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  1. Containers for coal!

    Well, guess I won't worry about it. I have all the collections anyway. Was mostly wondering if it was a good way to get flags, but seems not if they're just reg containers and not the "premium" ones.
  2. Containers for coal!

    Yea, unless you just totally despise T10 gameplay, I feel the permacamos are one of the best purchases you can make. All my 10's have them, and they all perform sorta/kinda like T8 premiums as far as credits is concerned. That way I play with them more, I become better with practice and I can now adequately help my clan in CB or help myself in Ranked ;)
  3. Containers for coal!

    Credit's aren't very much though. Like 15,000? Hmm... I may have to experiment if no one knows for sure. I was just hoping someone had done it before me haha
  4. Containers for coal!

    Anyone know why Dunkirk and Bismarck containers cost less than half of the France containers? I have two theories. First, it was a mistake. I consider that not very likely. Secondly, perhaps the French containers are "premium" containers and the others are not. I think that more likely. Anyone know for sure? It's mostly a curiosity thing. I doubt I'll be buying any until I have enough coal stashed away to throw down for any ship that might roll out that I might want. I'm undecided about Salem... But that's another topic!
  5. Because HE is funner! All the crying about it that comes with it is amazing fuel for your fires! :P Actually, the ship seems to be less trollish. Or less effective at trolling lately. People are starting to realize it's no big deal I expect. If it wasn't for the fun of HE there's no reason to play it over, say, Montana. it's stealthier than Montana, but Monty is better in every other way I can think of.
  6. Boise and Nueve De Julio

    Took me 17 wins 18 losses to get Boise! (I was flying flags and such to make it quicker so skipped all those coop games!) But I loved my Julio. I dunno why.... I just had really good games in it in general. It started SOOO many fires! Then I switched to IFHE when I had the points.. I'm not convinced it's better for that ship despite what everyone says about 6" guns and their armor pen.
  7. I'm looking forward to the upcoming ranked season so I can one-shot Worcesters like I did Minos before them! :D
  8. Finally achieved a goal

    Well done! I can hardly believe someone pulled that game off in the Cleveland. Also, those are neat flags? What mod? I've had a few 200k+ games, but they're all battleships which, I feel, is substantially easier. Again, nice job!
  9. Fighting Fridays - Sharks or Eagles?

    I bet most people are like me and just chose sharks cause it's blue and a more attractive color than red. Both camos are equally ugly. Blue is where it's at boys and girls. ;)
  10. The Ocean Poll!

    Ocean needs to go. It's the most realistic map, but sadly the game doesn't match it. Viewing range messes it up. Ships don't have radar that can see 100 mi. It's a game of tip toeing back and forth trying to shoot, but trying not to be spotted. If you're in a cruiser, either the ships are out of range, or the moment you fire, you get hammered by a battleship. Battleships all stay at max range (I know, that's what I usually play) but then accuracy goes down... It's surprising how much you use islands, buoys and marks on the map to gauge what the enemy ship is doing. It's just a pain, and every time I enter it I think about leaving.
  11. Those spendy containers...

    No, incredibly easy things like get 5000 xp in any number of battles :)
  12. Thanks for posting back!
  13. Hipper and Eugen

    I have not played either since the upgrades... This is a good reminder than I need to. Eugen that is. Hipper was a fast one to sell. I never cared for it, but I bought Eugen for historical reasons. And because she's cool looking.
  14. Those spendy containers...

    I decided to buy a 10 pack. I got Atlanta, the other ship I have which I'd forgotten about ;) Oh well, it was an interesting experiment. Silver is something I definitely don't need, but the flags are nice.
  15. Those spendy containers...

    I feel like I may have a good chance at something nice. I own Cleveland and Sims, but have none of the others. Hmmmmm......