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  1. "Voice" Command menu

    Besides, I like the content in this post better than that other one.
  2. "Voice" Command menu

    The more posts about something gets noticed, believe it or not. The squeeky wheel gets the grease, or havent you heard that one. I am not moving folders either, and I dont do mods, I just figure the game should work properly and not have stupid crap added that cant be disabled. Call it rage if you like, I am just sick of stupid crap, and this addition was really STUPID.
  3. "Voice" Command menu

    why would I care to make it easier on them? I could care less about their response, I just want it fixed/removed/removable without having to jump thru hoops.
  4. "Voice" Command menu

    LOL!! thats this thread!!! ROFLMAO!!
  5. "Voice" Command menu

    too lazy to search, whats the work around? besides, the more threads about it the better, so they fix it quicker . . .
  6. Like tester responses make a difference? They should, but they don't, so get real.