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  1. TheBlackWind

    Forced into Azur Lane now?

    Well that's kind of my point. You said, "I know lots of people who simply don't care." They're not MAKING people read announcements. If you want cool new stuff, you read announcements. If you don't care, well...
  2. TheBlackWind

    Forced into Azur Lane now?

    Yep! I'd rather have anime. Warhammer and Transformers can go hump a stump for all I care. At least anime legit has to do with ships and from my understand they help promote naval history which I'm a fan of (never seen one myself) I mean I guess Warhammer does have ships... a bit... But Transformers? lol Aren't transformers the size of cars? Next we'll have a collab with Hello Kitty and Pirates of the Caribbean.
  3. TheBlackWind

    Forced into Azur Lane now?

    I have to say... I don't usually let things bother me too much. The anime certainly doesn't tho I'm not a fan of it. Why someone is so bothered by it to that extent, I confess I don't understand, but... That said, I don't have much sympathy for anyone who can't be bothered to read the news either. Not reading the news is basically saying, "I don't care what is going on, and I don't want to know about cool new things." WG throws it everywhere. It's literally impossible to miss short of you x'ing out of it. So yea, I'm good with WG allowing the opt in.
  4. Would not be able to perfectly balance the map which seems to be a major priority.
  5. TheBlackWind

    Directive 4 mission bug

    This has been noted earlier. Even tho it's not showing, it's still counting - a couple people over on Steam forums verified that.
  6. TheBlackWind

    Why is Ranked Sprint 12 so bad?

    Felt same to me too. Bit easier than some I guess.
  7. TheBlackWind

    Ashley Violet - Captain

    Yea... that kinda completely ruins the whole thing lol
  8. TheBlackWind

    Submarines has nothing common to realism

    Of course. I'm talking about their speed relative to other ships.
  9. TheBlackWind

    Submarines has nothing common to realism

    That's not true at all. Most of the ships LOOK like the real ships. The guns have the reload time mostly right. They have the ballistics right. The speed of the ship is right most of the time as long as you take out the speed boosters. Even the turn radius isn't far off on some tho the rudder turn time is.
  10. TheBlackWind

    When the Stars Align: the USNI Welcomes You

    The first problem I see is that some books are priced way too high. The first one I found for cheaper than the member price on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/British-Battlecruisers-1905-1920-John-Roberts/dp/1591149150/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1589653808&sr=8-2 I did find more that were slightly cheaper than Amazon, but not so much that it warrants a membership.
  11. TheBlackWind

    Master of Orion code

    Why would they? That was years ago. That's like putting a game on sale for $5 and refunding everyone who bought it when it came out lol
  12. TheBlackWind

    Master of Orion code

    I've clicked All Games and MoO isn't there. Any other thoughts?
  13. TheBlackWind

    Graf Zeppelin Guns: Outrageously OP

    Well I just sunk one with my battleship. It's guns didn't seem all that amazing to me ;)
  14. TheBlackWind

    The Release of the Franklin D. Roosevelt

    I don't want a T10 sold directly for cash really... Mostly cause I don't want to buy it. I couldn't care less if some new guy throws $200 at a ship. It's just a game. However, I'd love to see it built like PR was! Maybe a bit less of a grind tho.... Or at least no time limit.
  15. I just got almost 130,000 damage in London. I'd like to think that's kind of close.... But I'm not THAT good of a player so it'd be hard to believe :) I did some googling and could not find any sources. The one website I found Shipcomrade doesn't list London. Screenshot and reply if anyone is interested: https://prnt.sc/r4b31whttps://replayswows.com/replay/80256#stats