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  1. TheBlackWind

    Why can't I auction my NA and EU accounts?

    That's been around for years. It doesn't stop or even hinder it. If someone is selling their account, do you suppose they actually CARE of it gets suspended or terminated? Many years ago selling Ultima Online accounts could net many thousands. Then there was World of Warcraft. Had someone offer to buy mine once... I imagine every other MMO as well.
  2. TheBlackWind

    Who says the Seattle sucks....

    Yea, my first game was great too. Not that great, but really great! It's been going down hill from there.... I'm not ready to give up quite yet, but I have a great deal of Free XP waiting to be spent....
  3. TheBlackWind

    Yamato Stealth Nerf is Not Cool

    I both agree and disagree with you. I agree they should have included it in the notes unless it is accidental. As I don't feel Yamato over-performs I'm hoping this is an accident and will be fixed. I also don't know enough about Yamato's armor scheme to check your facts so I'll assume it is a drastic change. I disagree that tech ships should or have been even remotely immune to massive nerfs. For all the years I've played WoT and WoWS this hasn't been true. One of the T10 tanks in WoT was so overpowered they just deleted the thing. Ground hard for weeks for it? Oh well. It's gone. (It got replaced by a new totally different animal but the tank removed was so strong many players ground the line of mediocrity just to get it then had it taken away). Thumbs up for the alert tho. Hopefully they'll address it one way or the other soon!
  4. Yep, Nelson is good at dreadnought, fireproof and arsonist. It's probably what I'll be using. I'm gonna guess I'll be able to pull off 7 achievements in 2 to 17 battles!
  5. Am I the only one who doesn't see 7 achievements as being THAT hard? I mean sure, it's not the easiest for everyone, but as long as you're not a complete potato (in which case you can just buy the ship), it shouldn't be that big of a deal. I feel for something like a free premium, you should have to actually work for it. Just my thoughts. I'm not looking forward to the 7 achievement requirement. It may take me a lot of games. Just pick a ship you're good at, and go for it!
  6. TheBlackWind

    West virgin anybody own her? worth a punt?

    We don't really know anything. WG only promised to make WV '44 when the community had a fit that they copied Colorado, nerfed her a bit, and made WV. (It was pretty lazy - esp since only the '44 WV is famous) But anyway, that's all they've said. They'll have to entirely model a new ship as after her rebuild she had major outside structural changes. I wouldn't count on it being any time soon. Also, she'd have to be at least T7... and would anyone buy a 21 kt premium ship at that tier? Not sure....
  7. TheBlackWind

    Fix carriers broken autopilot

    Yea, it works fine. Don't tell your CV to go in reverse!
  8. TheBlackWind

    NA server unavailable?

    The worst part is they're completely ignoring us.
  9. Eh, I say 50%! Today 20% won't do it for me ; )
  10. No chance! Everyone else got kicked so no one will be able to down rate you :)
  11. TheBlackWind

    NA server unavailable?

    I decided to send in a support ticket. Maybe if others do something will happen faster? vOv
  12. TheBlackWind

    NA server unavailable?

    Maybe all of them did. I know when it went down I just went to bed. Maybe ppl went to work/bed and just haven't run into the problem yet.
  13. TheBlackWind

    NA server unavailable?

    So hours and hours later.. STILL can't log in? Seriously?
  14. TheBlackWind

    Lets talk about possible fixes

    @kyralee You have some good ideas there. I like it. It's a start in the right direction at least.
  15. I really find it extremely hard to believe that for a good reward, people won't step out of their comfort bubble for a few min and do a random. Just for the reward if nothing else! Ignore chat if you must. Put a Post-It over it, then you won't see the ragers trying to hurt your feels. Or as someone has already most likely already pointed out.. Use a T8 ship you're good at. Hope for a T10 battle and carry hard.