled and are upset about it? Maybe MMO's not for you... Not saying it wouldn't be frustrating, but that's MMO life.
  9. TheBlackWind

    DON'T concentrate fire on the target

    And as soon as someone were to use that, everyone would shoot at it knowing there was an almost dead ship there.
  10. TheBlackWind

    Giulio Cesare v Novorossiysk

    Yo, they're both premium ships. Plus there's a LOT of other differences as well. Just look them up and compare them side by side. Cesare is a bit better at 5 than Novo is at 6 though.
  11. TheBlackWind

    USS Texas Commander Skills

    https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PASB705&modules=1111&upgrades=110000&commander=PCW001&skills=14713417&consumables=111&pos=0 That's what I'd do. I wouldn't take Priority Target because it's just a crutch. Your situational awareness should take care of this. Admittedly I did used to be a fan of it, but I stopped using it on BB's more recently because I find faster turrets and less damage from torpedoes to be much more useful. Adrenaline Rush only helps if you've lost a lot of health, and with proper heal/DCP usage you'll spend most of the battle with high health anyway. All the 4 point skills work together to help you stay alive and in good health longer. Priority skills for 10 points below. https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PASB705&modules=1111&upgrades=110000&commander=PCW001&skills=8421889&consumables=111&pos=0
  12. TheBlackWind

    Black has been nerfed

    That configuration and smoke and radar 24/7 with significantly greater range :)
  13. TheBlackWind

    London needs buffs

    I would definitely disagree with that. Not so long ago I got 130k damage or so. It's a VERY good ship. I find it fun, but I would def not want to fight it in another cruiser if it was any stronger.
  14. TheBlackWind

    Question about Commander Skills

    If I played coop primarily I'd use it. It's definitely going to be better than SE I would think...? That said I'm a very part time coop player when I need to spam silly missions like x number of torpedo hits in a cruiser :)
  15. TheBlackWind

    Going price for USS Sherman

    I don't spend that much time playing. It just adds up really really fast.