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  1. Those spendy containers...

    No, incredibly easy things like get 5000 xp in any number of battles :)
  2. Thanks for posting back!
  3. Hipper and Eugen

    I have not played either since the upgrades... This is a good reminder than I need to. Eugen that is. Hipper was a fast one to sell. I never cared for it, but I bought Eugen for historical reasons. And because she's cool looking.
  4. Those spendy containers...

    I decided to buy a 10 pack. I got Atlanta, the other ship I have which I'd forgotten about ;) Oh well, it was an interesting experiment. Silver is something I definitely don't need, but the flags are nice.
  5. Those spendy containers...

    I feel like I may have a good chance at something nice. I own Cleveland and Sims, but have none of the others. Hmmmmm......
  6. Those spendy containers...

    Thanks for the replies folks! So if I understand right, each one comes with 10 premium flags, the rest is a gamble. Sound about right?
  7. Those spendy containers...

    Why that sounds exciting! I eagerly await his reply.
  8. OP's original post is bad. But that cartoon.. +1 for that.
  9. Some of you seem to forget WG is very experienced in using uniques as clan battle rewards. They've been doing it in WoT for years. I don't see this changing.
  10. That would be disappointing if WG changed how they give out doubs for duplicate ships. This ship is not that great of a deal to me unless you DID get doubloons for it. Anyone want to be a guinea pig and try it? :)
  11. Really? I like mine pretty well. It's quite good for scenarios. Less so for randoms. Still makes for a fun change.
  12. Those spendy containers...

    Has anyone bought a substantial amount of the new containers? I'm just wondering if they're overall "a really bad deal" like the last sets. Is there any significant chance of getting something nice? What all comes in them?
  13. In this instance, rather than complain about it, you simply do a random battle, then find out for yourself the very obvious - that it's either a grammatical error, or a typo ... and continue. So far as I can remember, WG has never gave us impossible missions ;)
  14. In real life the turreted mounts generally got off less shots. They were somewhat cumbersome, at least compared to other nations DP guns. Maybe WG was trying to replicate that? vOv
  15. You can sign up, but it's not working. As in the missions are not showing up yet. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/june-missions-2018/