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  1. Are the USN BBs THAT bad?

    Appreciate this review man, I think you changed my mind. The Japanese are just so inaccurate for me, the Kongo never hits ANYTHING I aim at. I'll give the Americans a wholehearted shot.
  2. Are the USN BBs THAT bad?

    No, I am a person who likes to plan things out, like a line I'm going to commit to.
  3. Are the USN BBs THAT bad?

    Yeah, I really want to like the Kongo but it doesn't treat me well, guns are inaccurate IMO. The Bayern has been a pain for me too, honestly. It doesn't hit the necessary shots.
  4. Are the USN BBs THAT bad?

    So, I'm sure you've heard that the Americans lack in battleships, as I have too. As I am actively looking for a BB line to commit to, the Americans have crossed my sight many times, but all the smack talk on them has changed my mind. Can any experienced American BB players tell me their experience in the line?
  5. USN BBs worth?

    So I have played up to the Wyoming (New York really, I have the Texas) and so far I am LOVING the line. Other than the Wyoming, Whom inaccuracy is just killer, They are great ships. I got my first Confederate in the South Carolina and my best commander (started from scratch) on my Texas. Problem is, I have heard that the USN BBs are plain out inferior to other lines. My journey down the other 2 BB lines have proven boring and weak, However I haven't gotten in any line to the part where the Japanese get their large, Long range cannons. Is it true that the USN BBs turn into sitting ducks, Defenseless to the larger caliber weapons from the other lines? Or do they actually have competition and excel in their own aspects? I heard the Monty is a Cruiser killer?
  6. Point of top tier battleships

    I am going to get smoked by American BB lovers for this, But I really don't see the point of finishing (Or starting) American BBs. From how I see it, The Montana has slightly more cannons (over yamato), Maybe better accuracy (Correct if wrong), And mobility over the other 2 tier 10 BBs. However, From what I have seen from friends and youtubers playing T10, Yamatos and Grosser Kurfursts just murder the poor thing. I am considering going down the line for the New Mexico and maybe Colorado, But what's the point if they get no love up top?
  7. I was wondering when you use AP/HE, Please include distance and location if it matters. Thanks!
  8. Japanese vs American

    Hello, Captains! So I have gotten to a standstill as I always do. I had this with heavies in world of tanks. I just don't do double lines. I like to fully commit and learn a single line rather than guess playing multiple. The germans didn't work. I loved the armor, But the guns didn't do it for me. I love raining hell over the enemy waiting on citadels rather than spam shooting. So, You might be saying (As did I) "Well, The Japanese have huge guns, Play them!" and I did up to the Kongo. So I got it, Thought oh crapI am going to love this thing, Then immediately got a smile smashed off my face. Range = Perfect.... Or is it? It is quite difficult to use superior range when your dispersion is a mountain range and your arc is capable of going over a skyscraper. This makes hits rare and citadels long and far between. The Americans I get much more solid hits, And turn great at tier 8, But the NC, Iowa, And Montana are all the same ship with health and some AA strapped on, The Exception being the Montana with an extra turret. Long story short, How do you guys handle the Japanese gun issues or are the Americans worth the repetition? Thanks!
  9. Armor Angling

    Alright, Captains. I am kind of pissed after what happened, So I am going to explain it as quick as possible. Basically, I was in my Konig, Charging another Konig while I am Bow on. From what I was told, Going bow on is the best thing you can do to block shots. Well, The Konig fires at me, And does over 10k damage in his salvo, Smashing into my bow head on. Meanwhile, I return fire, only to bounce the side of his ship, Waterline and all. Any reason behind this?
  10. Public test issues

    Don't see it, All I see is Reduce GUI refresh rate and it's never been checked.
  11. Public test issues

    Hello, Captains. This issue has been going on a few updates now. For some reason, When I play the test server, My graphics are [edited] up, And my shots miss ten times more often. Does this happen to everyone? When I am playing the live server, My shells hit pretty well... For the ship at least. My graphics also sit at a nice 60-80 FPS on High. However, When I go on the test server, The torpedoes are the most lagging thing out there. It's like they are going 1 FPS. My shells also tend to miss a hella lot more often, And my graphics look like crap. Same settings, Nothing changed. Is anyone else getting this? Thanks! EDIT: Yes, I know it's the wrong forum.
  12. Gneisenau

    Pretty much LOL
  13. Gneisenau

    Because I am looking to progress down the line and I want to know the pros and cons of each ship? No need to be rude.
  14. Gneisenau

    G'day, Captains. I just wanted your opinions on the Gneisenau as I have heard a lot of trash being spoken about it! Thank you!
  15. We could have been so much more

    Hey, Captains. I am here for two things: Tell you about my lost love, And ask for your opinion. That being said, I have had some relationship issues lately. Yeah, It's the Kongo. Don't get me wrong, She is a great ship. But she doesn't WORK! It's like my Kongo is broken! She just does not perform how I want her to! Let me address some things first. When angled: 2K MAYBE from a enemy volley. When turned 1 degrees and showing once inch of broadside: 5 citadels, 5k damage a shot, 6 fires. I just don't get it. THE GUNS.... OH THE GUNS! They could be so much better without the [edited]arc and inaccuracy. When sniping, I get my shots off, And they either all miss, Or do horrid damage because the arc is so steep. Well, I have heard that it does well in 13 Km ranges. Alright, Good point. Let me try it! Even at those ranges, 70% of the shots miss. The ones that DO hit do around 1k dmg each. Well, Maybe close range is the way to go? Mk, One last shot. Close range, STILL MISSES! At LEASY half of the shots go over or under, And I am talking at ranges of 5 km and under. IF IT MANAGES TO HIT AND PEN, Then it goes good damage, Because the arc is not steep yet. However, Citadels are RARE in the ship.... I don't know what to do, It's not me, Being that other BBs I play are fabulous, Like the Texas. Even the Myogi was far moer enjoyable! Anyway, As far as your opinion, I am a brawler. Which only adds on to why the Kongo might not work. What do you guys think of the German BBs? I heard the Bayern is great! Thank you and have a good Sunday!