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  1. I didn't say it was special or completely unknown, just pointing out Alaska was a slug ;)
  2. Streaming thru Steam seems to work a bit better. Ultra sound quality is missing tho.. But I'm not sure I can tell the difference. Steam will now keep track of play time if that matters to someone. And you can always use SAM to give yourself the achievements you have earned in game that steam won't show.
  3. IRL it did not. Iowa had 2 rudders, Alaska had one. A quote from a book I was reading recently said something like "The Alaska, when commissioned had the worst maneuverability and turning radius of any combat ship in the US fleet including aircraft carriers." Also, it should be noted that, unlike in game, the Iowa's could out turn many DD's IRL.
  4. Saw that a while ago. If I had the money, that's a pretty smart looking gun that would look simply fantastic in my small collection :)
  5. I'd say it's legitimate. I have no issue finding specific ships... and I've got a lot in port too. But when I think, "Oh, I want to play Montana!" and I click on it, discover it's bum ugly with no camo, and then have to click the next one... Sure, I could read better, but I would also like to remove them. They're ugly, I don't use them, so why would I want them in port? Same as OP I think...
  6. I just got more det flags. Once I hit 2000 (which will likely be soon, the way they seem to turn up in EVERYTHING) I'll start mounting on BB's.
  7. I've not tried the Duke yet... But it's gonna be hard for it to surpass Texas in my eyes. Esp since Texas is a premium with premium perks.
  8. Truth. As a BB player, I always target cruisers first, baring a very dangerous close up opponent. Easy citadels!
  9. I kinda came here looking for answers along these lines on the QE. I've got the Warspite. Is QE better? Better enough to make her worth playing? If it's essentially like playing a Warspite, I'd rather skip QE... I won't play with a low end captain (I view it as wasted xp on a 2nd captain I'll not keep) and I'd save 500 gold by moving my BB captain past her into KGV
  10. I 100% agree with you. I'll be picking her up as well. To the others, KGV would never fit as Tier 8. She was never planned with 15" guns. She WAS planned with 12 14" guns however.. but 14" guns still don't have the pen for T8. She's never be able to combat NC and Bismarck.
  11. Love mine! Ppl tend to ignore me if there is anything else to shoot at because some of the popular youtube reviewers said it was bad? idk... Fire prevention stops many of those fires tho. It works for me very well.
  12. It's kinda random. The more you get, the higher chance you'll get a duplicate.
  13. They've already been available to everyone multiple times I think. I got all 3 of them in a bundle last November I believe. Never really use any of em : /
  14. Remember virtually any ship you buy can face ships 2 tiers higher. There's nothing about a tier 10 that is more scary to a tier 8 than a tier 8 is to a tier 6. There are a couple of premiums that get preferential match making (meaning they can only go up 1 tier) but it's only at lower tiers and they make far less money. On top of that, none are currently available. Atago is slightly better than Mogami, esp considering it's heal. The only thing to remember is you've got worse gun arcs. While Mogami has 3 turrets forward, with Atago one forward turret is pointed to the rear. Still, as others have said, if you're comfortable with IJN cruisers, that'd be the one to get. Kutuzov is great at printing money, but it's a different play style. Imo, Tirpitz is probably the easiest. It's new player friendly, very strong for it's tier but will still suffer in T10 matches to a point. If you don't like battleships however, obviously that'd be a poor choice
  15. I agree with you... It is better looking, and my understanding is that's exactly why it was chosen. Apparently the testers felt the real camo was boring. However I do want it because it was what Hood was really wearing.