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  1. Loaners can be used in Training rooms

    I'm going to say totally skip Mogami. I can't tell you how much I hated that ship. Zao is worth everything tho!
  2. DO NOT BUY French Premium Container!

    Looks like a good deal to me lol I don't care about the ships. I want to play them all anyway!
  3. Only took a couple of shots for Rodney to put out it's guns. Once you do that, it doesn't matter how long it takes to beat it to death. Either Rodney was exceptionally lucky, or there was a weakness there. We'll probably never know.
  4. No. Why didn't you have a vote at the top?
  5. Beta W/L does not affect current W/L does it? I know on the website I have to click a different menu to see the rates for beta stuff.
  6. Ok, now let's talk about Kurfurst.... :D Edit: And well done on your research!
  7. USS Massachusetts and Operation Torch

    They might give it away. I doubt it'd sell too well. Too much like AL. The people who will buy it either collect ships or don't have AL (which doesn't seem to be all that many who are in the market for that kinda thing)... So the same people would probably throw down to have it immediately. I say a campaign is a reasonable probability.
  8. Mostly I've got them with CV's as some of the rest here attest. Probably my best luck was getting one in Amagi. 51 aircraft :) That was quite a while ago tho. I have not picked one up in ages. I feel like they're quite hard to get now outside of using CVs.
  9. Not Sure If Happy Or Sad

    I never grind stock shops in recent memory other than Bismarck. Because it was practically OP stock :P That's what Free XP is for!!

    Tirp did not have those secondaries when it was first sold. It only got buffed cause of Bismarck and the general German BB trend of having excellent secondaries. Pretty sure all T8 CV's and BB's are over 50. But just barely... Probably they wanting to sell that atrocious graffiti camo or something. The deals were terrible for their price point. That's unusual all by itself.

    Only a couple bucks more than the Tirpitz. Tho I do see a trend I don't like... I think this is THE most expensive T8 eva. Then again, no way was 2 or 3 bucks gonna make the dif. I Guess that's what they were betting on...
  12. Good chance they won the battle for you. I'd play with them any day. And probably follow their suggestions as well. It's better to learn than get offended.
  13. To: Sniping Tirpitz players

    1: Occasionally out of necessity. 2: I bought it day one. I had no idea. But it doesn't matter, I've loved it every day since then :P 3: Sometimes.... Occasionally triggering an elitist player can provide great entertainment for both sides! PS: I try to avoid long range sniping in case that wasn't clear. But all above are true!
  14. No, the Takao was cartoonishly bad looking ship that was just a massively nerfed Atago (in the credit earning area). And at the time at least, it would not train Japanese captains negating the whole reason you'd buy an Atago in the first place.
  15. Legion Container Query - Do they expire?

    Just open them. Sheesh. They aren't worth that much :p As for premium time... In the countless boxes of all types I've opened.. it's only shown up once. And that was not in a Legion container! I have no doubt someone has received premium time, but it seems to be, after watching people on youtube open dozens at once... exceptionally rare. But yea, once they are yours, they're yours. My assumption would be they'd stay in your account. You bought/earned them.