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  1. TheBlackWind

    The Release of the Franklin D. Roosevelt

    I don't want a T10 sold directly for cash really... Mostly cause I don't want to buy it. I couldn't care less if some new guy throws $200 at a ship. It's just a game. However, I'd love to see it built like PR was! Maybe a bit less of a grind tho.... Or at least no time limit.
  2. I just got almost 130,000 damage in London. I'd like to think that's kind of close.... But I'm not THAT good of a player so it'd be hard to believe :) I did some googling and could not find any sources. The one website I found Shipcomrade doesn't list London. Screenshot and reply if anyone is interested: https://prnt.sc/r4b31whttps://replayswows.com/replay/80256#stats
  3. TheBlackWind

    Results of Hayate resource voting

    Just got done reading a book by a well known historian who said "as little as 30 minutes in optimal conditions." Think I'll go with that. 3 min sounds absurd for something so big and heavy. And explosive. Also we're not talking about a SINGLE torpedo. We're talking about a whole set.
  4. TheBlackWind

    Gifted ships block account?

    I use Chase now. They just text me once in a while about charges in question. They never turn off the card. All I gotta do is text back "yes" or "no"
  5. DId you see the part where he was on vacation? He WAS getting paid to do it. Sure, he could have bought it. But I'm pretty sure he was proving a point. He did it without Gorizia and Gorizia would have shaved hours off.
  6. TheBlackWind

    My take on the PR scandal.

    Well if you bought boosters.. It IS easy to get. But yes, it was pretty misleading.
  7. TheBlackWind

    Results of Hayate resource voting

    Negative. Couple cruisers survived two. None ever sunk a BB. Besides, if DD's only had 1 reload, I'd happy trade for realistic damage. The air dropped torpedoes the US had in 1945 were just as powerful as Long Lance torpedoes because of Torpex. Still took 12 to sink Yamato. Edit for clarification: Long Lance torps had just under 1100 lbs of TNT. The air dropped torpedoes used on Yamato were equivalent of about 1200 lbs (600 lbs of Torpex)
  8. TheBlackWind

    Results of Hayate resource voting

    I hear you, but I find the whole torpedo reload booster incredibly objectionable. If my BB has to wait 30 seconds to fire (realistic time) and my cruiser has to wait 15 seconds to fire (realistic time) DD's should have wait 30-60 min to reload torpedoes. (realistic time). Which is why I would LOVE to have it tucked safely behind a RB wall ;)
  9. TheBlackWind

    Results of Hayate resource voting

    You have a point about T10! I voted coal for a friend, but if it was up to me, I'd have voted Research points to tuck it away forever. I don't want or need it and I'd rather a dif ship be put in for coal or free xp. Like literally anything ;)
  10. TheBlackWind

    Discounted flags / camos --- just stop

    You sir, spell it out so even the most simple could fully understand. It just can't be any more simple than this ;)
  11. TheBlackWind

    What Premium Ships Did You Get Out of Santa's Gifts?

    40 mega crates: Honorable mention 180 days premium time + Lenin, Graf Zep, Kidd, Asashio, Le Terrible Bayard, Hill, Haida, Verisomething Unitis, Yudachi
  12. I think it's helpful even against good players. Less so for sure, but still is. It's hard to keep track of too many ships at once. Esp if I'm in a BB 15+ km away waiting for that broadside shot. I'll wait to target.
  13. I do this too. Gives them less time to react.
  14. TheBlackWind

    Results of Hayate resource voting

    Because they don't want the ship, and want something else put in place for free xp or coal. Doesn't make sense that WG would release another ship right on top of it. Sure, it could happen, but likely not. If you don't want Hayete? Throw it somewhere where it won't take a slot you want. Don't want it dropping a box next Christmas? Steel it is.
  15. TheBlackWind

    Wargaming why are you doing this??

    Sounds like a lot of stress over a few 0's and 1's.